June 12, 2014
by katie
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Smart ladies love comics, the comics we’re obsessed with, June 2014

I have always liked comic book movies/TV shows as far back as toddlerhood when I was obsessed with Wonder Woman (who was created by a man in the 40s to prepare people for the matriarchy he saw evolving in 100 … Continue reading

December 18, 2012
by katie

Smart ladies love movies, the best (and worst) nerd movies of 2012

AKA Science Fiction, Fantasy and those movies “boys” love so much… …or in the Case of Battleship and John Carter movies that “boys” don’t love so much… Incidentally I’m including the worldwide and domestic grosses because it is NUTS how … Continue reading

August 29, 2012
by katie

Smart ladies love to hate, blonde actress edition

I used to have a co-worker who told me “don’t hate Kate.  Hate is a strong word” and yet I do hate Claire Danes I just can’t help myself (Fun Fact: we were accused of being “haters” just yesterday. So, … Continue reading