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Voice over of everlasting love and destiny…

Cat and Tess have after the gym girl talk in the police locker room and dum dum dum… Cat is late! Like 10 days late. Tess makes a Twilight joke that’s pretty funny. Is Cat carrying a little baby rage monster?

Date Night

…And it’s negative but not before Vincent freaks the fuck out. Then he gets all emo about the fact that they can NEVER have a baby, a wedding (Cat makes a lovely little marriage equality comment), or buy a house and Cat can have those things with Mohinder (aww poor sad jealous Vincent –oh Vincent, no need to worry Mohinder is a rage monster too and unlike you he is creepy as fuck).

Cat and Tess are on security detail protecting Mohinder from the mobsters who tried to kill him last week at a super swanky hotel (I’m guessing this qualifies as a case of the week –I miss those). Tess is very excited about being able to go to the pool and get cocktails after their shift and gives Cat shit for looking like she was going to steal some ladies baby in the elevator. Cat says she is fine and that she knew what she was getting into when she started dating Vincent. Tess tells her that people can change the terms of their relationship whenever they want to (I love Tess).

Date Night

Mohinder sends Tess out for coffee and grills Cat about the person who took out the sniper. When she tries to act like she doesn’t know what he is talking about his eyes glow yellow!

Mohinder explains to Cat that her mother gave him drugs to control his condition and that he has been synthesizing his own for years but that he has built up a resistance. He understands that she is protecting her boyfriend but that Vincent’s DNA is different than his and that he may be able to help them both. Cat let’s Tess know about Mohinder when she gets back with the coffee, Tess makes a zombie joke –oh Tess never fucking change you are my stars, my moon, my everything.

Cat goes and tells Vincent about Mohinder. At first Vincent thinks Mohinder finally put the moves on Cat but then Cat tells him that Mohinder is like Vincent. Vincent is skeptical even stating that Mohinder could be wearing yellow contacts to bring Vincent in for the task force. Cat convinces Vincent that while Mohinder is in protection under her and Tess, Vincent will be safe to talk to Mohinder in private.

Date Night

As Vincent and Cat make their way up to Mohinder’s Presidential Suite, a sniper is about to take out him out, all while he is freaking out because Taylor/Tyler (his girlfriend) hasn’t arrived yet with the drugs. When, Tess, Cat, and Vincent hear gunshots and finally make it into the suite, Mohinder is gone and the sniper is dead. Tess, who is on FIRE, cracks a joke about Mohinder being all monstered up and loose on the streets of NYC –god Tess is magical.

Vincent goes looking for Mohinder, while the girls lie and say that he was kidnapped to Joe who accuses poor Tess of being at the pool and not doing her job –Joe, Tess is a treasure!

Vincent goes to the not at all expensive beautiful gentleman’s club he lives in with JT to grab the tranquilizer gun. While there he stops JT from steam cleaning his suit cause JT is NOT going to meet Sarah’s parents cause there is ANOTHER RAGE MONSTER on the loose. JT is adorable, confused and then thinking like a nerd, he calls Mohinder a first gen rage monster. JT seems pretty excited about the prospect of pills (probably cause Vincent doesn’t work and JT has to shell out for an abandoned furnished gentleman’s club in NYC and would like the dude to get a job and contribute). Vincent theorizes that Mohinder is probably stalking the mobsters who want him dead.

Cat and Vincent go to a hideout of the mobsters Mohinder had in his files. They have another heart to heart about whether or not Cat can handle not getting everything she wants while being with Vincent, blah, fucking, blah. Cat and Vincent take out two mob dudes one each (cause Cat can kick fucking ass). Cat realizes that Mohinder planted a tracking device on her and that his primal urge would be to go after Vincent NOT the mobsters.

Date Night

Vincent calls and warns JT BUT Vincent took the tranquilizer gun. JT locks this sad one little lock but Mohinder breaks down the door (poor JT needs to shell out even more money for a security system ASAP). JT tries to reason with raged out Mohinder by being adorable and charming but Mohinder is an asshole and doesn’t give a shit. Just as Mohinder is about to hulk smash JT, Vincent comes in and tranqs that dudes ass. JT instills a new rule “no one can take the tranq gun unless there is a spare.” It’s a very valid rule.

So apparently JT is not that happy about the pills, apparently their search for a cure made Vincent even more emo than he is today (THANK GOD WE AREN’T WATCHING THAT SHOW). Poor Catherine she looks like she might cry, that girl really wanted to steal that baby.

When Mohinder wakes up he asks for Vincent’s blood so that he can try and synthesize a DNA stabilizer. In exchange he will offer Vincent some of his meds. Cat and Vincent have another heart to heart this time Cat is anti-drug. Vincent says he is willing to try the meds because he has Cat in his life.

Mohinder takes, the fall for the guys in the mob hideout and tells the young lovers that Vincent might have 12 hours of rage monster freedom. So the kids go and have a date night at the hotel pool. Vincent tells Cat that he WANTS the picket fence (I have watched enough TV to know that those pills don’t fucking work). But hey Vincent brings up the fact that he needs to get a JOB so that’s good news for poor JT.

Date Night

After their beautiful moonlit swim, JT calls to RUIN everything. Apparently the pills are like chemo that after a while they will kill him. Vincent says that he would like to have 2-3 normal years with Cat. Cat makes him swear to never take another pill. He of course takes another pill cause well he is Vincent and he says one thing and does another. And of course AFTER he takes the pill mob dudes break into Cat’s apartment. BLERGH!

Side note: I adore the Beyonce Pepsi commercial!

And back to scary dudes in Cat’s apartment. Vincent and Cat battle the two dudes but it isn’t so easy with Vincent not being able to go all rage monster on them. Cat finds out that Vincent lied and took another pill.

Date Night

Tess confronts Joe about being an asshole towards her. Tess is so much tougher than Cat and she puts up with way less shit. If Vincent were Tess’ boyfriend she would have slugged his ass for taking that pill. Though lets face it Tess would NOT date Vincent. Joe tells Tess he loves her –AWWW!

The FBI (OR MUIRFIELD) goes to Joe for the file on the dead mobster in the hotel room.

Vincent apologizes to Cat for like the 21st week in a row (let’s give the kid a break he hasn’t had much of a love life in ten years). They are cute and somewhat funny.

We end the show with Tyler telling Mohinder that Vincent’s DNA can save him but Vincent won’t survive the procedure. Mohinder, like the honey badger, don’t care, Mohinder don’t give a shit.

Date Night

Next week is the SEASON FINALE and Mohinder goes after Vincent…

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