Smart ladies love dumb TV, a tribute to Janelle Arthur on American Idol


American Idol Top 8 Janelle

I’m sorry I was out of town last week and couldn’t entertain you with our American Idol texts, but we were less funny since we knew I wasn’t doing a post. Anyway, when I was in Carrboro watching Bob Mould, Katie texted me and told me our girl Janelle Arthur was eliminated and would not be saved. This is utter bullshit since all the Idol experts said that if someone went home this week the season would be one week too short.

I can only imagine Janelle was not saved because TPTB thought she did not need the show anymore (and she probably doesn’t) and that they have some other plan for the top 2. Maura Johnston wrote a great recap of last week’s show where she said Janelle was being infantilized on the show and treated like a “dippy Southern rube.”

American Idol Top 7 Janelle Arthur

Katie and I voted for Janelle every week and usually sent all 50 of our online votes to her (we are too lazy to vote any other way). She was smart in an almost Colton Dixon way–she tried different styles and songs to appeal to her fanbase in a way that Scotty McCreery, who picked “Country Comfort” during Elton John week without ever hearing it because it had country in the title, did not.

Why Janelle will be famous

And not just because the producers tell us she will

1. Artistry

One skill that Janelle possessed that put her above Amber and Lazaro (not just because she doesn’t wear cut off short shorts and pastel blazers) is her artistry and ability to change and interpret a song. I loved when she did “You Keep Me Hanging On” and said she was performing it like she always heard it in her head. I think this talent alone will make her a valuable commodity in country music.

2. Humor

Who else would do Dolly Parton’s “Dumb Blonde”?

3. Knows when to pander

Nothing could explain this choice otherwise! But it got her votes and she was firmly in the middle that week.

4. Risk taker

“You May be Right” is super corny but this was fun and different!

She was on Kelly & Michael and did “You Keep Me Hanging On.” It is effing great, so I am even more confident than Janelle is going to do just fine, especially since she’s not spending her post-Idol time shit-talking other contestants.

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