Smart ladies love dumb TV, American Idol live episode 4


American Idol Top 10

Theme is “Songs from 2011-” (any song that has been in the top ten) which is just an excuse to make Pink some more royalties. There was not enough of “taking a song and changing it up.” I miss Kris Allen.

The Moment I Knew I Was OK with Not Following Pop Music Anymore

In the beginning of the episode Ryan introduced us to a song that is “blowing up the charts” and he plays “Selfie” by The Chainsmokers. I texted Katie to ask her if it was real. This video has been up for almost two months and it has 21M+ views. It is so, so awful. I have never felt so old. But, really, is it worse than this? [I may never take a selfie again and I am so happy I listen to showtunes and NOT shit like this! -K]

Now that I’ve been watching Eurovision, Aqua totally makes sense. [This song makes me so nostalgic for my youth! -K]

Most Awkward Moment

American Idol 4 MK

Whatever happened during the critique of MK’s performance. The crowd was so quiet. Maybe they thought she was terrible? In any case I was pretty uncomfortable.

Biggest WTF

American Idol 4 Dexter

When we learned that Florida Georgia Line’s “Cruise” is the most downloaded song in country music history. NATALIE MAINES WEEPS. [This was terrible. -K]

Sweetest Moment

American Idol 4 Malaya

When Ryan presented Malaya with these flowers. However, she was not as good as everyone said she was.

Most Intense Eye Makeup

American Idol 4 Jena

SOOOOO PURPLE, Jena. Also, I dressed exactly like this in 1996 (except my jeans had bee patches on them instead of jewels). [Jena is really into FLAIR! -K]

Best Eye Makeup

American Idol 4 J Lo

Also, best lipstick, best dressed, and prettiest.

Worst Song Choice

I think fun. is way out of Sam’s skillset. The lyrics are too mature for hm, and he has 1/100th of Nate Ruess’ charisma. “Pumped up Kicks,” Jessica’s choice, was also weird but at least her voice matched the melody.

Best Song Choice

We love love love Aloe Blacc and his career is exactly what Majesty should be aiming for, post-Idol. I am ok with her going home soon, though, so she works on making records for me to buy. [LOVED THIS!!! -K]


American Idol Harry Girls

My husband was working so I was not able to capture the hilarious things he says. Here’s some of Harry’s best quotes, taken completely out of context so they’re funnier.

MK: “This sounded like the Pink version with you singing on top.”
Dexter: “It was bereft of joy. I felt like you were meandering.”
Jena: “I felt like I was at Ultra or something.”
Alex: “You hit the bullseye on the artistry target.”
Malaya: “Work with the music people and ask them to show you different chords.”
Caleb: “I’ve seen you do better performances but I give you an A for originality on that.”
CJ: “You have a tendency to sing sharp, work with the people American Idol has so graciously provided to you.”
Jessica: “You had a complacent smile on your face and I didn’t know how you were interpreting those lyrics.”
Majesty: “I think you’re very smart. I think you’re complex.”
Sam: “I still feel like you’re timid.”

Favorite Performance

Alex really wanted to please the Directioners. He understands that the whole season is like a concert so you have to switch it up each week. He changed the melody just slightly several times and he made good choices. He is Colton levels of self-aware and I worry he will make a shocking exit soon. The studio version is here[He was really exciting, which is big with this show. -K]

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