Smart ladies love dumb TV, American Idol live show 12


American Idol top 2 caleb and jena

Last night was the final performance show, where we finally see who has the chops to be this year’s American Idol, AND… there were two out of six rerun performances. At least the show was only an hour! This way we can prepare for tonight’s amazing extravaganza, when contestants past and present sing with their idols and other celebrities Fox could afford to have on the show. Obviously it’s my favorite episode of the year and I’m really excited.

Katie was really bothered that the whites of Ryan’s suit didn’t match but I was more annoyed that he and Harry dressed this fancy at all. Save that for Wednesday! [Ryan’s suit was also a little big, I worry that he isn’t eating right. -K]

American Idol top 2 prom

Jena and Caleb filmed a fake prom sequence. Jena looked super cute in her vintage inspired dress and motorcycle jacket. I keep trying to thrift a (p)leather motorcycle jacket but I feel like I am just going to have to buy one in a real store. Jena convinced me I NEED ONE NOW.

Since this was a short (for Idol) episode, not much happened so I will post each performance.

Jena, “Dog Days Are Over”

Why is the mix so terrible? Why is she still dressing like it’s 1992? I will note that I want her to win, and her voice, when I could hear it, sounded fantastic. I wish the stylists would put her in clothes that cost actual money. [The drummers looked stoned and were wearing floor length skorts –FIRE THE STYLISTS NOW IDOL! -K]

Caleb, “Dream On”

If this night is convincing me of anything, it’s that Jena could be famous and Caleb is headed straight to Lee Dewyze-ville. Fuller did him no favors picking a song we have all heard on this show a million times. The judges freaked out for it, perhaps because they had never heard someone scream before. [Caleb is the worst. -K]

Jena, “I Can’t Help Falling in Love With You”

Her rocker outfit really doesn’t go with this ballad, which she totally KILLS. There’s an orchestra and it’s super fancy and her voice is great and oh god oh please don’t let Caleb win. [I think that redoing this song was super smart of Jena. OH PLEASE GOD LET HER WIN! -K]

Caleb, “Maybe I’m Amazed”

Another ballad! For such a rock-heavy season this show was full of slow numbers. At this point, I am barely staying awake. I don’t even have the strength to text Siri with Katie. During the critique Harry tries to ask all the judges who won each round and I have to mute it because Ryan should have asked that at the end of each round, like a good host. [I think Ryan might be ill. I am now very worried for Ryan. -K]

Jena, “We Are One” (potential winner’s single)

This song has a vaguely dancey and good time beat, maybe if there were some horn samples under it, it could be a massive summer hit. Jena is wearing three different black and white patterns together and my eyes are throbbing. Katie and I are calling for the stylists to be replaced for the next season. [This was clearly the better winner’s single but it was no Home. -K]

Caleb, “As Long As You Love Me”

Caleb started singing this before Ryan was finished introducing him, which is like the biggest rock star dick move. This is clearly not as good as Jena’s song but I can see 16 year old singing this in their cars right after listening to Journey so I guess that’s what he wants? [I hope that America asked themselves before voting, do we need another Meatloaf and then realized that one Meatloaf is all we need. -K]

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