Smart ladies love dumb TV, American Idol live show 7 recap


This week Melissa is busy doing school work (she is less than a month from graduating) to recap Idol but not to watch so I’m taking over recapping –FUN!?!? Don’t worry she will comment.


The theme is for the contestants to pick songs for the other contestants, as Melissa put it in a text, “as expected these kids have the most obvious taste,” and she is absolutely right.

Caleb was first with a Kings of Leon song picked for him by Alex and it was rocky and boring and his face was very doughy this evening.  The crowd and judges seemed to enjoy it. Keith and I do not agree on The Kings of Leon. My thoughts, it was Caleb being Caleb. NEXT! [At least it wasn’t “Sex on Fire” AKA “Fix You 2”? -M]


Up second is Jessica who needs to cut it on the eye make-up and pink hair. She also believes she was abducted by aliens. Jessica is singing the Miranda Lambert song “Gunpowder and Lead” which Sam picked for her because they are both tough. Skylar Laine was amazing a couple of years ago with this song and it makes me super sad Skylar is not famous. Jessica should have been doing rocky country songs from the start –good job producers Sam. Skylar’s cover was better but Jessica was better than Caleb. She is my current fave. JLo was very critical. Harry suggested she dance to funk in front of a mirror because she has issues with “rhythmic delivery.” Melissa felt the judges threw her under a bus. [Shades of Haley all over again. -M]


Before we could see who number three is Ryan brought out Demi Lovato, does this mean we don’t have to sit through shitty group numbers??? Sadly, even with Demi we still get shitty duets. I shall read Queen and Country and kind of pay attention to the Alex and Sam duet.

Terry Bradshaw was also there, Bradshaw is one of my Aunt Jackie’s celebrity boyfriends. STEELERS 4EVA!


Number three is CJ he is singing “Gravity” by John Mayer thanks to Caleb. I kind of fell asleep during CJ. He was okay I guess. The judges seemed to enjoy it. He has a super cute kid. [OMG I love those soundblocking headphones on kids. -M]


Dexter is number 4! I have never heard of the song CJ picks for Dexter, “Muckalee Creek Water” by Luke Bryan. It’s slow and boring. I guess he did a good job. The judges were bored. Listen America, let’s keep CJ and vote Dexter off the island. [We already have one Luke Bryan, why do we need another? Unless Dexter is going to be a character on Nashville and then it might be interesting. -M]

I fixed dinner during most of Jena and Caleb’s Stones duet. It was boring but I enjoy Jena’s weird voice. JLo said it was a moment. Jena and JLo have great lipstick. Jena has cute bangs. Ryan keeps making Demi critique the kids–it’s awkward. [I feel like someone should list J Lo’s makeup every week just like that site of what Anna Beth wore on Hart of Dixie. Also, welcome back to my TV, Barry Watson! -M]


Up fifth is Alex singing “A Team” by Ed Sheeran picked for him by Dexter. Ed Sheeran is a hot ginger Hobbit. This sounds like Alex. I am completely immersed in my cereal and comic. JLo and Harry LOVED it. Harry called it his favorite of the night. Jessica whom the judges trounced is my current fave (I think Jena doing “Creep” by Radiohead might win the night). [I still want Alex to make more interesting choices. More One Direction-type stuff. Maybe an indie artist. Maybe “1 Thing” by Amerie. Something exciting. -M]

Sam is sixth which means Jena is seventh but I bet we will have to sit through a trio of Dexter, CJ, and Jess –KILL ME! Jessica picked him “Sail Away” by David Grey. When I first heard he was singing “Sail Away” I though it was “Come Sail Away” by Styx and got super fucking excited.  Who is David Grey and what is this shitty song. Sam or Dexter needs to go home. People should sing more Styx on singing competitions –Enjoy! [STYX FOREVERRRRRRR! -M]

The country trio is what it is. There harmonizing I think could use some work though if I’m being honest I wasn’t paying much attention. Harry also didn’t like it. Demi also agreed with Harry and I that the harmonizing fucking sucked. [Poor CJ brought this group down. I actually don’t think Jessica and Dexter have pitch issues normally, despite what J Lo said earlier. -M]

Jena is last to bring the house down with old school Radiohead!  I am so curious about which contestant gave her “Creep”. Of course it was Caleb who chose this song (I would have picked him or Alex). Oh dear I think Jena started too soon. Her voice is amazing and I love it. She is my fave. I also like the straightened hair. Keith and JLo give her a standing O! Harry loved her more than Alex or as much as Alex, Harry was sick. [My fave was still Jessica but Jena is a close #2. It sucks the judges think there should only be one lady left. Assholes. -M]

Terry was having so much fun!

Terry was having so much fun!

That’s a wrap kids!


[Big thanks to Katie for handling recapping duties while I am drowning in schoolwork. ISN’T SHE THE BEST?? -M]

All gifs from americanidol.

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