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Previously on BATB, I watched the Olympics AND recapped BATB, all I can remember is that Vincent admitted he loved Cat, Cat and Mohinder made out, Tess and JT were about to get busy AND that Tom Everett Scott is a bad guy.


Just like last week this will just be bullet points of the shit as it goes down (ALSO guys if this reads better let me know cause it’s easier for me to write like this but I don’t want to switch formats if you feel like you are missing something and I only do this for YOU –seriously).

  • VINCENT WORKING OUT!!!!!!!!! He is interrupted by Cat, who asks him if he wants them to be an us and of course it’s a dream.
  • OHHHHH, but Cat did call Gabe, Vincent, over dinner –HAHAHAHAHAH!
  • Thanks, Tess, I really did not need to hear about Cat and Gabe’s trip.
  • They have a fake funeral for Gabe and not that many people come –because he is the WORST. [I feel like I am missing something? I was going to watch this but the Kanye-Kim proposal was calling to me on E! -M]


  • Sam is creepy at the funeral and NOT that upset that Rohm is “dead,” I am very upset that Rohm is gone. I miss her, she really classed up the joint. [I feel like a Rohm-hot Joe spinoff is needed. -M]
  • Vincent decides to go beast cold turkey to prove to Cat he loves her. JT and I give him side-eye.
  • Cat and Gabe are gross and I do not like to watch them. It also makes it hard to recap because I want to fast-forward over their scenes.
  • Gabe is looking for Tony Barnes, while he is “dead.”
  • Tess is following Sam who visited a patient at the quarantined ward at Vincent’s old hospital.  Gabe makes her take Vincent to the hospital because he is the “perfect” boyfriend and doesn’t want her to be alone and that he TRUSTS HER.
  • Vincent impresses Cat by playing doctor at the hospital. He saves a life, it’s nice to see him get a win. He also gets to introduce Cat to his former mentor, Dr. Marcus.


  • Cat finds out that the quarantined dude is named Jacob Sutter AND another dude named Jacob Sutter was recently quarantined but is now dead. Gabe says there was a Jacob Sutter in the orphanage with him. They assume that Sam is injecting Jacob Sutter in attempts to find the right one who will turn into a beast.
  • Vincent impersonates a doctor and talks to the quarantined yet alive Jacob Sutter’s wife.
  • Sam finds another Jacob Sutter. This whole multiple Jacob Sutter thing is confusing. [I am tired of just reading Jacob Sutter, I can imagine this was painful for you. -M]
  • Cat goes to Bob for answers and calls Bob, dad –GROSS! Now that Ravenwood is cancelled I hope Heather comes back to remind Cat of the man who raised her, who was her “real” dad NOT Bob.
  • Bob wants Cat to kill the beasts because eventually they will kill her, especially Vincent.


  • Sam notices that the girls are following him. They are attacked by the new beast Sam created. Sam tranques the new beast.
  • Tony Barnes is a mystery he has the Scooby gang stumped.
  • JT and Vincent try to save the quarantined Jacob Sutter. Cat wants Vincent to find the new beast. JT gives her shit because Vincent wants to regain is humanity but it’s hard to do with her always wanting him to be a beast.
  • Sam has the new beast locked in a dungeon and wants him to fight Vincent. Vincent tries to reason with Jacob and to promise him help. Jacob subdues Vincent, while Sam waits in the lab.
  • Cat calls Tess she is worried about Vincent. Gabe tells Cat it’s okay to be worried about Vincent. This is the worst love triangle EVER! [Poor Gabe, that shit is not going to last. -M]
  • Vincent tells JT he lost the fight with beast Jacob. Vincent isn’t sure he wants to kill another beast. JT says he sounds a lot like Cat. Vincent takes the antidote and tells JT he would rather save a Jacob instead of kill a Jacob –there are too many Jacobs but I too hope they are both saved!


  • Dr. Marcus finds Vincent with the ill Jacob. He goes to call for security but Vincent convinces him to let him save Jacob.
  • Sam and Tony Barnes are the same person, yes it is the only thing that makes sense, thanks Gabe.
  • JT tells Cat that Vincent quit because he is trying to be a better person. She is kind of whiny about it –JT and I give her massive side-eye.
  • Cat calls Sam and tells him she is on to him. He tells her this is revenge for his dead son.
  • Gabe goes to save beast Jacob but is caught be Sam –RUH ROH!
  • Vincent saves JACOB! Dr. Marcus gives Vincent an “atta boy!”


  • Cat goes to Vincent to help find Gabe before Sam turns Gabe back into a beast –OH PLEASE TURN GABE INTO A BEAST! [I feel like this is the only story that makes sense. It might make him less of a wuss. -M]
  • Gabe begs Sam not to turn him into a beast. Cat and Vincent arrive and stop Sam from injecting Gabe. Vincent battles beast Jacob while Cat goes after Sam. Beast Jacob is actually stronger than Vincent and goes to inject Gabe with the serum but is killed by Cat.
  • Cat is upset that she killed Jacob because she didn’t see him as human. Vincent tells her he hesitated the other day because he could only see Jacob as human. They have a moment which is ruined by Gabe.


  • Gabe ends the episode by getting really creepy with Cat and totally dropping his understanding boyfriend act, telling Cat that Vincent is not a man but a beast and that eventually she will have to cut him out of their lives. Cat doesn’t hit him she instead goes to bed with him and has a nightmare in which she kills Vincent.
  • Sam does indeed find a new beast.
  • Structurally this was one of the best episodes this season, AND I am super excited that Gabe’s true nature (AKA season 1) as an ass is coming back!

No new episodes until March 3rd, but when we return, Gabe tells Vincent to let Cat go if he loves her and then Cat and Vincent get hit by a car.

Photos from CW and gifs from batbnation.


  1. LOL, love the recap as always, but I do like the other format better, there is some snark missing with the bullet points!

  2. Gabe? Who is Gabe….I want Mohinder back! 😉 Great synopsis as always!

  3. But what about JTnT? They barely got a few seconds of shared face time at the fake funeral. I expected/wanted at least a minute or so with JT and Tess together. Just cause she had a room key card doesn’t mean they hooked up….

    • Hey Rella,

      I too was disappointed in the amount time they spent on JT and Tess. Because I love them I am going to assume they hooked up until they tell me otherwise, I need some positives because all of the Cat and Gabe love grosses me out.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!!!

  4. Again, another stellar albeit brief review – but you didn’t miss anything key. I have commented that the real Catherine Chandler needs to show up. I couldn’t believe that when Gabe told her that she needed to cut Vincent out of their lives, that she said nothing and just hopped into bed with him. Cat of last year had no problem telling Vincent where/when to get off – e.g. when Vincent told her to stay away from Gabe – she walked out on him and screamed in his face “you don’t tell me who I can and can’t see”. Yet in this so called deep and passionate relationship with Gabe, she says nothing and hops into bed with him where she dreams she kills Vincent – nice.

    I’m seriously beginning to wonder if she’s been brainwashed – she’s so different, but then no. I think back to season 1 – she used Vincent to save Evan from the serial killer (without thinking about the cost to Vincent’s humanity), she refused to stay away from Gabe, exposed Vincent to Gabe and even invited Gabe to Mamma’s celestial birthday so while there’s been a lot of Vincent bashing this season, I think Cat is actually less considerate of him than he is of her. Haven’t seen her give up Vincent so he could find happiness with someone else – that’s not why she dumped him so that he could be with Tori (who like Gabe isn’t a real factor).

    So no secret, huge Vincent fan – always saw that he was the victim of Gabe & her father and couldn’t understand how she could cut him off so quickly. Still say Brad Kearns needs to create a spin-off for Mohinder – he’s evil whether Beast or not. I so wanted him to be injected – maybe it will still happen as Sam is still running around with beast serum. That would be sweet irony and a huge payback from the writers to Beasties…

    • Yes!!! You’re soooo right! It’s like you’re in my head!! Team V!!! Hating Cat this season!! And Gabe…. OMG can’t stand him!

    • Hey Jennifer,

      It is insane that Cat didn’t tell Mohinder where to shove it when he told her she would have to give up Vincent. It was also out of character for her, who has always been her own person from season 1 on. I especially hated that it happened right as she was realizing how hard it’s been for Vincent and how he is trying to be a better person. I miss Evan, now that was a love triangle that made sense. This Gabe thing has zero chemistry and I hate that the writers think so little of us that we will just go a long with Cat blindly forgetting all the wrong Gabe did last season. Gabe was the bad guy! I am all for love triangles it makes it more fun to watch but pair Cat with someone like Evan whom we have known and care about and not someone we were asked as an audience to rout against.

      As always Jennifer you have given us a lot to think about 🙂

  5. I still really like Cat (KK rocks) but admittedly I miss the real Cat and it makes me wonder if there’s a reason (that we don’t know yet) why she’s really acting this way – was she injected by Gabe when he kidnapped her – does she have Stockholm syndrome? Something just doesn’t sit right – maybe this is an issue with inconsistent writing but I’m beginning to think that there’s something more going on with Cat

  6. love your reviews – this style is quicker but the other is more entertaining, so glad your going back to it 😀 I’m going to throw a shocker at you (although you may not be so shocked) there are fans who actually like Gabe and Cat together – WHY? I have no clue. I myself need a sick bag just to watch them together 😛 We all know Cat will return to Vincent. Now I have a question and as hard as it is, I will refrain from trying to sway your opinion by hinting one way or the other. Do you think Gabe will bow out gracefully (BAHAHA – oops sorry) or turn evil (like we all know he really is)? Now I want your honest opinion 😉 LOL

    • The one thing I will give Gabe is that he is very pretty to look at so I am not completely shocked people like them together. In the end I think the writers are going to turn him back into a beast and someone will have to kill him and if that doesn’t happen I don’t think he will give up on Cat very easily his behavior was so surly at the end of the past episode regarding her and Vincent. So my honest opinion is TOTALLY EVIL! 🙂

  7. I preferred it when you called him Mohinder 😉
    Other than than I just love your writing, it doesn’t matter to me how you present it as long as its there ;

    • Hey Jay,

      Rest assured I have promised two things for my March 4th recap, the return of Mohinder and a 2000 word opus on why BATB is both infuriating and fantastic all at the same time!

      Thanks you so much for the continued reading AND for commenting!!!

  8. I enjoyed this recap but not as much as the rest. I know that means more work for you. Keep them coming

  9. I also miss Mohinder as Gabe is now just a 4 letter word to me and I call him Gag ;o). Like you Katie I hope there is a good reason for Cat’s WTF behavior in Season 2 other than my theory that she was subject to a mis-edited out lobotomy. Love the snark ~ keep it coming in whatever shape or format ~ cheers!

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