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Previously on BATB, our team worked somewhat together to save JT, however because Tori was never incorporated into the team she died (seriously she died because of shoddy teamwork).

Best fucking thing that happened in this episode!!!

Best fucking thing that happened in this episode!!!

Because I am heavily engrossed in the Olympics (figure skating is still my fave but I love me some slope-style and am devastated it’s over) and need to get back to moguls and short track here is an abridged recap.

  • Cat finds Gabe in the cell where Tori died –he is totally the bad guy, right? They kiss, it’s gross, and then he asks her out for a weekend getaway. She does flashback to when Gabe kidnapped her so she has finally made that connection. She also discovers a cavern under the dungeon. [Mohinder does this creepy smile in the gif below and it will haunt me forever! -M]


  • New Captain is a hardass, who only care about the bottom line. Even as an asshole, he is already better than Gabe.
  • Rohm and Tom Everett Scott are renewing their vows. I still don’t trust TES (dammit I can’t call him that it’s too close to Tess). [Duh, Katie, call him Shades. -M]
  • Vincent is sad because Tori died. He and JT hang out on the houseboat of doom. JT is buying Tess flowers as “your secret admirer.” JT likens Vincent’s love life to Les Mis and says that Tori is like Eponine (it’s cool she dies because she gets all the best solos, which so fucking true). Vincent then makes the best “On my Own” pun ever when the girls come in and ruin his mourning period AKA his alone time. [I MISSED “ON MY OWN” PUNS? That is like one of my fave musical songs ever. -M]
  • Sam AKA Tom Everett Scott  is attacked and because of that everyone has to go to upstate for Valentines day –FUN!!! [I love upstate NY! Side note: I was in a school-related Google chat and I missed this episode. I am devastated. I might watch it online for the Les Mis puns alone. -M]
  • Gabe is caught in a lie. He is also apparently getting a passport photo? I don’t even know anymore what’s going on, but on the bright side Apollo Anton Ohno is calling the short track races –this is a win for anyone who loves short track and the Olympics.
  • Cat and Vincent hang out in the dungeon but they have issues because Cat finally doesn’t trust Gabe –it’s hard to lose Cat’s trust, you have to lie but NOT kidnap her. They are able to get under the dungeon and find burned bones. The DNA from the bones are corrupted, someone in the dungeon lab was making beasts and then burning them.


  • Both Tess and Cat are on the new captain’s shit list and it doesn’t help when poor Tess get’s the ugliest flower arrangement including balloons secretly from JT–the best part is when Vincent tries to help JT by saying “I like balloons.” Because they need to solve a CASE to save their jobs she reports Sam’s abduction.
  • Sam admits he helped Colm Feore experiment and then burn the bodies. He remembers one person, a man who looks like Gabe. Is the show making it this easy OR is Gabe just a patsy and he really is a changed man???
  • BTW Gabe is faster to type and I have moguls and women’s super combined to get back to. [He is still Mohinder in my heart. -M]
  • Sam also says that one of the victims was named Clara. One of the missing “Claras” was from the same orphanage as Gabe.
  • Cat is very nervous about Gabe –FINALLY! Vincent is trying to be a good friend and tell Cat that Gabe is a good guy. Tess adorably points out that looking into your new boyfriend is “a lovely way to start a relationship.” Vincent agrees to look at Gabe’s loft if Cat keeps him at her place.
  • Gabe isn’t a murderer he was taking Cat to MEXICO! [I would not leave the country with that guy if I was Cat. -M]
  • While Vincent searches the loft he and JT bond and then Vincent finds the serum JT made last week –RUH ROH!


  • Vincent attacks Gabe who is making out with Cat. Gabe denies ever seeing the serum. Vincent believes him. Gabe gets indignant because he has changed into such a good guy but Cat points out FINALLY that it wasn’t so long ago he tried to kill Vincent and kidnap her.
  • Cat admits to Vincent that she might not want to date Gabe. [Seriously she should have known this earlier as they have zero chemistry. -M]
  • Vincent admits to JT that he still loves Cat. JT is still team VinCat!
  • Rohm and Sam tell Cat they had a son who died of leukemia which is why Sam got into genetic research. I now really want Gabe to be guilty, for Rohm’s sake but I bet Sam is the killer which is sad.
  • Sam and Colm Feore sued some medical place together so they HAD to have known each other. Sam is a big fat liar liar. Poor Rohm, she finds her husband only to learn he is a big fat killer. Also all of the bones were from kids experimented on at the orphanage with Gabe.
  • The Scooby gangs plan is to “con the con man” so Vincent has to act as Cat’s NEW date.
  • Vincent’s Scooby sense goes off, he goes on the hunt and finds a BOMB! He and Gabe come up with a plan which is kind of fun because Gabe makes Vincent promise to save him if the bomb goes off.


  • The plan works, Sam detonates the bomb and Vincent saves Cat and Gabe.
  • Tess and JT have a moment when she realizes he sent her the flowers, balloons, chocolates AND made it look like she solved a case at the university (I just want to point out that you must have paperwork to pull this off but because it is JT and Tess and romantic, I’m letting it go –I know it’s rare I let a lapse in logic go, it’s the Olympic fever).
  • Rohm is very upset. She decides to go into witness protection. I will miss you Rohm AKA Dana Landon (I finally found out her full name but was so used to typing Rohm). [Nooooo but she is such a good actress and she totally raised the profile of this show! -M]
  • Part of the plan is to let Sam go thinking he killed Gabe and that everyone thinks Gabe was the true bad guy so that they can follow him in future weeks and hope he leads them to Tony Barnes.
  • Gabe apologizes to Vincent for trying to kill him. Vincent tells him Cat likes take-out. Vincent also sadly watches Cat and Gabe make-out at the end of the show –SUPER GROSS! [I am glad I missed this, ewww. -M]
  • Tess and JT decide to spend the night together –SUPER AWESOME!
  • I know Vincent has hurt Cat but honestly the continuity on this show is so fucked I don’t even know anymore when/how or if it was a greater infliction then kidnapping and killing people. All in all, not a terrible episode- a lot of movement on the Sam front, but I will miss Rohm and I still want to smack Gabe across his smug face. BACK TO MOGULS! BILODEAU WINS GOLD AGAIN!


Next week Sam has a beast and Vincent fights him, it does not appear to go well. I will still have Olympic fever.

Photos from CW and gifs from batbnation.


  1. While distracted by your Olympic fever, you still nailed this episode in your review! Gold medal all the way – Olympic record… okay I digress. I was so excited during the first half of the show, that Cat was finally waking up,having flashbacks when Gabe kidnapped her and locked her up and she was convinced he was behind all this. But just like her pledge that she needed to find out who she is without a man, and that she wasn’t ready for a new relationship it only lasted until the next commercial break. To see her groveling back to Mohinder, well that made me want to toss my cookies.

    Best elements – the return of the real Vincent, the bromance and Tess & JT. I also like that Cat and Vincent are “friends” and that he finally put Cat’s happiness first. I was disappointed that the Sherry indicated that this was a romantic episode, alas the romance unfortunately was not for VinCat. We need to remind the writers that this is Beauty and the Beast, not Beauty and the Ex-beast or Beauty and the ADA.

    In the case of Mohinder, less is more – I’d like a lot, lot less of him then I’d like the show way more… I still say Brad can write spin-off for Mohinder – “Gabe the perfect guy”. Now Gabe is pretending to be dead – remember writers, its Beauty and the Beast, not Beauty and the ADA and Cat ^& Gabe will be hiding out together having icky sex, not going on actual dates. Sound familiar – yeah that was last season with Cat & Vincent (but they had hot sex) because they actually have more chemistry as opponents and friends than the hottest possible moment between Cat & Gabe. So writers & producers let’s move off this sickening little relationship, show that Mohinder is the BIG BAD – even though he wasn’t the bomber… he’s still icky and evil.

    Glad that the Scooby Team is starting to work together again – but the final scene had my heart was breaking for our poor Vincent walking off in the cold dark night after seeing that sickening saliva exchange in the Inn.

    • Hey Jennifer,

      I’m glad my Olympic fever didn’t ruin my recapping skills!

      I too want way less Gabe! THANK YOU for pointing out that the writers have Cat change her mind in between commercial breaks. I am impressed that Kristen Kreuk is able to kind of make it believable –that’s great acting skills!

      I LOVED that Vincent and JT and Tess and JT were funny and heavily featured in the show –more of that writers!!!

      As always Jennifer thanks for the discussion 🙂

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