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Previously on BATB, Tess did work (she is the only one who works), JT gave Vincent good pep-talks (he is becoming a mental health professional), Mohinder was smug then sad (LOL), and Vincent and Catherine BONED (oh good news kids I have brought back boned which I haven’t used since season 1 aren’t we all happy).

Oh lovely we get a flash back to all the times Cat and Vincent were in love in the far superior first season –GOOD TIMES! Even better, it was Cat reminiscing the morning after. She then ditches out on a sleeping V. Vincent goes over to JT’s to have a man-talk. Cat invites Tess over to have a girl-talk. She tells Tess it was just break-up sex. Both BFFs demand details. Both V and Cat say it was grrrreat! JT and Tess tell them it’s not break-up sex because that is generally bad and depressing –profound truth. They also feel like Vincent is going to demand for answers –of course he is. Tess’ points out that with Sam in jail Cat can stay away from both Vincent and Mohinder while Cat figures out what to do–this is TV so that ain’t happening.


Which segways us to prison and our good friend Sam –HEY SHADES! [YAY!!!! -M] Sam is in the infirmary but because his tests come back negative he is on his way back to gen-pop but not before he covertly injects some dude with beast serum. While the dude beasts, Sam can escape –BE FREE SHADES!

Cat and Tess decide to grace the NYC police with their presence (by finally going to work to do their jobs, which is kind of novel on this show which used to be a police procedural with sci-fi elements back in the days when I enjoyed this assignment) and who should they find but MOHINDER everyone’s favorite lurker. Mohinder pulls Cat aside to discuss how her convo with Vincent went–not good for you Gabe Mohinder. [Katie, I hope the showrunners read your recaps so this show gets better. However, I am really more worried about Nashville getting renewed. -M] Things get awkward when Cat hesitates while being asked if she is having second thoughts on being with Mohinder but Tess cuts the tension by interrupting that Sam has escaped.

Mohinder and Cat go to the jail. Cat tells Mohinder that JT needs to bring the anti-beast serum to the jail. Mohinder says he needs to decrypt the flash drive they got off of Sam which they assume is from the CIA database –I’m not going to lie I zoned out because when Mohinder talks about case shit I m mind wonders so I don’t get angry about his acting. He does get a dig in to Catherine about people going backwards –why on earth would anyone willingly date such an asshole.

Cat gets a call from Vincent who wants answers, she says it was break-up sex, he tells her she is lying. She keeps trying to get off the phone. She finally tells him Sam escaped and Vincent tells her two things: he will bring her the serum AND he is not letting her go without a fight –but in a nice NOT psycho boyfriend way which means that our one-on-one women’s studies seasons are paying off.


Tess barges in on JT and DEMANDS he help her. It’s adorable, they kind of fight about V and Cat. It’s more adorable. We find out that Tess has also not talked to JT about there rendezvous. IT’S EVEN MORE ADORABLE! Then Vincent comes in and RUINS IT–Vincent you I will only allow you to ruin a Tess/JT moment if you are nude. Tess leaves demanding JT find Sam. Vincent does the same of JT so that he can prove to Cat he isn’t the same jackass who tried to kill her dad –BIO-DAD not real dad!

Sam points a gun at a judge and DEMANDS he show him where his pin is from a super secret society of bad dudes–ummmm? He can’t kill the guy because of a picture of the judges little boy –there is still good in SHADES. He knocks the dude out and rifles through his stuff finding a pin–THE FUCK!

Cat and Mohinder talk about shit and I am too fucking bored by this shit. EWWW Gabe Mohinder tells Cat he loves her and that Vincent is bad for her and then he creepily tells her he isn’t giving up without a fight –but he is super creepy about it like a psycho boyfriend, I would give him a class in women’s studies but then I would have to talk to him.

Back at the gentleman’s club none of these people but Gabe Mohinder could afford. Vincent and JT still can’t find Sam. JT finds addresses in the encrypted data. Two are for NYC and when they put the first one into the surveillance equipment they then finally find Sam.


Mohinder, Vincent and Cat talk to the judge. Vincent points out the judge is lying repeatedly which annoys Mohinder. Gabe Mohinder tries to impress us by using his lawyerly ways to get answers from the judge but in the end Vincent wins the pissing contest by beasting out in front of him. At this point I kind of wish Cat actually decides to be on her own because both dudes are acting like asses. Tess meets them and they fill her in on the whole secret society –eye-fucking-roll! She also tells Vincent that the other NYC address JT found was registered to a married couple. Vincent suggests he and Cat take their button and pose as them at some fancy party they are having because Sam blew up there server –this is some convoluted bullshit but I’m going with it because it’s better than some of the plots from this season (I’m looking at you Bob/CONDOR) but let the record show I miss Muirfield and simpler times. Anywho the boys fight over Cat she makes them pick numbers and Mohinder gets to be Cat’s husband at the party. Tess, Cat and I all roll our eyes –boys are fucking dumb.


While the party’s HOT:

  • Cat looks really nice in green and Mohinder looks dashing in a nice suit but he is still a lousy actor.
  • Cat notices that it’s a masquerade ball and the same one she went to the previous year (OHHHH WHEN SHE AND V FIRST KISSED) and Gabe Mohinder is all nobody knows who I am and then two people are like “Hey Gabe” so Vincent plays husband.
  • Vincent gives her a speech about their relationship and Gabe Mohinder looks sad at them being together.
  • Cat is like, “DUDE WE HAVE TO FIND SAM!” so they split up.
  • Tess and JT are stuck at the gentleman’s club. They fight over their relationship. Tess admits she likes JT but he isn’t her type and she is very confused. They make-out just as JT’s algorithm spits out names.
  • Cat is spotted by Sam who points her out to security.
  • Mohinder tells Vincent that everyone on the list is behind Muirfield and tons of bad shit and that they are building a beast. Vincent is like we need to bring them down but Mohinder is an ass and tells him he can’t change and to stay away from Cat.
  • Vincent notices that Cat is being kidnapped.


  • Cat kicks ass and with V’s help takes down two dudes but she is rightfully pissed because she had it under control and she is “not some damsel in distress” –unfortunately Cat, you have been used like that a lot this season, blame the writers they have treated you very poorly.
  • Mohinder see’s Sam go in an elevator with more guys with pins. In the board room he turns the man who killed his son into a beast and tells him to kill them all.
  • Vincent wants to go after Sam with Cat but Mohinder whines that Cat will be in danger and Cat is like fuck that let’s go. Vincent smugly points out to Mo that Cat does what she wants.
  • Once they arrive Sam sabotages the elevator trapping them with the homicidal beast. Cat calls Mo and tells him to pull the fire alarm and to send for help.
  • Vincent kills the beast and Sam is so sad and angry mad. He goes to throw himself off the roof. Vincent gives him a speech about his anger and how it only left him empty but that they can work together to bring down the organization that has harmed them both the right way. Cat is moved. Sam still jumps but Vincent saves him. When Sam asks him why, he lovingly stares at Cat.
  • Vincent tells Cat that it’s bittersweet but she points out that that was the old him not the new him. She also tells him she likes the new him the best.
  • Mohinder thinks with Sam’s help he can bring down the secret shadowy society –yawn.
  • Cat breaks up with Mohinder. He is kind of a jerk but whatever she is done with him so –FUCK YES! [Even the four episodes she was with that douche were too many. -M]


When she gets back to her apartment she sees the window open and KNOWS that Vincent is waiting for her on the roof. He gives her a rose and tells her he loves her, she says it back and they kiss. Vincent and Cat get back together and Cat demands she be allowed to protect herself not these dumb dudes–I hope this fucking lasts. [A strong Cat is a good Cat. -M]  The episode ends with Vincent getting arrested for murder.

BATB won’t be back until May. [Don’t cry, Katie!  Also, we will cover some other things between now and then, like the HIMYM finale, so please don’t abandon us, gentle readers! -M]

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  1. I could never abandon you my dears…what would I have to laugh about on Tuesday mornings! Til we meet again….<3

  2. I’m so glad you agree that creep Gabe is a lousy actor…and a total douche

    • Hey Donna,

      He is so bad I have hated him from when he was on Heroes which is why I call him Mohinder.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!!!

  3. Katie, I think this was the best episode this year, and maybe last year. The show have drama/suspense, humour and romance and most importantly, the real Cat resurfaced.

    You could see even when she was in denial re it being just “break up sex”, that every time Mohinder spoke to her in this episode, you’d see her take a deep breath, roll her eyes etc. until the scene in the car. “You don’t want me to come up do you?” asks Mohinder and Cat just says “No.” – I have been waiting months for that moment and I have rewatched many, many times – ding dong Mohinder is dead… well in Cat’s heart any way.

    The Fab 4 scenes (same conversation but she said, he said re what last night meant) were fantastic, the humour of course JT & T , but who knew Vincent could be so funny – eating with measuring spoon and a number of other cut me up lines. Then when he roared to get the information from the guy Sam had attacked, I lost it, it was so funny.

    Sanctimonious Mohinder, I hope his role will substantially diminish and they keep up screen time for the Fab 4. I believe he did put the warrant on Vincent, to supposedly protect her (in his mind) but I think it was he wasn’t going to lose out to a beast. I think he has fixation with Cat that started when they were kids and grown after she killed the beast. Then I believe he started to think of her as his possession and was really controlling her, so glad to see her finally put a fork in that big time.

    It was a shocking ending with the arrest, but a great cliffhanger for the hiatus. Good news is that I’ve seen update that the hiatus is ending earlier – week of April 26th so it won’t be long until ep 17 is here. However we had such a great episode, that I really want to see ep 17 more than ever.

    This is one happy Beastie!

    • Hey Jennifer,

      This was by far the best episode this season!

      It was edited well and easy to follow –LOVED IT! I don’t think I went on any rants!

      As always thanks for reading 🙂

  4. Thanks for the review. Love that VinCat are back

  5. Great review. Especially your comments about how your mind wanders when Gabe talks about the case. I have been feeling kind of guilty that I won´t keep up with all the secret societies or gems or whatever.

    Jay Ryan´s scene with the measuring spoons dangling from his hand, hunkering over the granola bowl, shovelling, spilling, slopping and yes slurping – as he registers sadness, resignation, exuberance and finally decisiveness over his night with Catherine is to die for. What an actor, the scene just breaks me up.

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  7. I caught up just in time for the show’s return tonight, YAY. But, I need to say it; this season was. A. SLOG. Even though this ep and the last (2×15) were enough for me to not completely give up hope OR my season pass at Amazon 🙂 I have thoughts. Things that still, even though V/C are now “together,” bother me. NAG at me.

    There were lots of little things that I could nit-pick (and almost all of which you addressed in your delightful recaps) but the biggest problem I had, the thing that TRULY bothered me and – imho – caused the most problems with the season was The Quadrangle of Ridiculousness. There was absolutely NO NEED to put two other people in the way of Cat/Vincent. It’s a cop-out. But that cop-out is ESPECIALLY noticeable/annoying when a) the two people you’re trying to keep apart have essentially said OUT LOUD that they’re madly in love and DESTINED for each other and b) they have no chemistry with the people that are keeping them away from each other and actually have to TALK THEMSELVES INTO WANTING/NEEDING/BEING ATTRACTED TO THEM. Vincent’s “attraction” was animal or whatever (reminded me of the terrible Oz/Veruca of BtVS… if you watched?) which – to me – is yet another cop-out. I CAN’T HELP IT I’M JUST A HORNY BEAST. Dude, WE’RE ALL HORNY, it’s called self-control, but also, YOU DON’T EVEN SEEM THAT ATTRACTED TO HER beyond the animal. And don’t even get me STARTED on the ONE-SIDED-CREEPY-STALKER-ESQUE-LOVE of Mohinder/Cat. Every time he said ANYTHING to her it was borderline emotionally abusive, and usually manipulative, but the moment he said something about being a “nice guy” I GAGGED. The guys who do that, tell you how “nice” they are and how they just don’t understand how a nice guy like they are can’t get the girl? THEY’RE THE CREEPIEST CREEPS TO EVER CREEP.

    Vincent’s reappearance and memory-loss as well as Cat losing her father and learning he’s not her bio-dad, her bio-dad controlling V and trying to kill him, dealing with all of that – their own inner-shit due to those discoveries – would have been plenty to keep them apart. Vincent could have still chosen Beast (although I do take issue with the whole Beast vs. Human thing, especially coming from Cat who seemed to be so much more open-minded last season) causing Catherine to back away, but he wouldn’t need another Beast to get him there, Awful Bob fucking with him and trying to kill him would probably be enough.

    I think the whole thing is so disappointing because the writers set themselves up perfectly in the season premier, specifically the scene near the end where Cat is just so exhausted and relieved to have Vincent back and she admits “it’s been a long 3 months” (and Kristin’s delivery KILLED ME) and, though he is unsure, Vincent kisses Cat and you see her sort of allow herself to feel all the things she’s kept at bay while she searched for him, while also seeming a bit unsure. Her heartache is tangible. That moment, that scene, sold me on the idea of a season of them “falling in love all over again,” and I was expecting, WANTING, all of the good AND BAD that comes with that. I wanted to watch Vincent rediscover Catherine. I was excited to see them (gradually, over time) find their groove both as lovers and as crime fighting partners. I was expecting Cat to have a hard time, lose patience a little bit because she would be remembering all alone, but ultimately I was hoping – thanks to Vincent, Tess, JT – she would realize that she can’t expect their love to be exactly the same as it was and finally remember that – as she said back in season one – her “normal” is Vincent, no matter what, and she doesn’t need the same things she thought she did “doors, or walls” just him.

    Thankfully, they did eventually get to that place but the getting there was so much more awkward and sloppy and REALLY STUPID AND CONTRIVED AND FORCED than it needed to be.

    The other major thing that bothered me was the complete obliteration of Vincent’s personality. (until 2×15 or whatever) I suppose his personality could have been hooked directly to all of the memories he no longer had, (btw, does he remember everything now or not?) but in that long three months did they remove his SOUL too? Because at his core he was a decent, caring, generous person who volunteered to serve because his brother’s were killed which HE REMEMBERED. He did right? Anyway, like you, I was very, VERY, frustrated with Cat’s impatience and need to push V into a relationship he wasn’t ready for I also think the writer’s gave her character NOTHING to cling too (except Jay Ryan’s ridiculous face/abs) so the realistic part of me was like, yeah, okay, fine. GIVE UP, CAT. Just give up because he’s not coming back… and THEN I thought but that’s what I LOVED about Cat, she NEVER GAVE UP last season. ON ANYTHING!! But least of all Vincent. My girl had PERSEVERANCE and she was always going to figure shit out, fix things. So along with V’s missing personality/soul, they made Cat into someone I didn’t recognize a lot of the time.

    Lastly, I am soooooooooooooo super tired of everything being Vincent’s fault. He’s not allowed to make any bad choices and if it weren’t for him no one – JT, Tess, Cat, etc – would ever be in peril or have a bad day or get a pimple or anything ever. It’s ridiculous and what I would LOVE is for Cat to say, “I CHOOSE to be here with you, and just like ANY RELATIONSHIP, neither of us are perfect and we take the good with the bad, not everything is your fault any more than it is mine. THE END.”

    Hoo boy. I think I need to not care so much.

    Also, you may regret that I found your blog 😉 (Though I promise, my comments going forward will not be quite so wordy)

    • Hey Tracy,

      I really and truly hope the show get’s better. Last night seemed like an improvement over the bulk of this season though I don’t know if that makes you feel better since you already spent the money on the season pass.

      Thank you again for reading and feel free to write as much as you want!

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