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We open with voice-over of love and previously on, Mohinder/Gabe was an experiment by Muirfield too!


Cat wakes up to Vincent watching her sleep because he wanted to be there when she woke up on the anniversary of her mother’s death (I know some people will find this super romantic but I found it a) creepy and b) why didn’t he just spend the night, is Heather there, do JT and Vincent share a bedroom in the old rundown gentlemen’s club?). It’s the tenth anniversary and Cat has very mixed emotions since finding out that there is an entire part of her mother’s life she didn’t know about AND that her mother was responsible partly for Vincent’s condition. She would prefer to spend the day with Vincent celebrating the first time he “saved her” and they saw each other (no comment).

Tess and Joe are almost caught by one of their coworkers getting coffee together in the morning near her place. Joe says they could go public and Tess could move to an open spot in another precinct. She gives Joe the mother of eye rolls and asks why she has to move instead of him. I like Joe but I wish they would flesh his character out more than just a philanderer and dude out for revenge. [That would make more than one hot good guy. NO ONE CAN COMPETE WITH JAY RYAN. -M] Also should we assume that he has left his wife because I think as of last week he was still with her?

At the cemetery Vincent and Cat go to put flowers on her mother’s grave and find Mohinder. Vincent is jealous of Mohinder and Cat (BLERGH). Mohinder is startled to find Cat at the grave, he tells her that her mother was his doctor and that she was the only truly caring doctor at Muirfield. They then have a cute moment quoting The Pink Panther and she invites him to her mother’s celestial birthday celebration with her family. Vincent seriously goes into rage-monster mode and ditches out on her at the cemetery (I see that he is going to be TERRIBLE this episode only to HOPEFULLY redeem himself by the end –again BLERGH). Mohinder points out that her mother’s headstone has been cracked like she has been moved (MUIRFIELD).


Cat just parked her car on the street in NYC (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH). She and Tess are working security detail at a speech the mayor is giving (they mayor of NYC on this show is a LADY, so much lady power). Cat tells Tess about Mohinder knowing her mom and then Heather calls (ARGH, I did not miss Heather). Tess tells Cat that inviting Mohinder to the family thing Vincent can’t go to was probably what pissed him off AND that Joe wants to ship her off to another precinct (DUDES SUCK).

Back at the gentlemen’s club JT points out that Vincent was jealous and kind of an asshole. Vincent points out that he gets a creepy vibe off Mohinder (and really I can’t fault him for that, that dude is dirty), JT does point out that Vincent’s hunches are usually right, so Vincent goes running off to warn Cat. While looking for her at the mayor’s speech he overhears Gabe threaten the mayor’s aid. He finds Cat and the two talk about creepy Mohinder and then the mayor is shot. Vincent finds the shooter but he escapes but not before Vincent gets the dudes cell phone, the call he was making was to Mohinder. Vincent breaks the phone because he is a MORON!

Back at the precinct Joe puts everybody on the mayor case. The dude who saw Tess and Joe is totally being a dick to Tess and Cat so; yeah Tess and I are pretty sure he thinks she is sleeping with their boss. Vincent summons Cat to the roof and tells her about the shooter and the phone (they also make up). Cat informs Tess about Mohinder and they have TJ (Tess keeps calling him that) go through his financials. Apparently he pays over two grand for his hair; JT calls him a douchebag (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH). They also find that he transferred $25,000 to an unmarked account that morning.


Cat calls him to the precinct and confronts him. Mohinder is pissed off but tells her that the money was for a private investigator to look at the headstone. He asks Cat if she identified the body or did they family have an open casket because there was no record of an autopsy performed on her mother. Cat tells him that the casket was closed but that her mother was shot three times in the chest, how could she survive that. Mohinder says that in order to get him out of Muirfield her mother gave him a drug to make him look dead, if she went through all that trouble for him imagine what she would so for Cat and Heather.

Cat goes to tell Vincent about Mohinder, the money and her mom ONLY to find out that Vincent has sensed for months that her mother’s body is not in the grave. He also forbids her from seeing Mohinder. This goes over about as well as you would expect, Cat explains to him that she doesn’t need him to protect her, that if her mother is alive she is going to find her, that Vincent LIED to her, and that he can’t forbid her from doing anything.

At the celestial birthday for her mom Cat, is passive aggressive about her mom lying to her. Her dad confronts her and Catherine tells him that her mother might be alive and that the form he signed allowing the city to temperately move her could help her answers these nagging doubts she has. OH and Heather has the stupid Cat and Gabe are dating smirk (I think I might hate Heather more than Mohinder).

Cat and Mohinder go to an abandoned farm because of a lead (did I miss something, did they get this place off the form her dad gave her, did the private investigator give them this address, I’m too lazy to rewind the DVR so commenters if you know why they ended up “at a house from a slasher film” let us know).


Tess tells Joe that she found who the snipers intended target was and it was Mohinder NOT the mayor (I’m so glad the show didn’t just drop this case like they did last week’s dead guy looking for Cat with no fingerprints that was never mentioned AGAIN). She calls Vincent because she is worried that Cat might be with Mohinder and that the sniper might be still after them. She also calls Vincent out on his bullshit –LOVE HER!

Back at the creepy farm, Cat and Mohinder are shot at by the sniper but they think it’s Muirfield. Cat goes after him but she is SAVED by Vincent (how did he find the farm?). While in the barn the look out the window and see a grave. It’s another headstone with Cat’s mothers name; Vincent says that there is a body in this one. Vincent also apologizes about being wrong about Mohinder but I hate that the show made a big deal about him saving her again (I might need to make the WHOLE writing staff go to my imaginary women’s studies course).

Later at the farm Tess and the cops are going over the place since the sniper was after Mohinder. She and Cat talk about how hard it is that Vincent never gets credit for his heroics but that it was Tess’ smart thinking in calling Vincent that also saved Cat. Cat takes Mohinder to her mother’s grave. He asks her if she is going to move her back to the city but Cat says that, that would put her family on Muirfield’s radar.


Joe has Morelli moved to the other precinct so that he and Tess don’t have to be separated and bought her a coffee maker so that they won’t get caught again.

Tess and Vincent have a nice anniversary and kind of apologize to each other (for as much as I wanted them together I find their lovey dovey shit kind of gross). Vincent does make a really fucked up remark about how he will be here to be right in the end and I almost threw the remote at the TV.

Mohinder goes back to the barn, he calls who I’m guessing is his girlfriend, and informs her that Vanessa is dead but that he has found the rage-monster then he has a tremor in his arm and his eyes glow yellow.

Next week Mohinder goes rage-monster and it’s up to the super team to calm him down!


  1. Like always awesome recap and I noticed that too how did Joe go from being married to wanting to take his relationship with Tess public there’s a huge gap there. Also you called it a couple of episodes back that Gabe was a rage monster so kudos on that and last but not least Tess is my girl I love her and I know the show is about Cat and Vincent but I wish she got more screen time but I’ll take what I can get because no matter how short or long her scenes are she always delivers. Love love love your recaps.

    • I too wish Tess was in the show more. I miss the case of the week because then we had more Cat/Tess and more Vincent/JT. I think Gabe/Muirfield/Joe’s dead brother has bogged the show down some. I hope next season they will go back to the original format. I can’t believe I’m advocating more procedural and less mythology but if it means more people we love Tess/JT and less Gabe/Muirfield baddies I’m all in 🙂

      • Yes hopefully we’ll get more of Tess and JT in the remaining episodes and in season 2. Now I wish those two got there own spin off or maybe their own web series I would happily watch that for the main reason that she calls him TJ. Yea and Cat and Vincent are getting too mushy for me. I feel like they keep having the same conversation about trust and protection every single episode like it’s on an infinite loop or is it just me? And is Heather really necessary? She doesn’t fit and always complicates things.

        • YES there talks are repetitive! I would totally watch webisodes with “TJ” helping Tess with cases! Heather is NOT necessary!

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