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Previously on BATB, Mohinder was an ass to Cat because he is hella jealous of Vincent. And Sam is the big bad. And I honestly don’t remember what else happened; I think Vincent saved a man’s life. OH and Sam was hunting down Mohinder’s orphan friends to make them beasts to get back at the company that killed his kid –I am shocked I actually remembered that.


Okay so here is some housekeeping news, Mohinder has returned (even the mysterious M, requested he come back, she told me she will correct Gabe to Mohinder when she edits if I miss one) AND we will be returning to the LONG format (though I still might bullet the action sequences and the end of the episodes where tons of shit happens and my paragraphs are only a sentence long because the writers think it’s fun to through oodles of plot at me). [I am committed to making our readers happy, so NO MORE GABE! MOHINDER FOREVER! -M]

Vincent is driving JT crazy, eating his gummy worms and using illegally obtained NYPD facial recognition software because he has to hunt Sam down “the human way.” JT thinks that Vincent can be both man and beast–as this is a TV show in which Vincent has to be a beast, I’m thinking we shouldn’t have to go down this road another fucking time but what do I know. Vincent and JT spot Sam on the surveillance video, since they are doing things the human way they go and canvas the area on foot. JT tells Vincent he needs to use his “other half” and that “one little sniff isn’t going to knock him off the beast wagon.” He also tells Vincent that it will impress Cat if he catches Sam. Vincent realizes JT is right about EVERYTHING and begins tracking him the “beast way.”

In a non-beast coffee shop Tess and Cat discuss Cat’s nightmare about killing Vincent. Tess says this is “all her dad’s fault” and I scream at my TV, “Stop calling Bob Cat’s dad, Tess!” Cat wants to put Sam away so that she can be rid of Vincent and focus more time on Mohinder. Speak of the devil he is waiting at home for her to make them breakfast. They discuss how smart Sam is but he isn’t as smart as Mohinder. Mohinder thinks he can get him Sam on identity theft and then they kind of hug it out and I wretch at their grossness. They also reaffirm their commitment and Mohinder gives her a key.


The closeness comes to a end when JT calls Cat and says that Vincent has Sam in the dungeon. Sam taunts Vincent and JT while they wait and of course Vincent gets all ragey as soon as Cat comes into the cave. The Scooby gang discusses “beast justice” over legitimately bringing Sam down. Mohinder tries to make Sam think he has a case against him to get them out of the trouble Vincent has put them in by kidnapping the guy. You better believe Mohinder patronizes the shit out of Vincent. Sam lets them know that he has another beast candidate and if they don’t let him go the guy will die because he is chained up. Tom Everett Scott is such a good actor that he makes Sendhil Ramamurthy look completely outclassed, if I didn’t hate him I would feel bad for him (come on NBC don’t you need Mohinder for your Heroes mini-series). [Katie, I do not know who Sam is. Didn’t we agree to call him Shades? Maybe that was just me. -M]

Back at the station, Tess is looking up possible candidates to become beasts. Tess finds 9 that are unaccounted for. Mohinder makes Vincent let Sam go but warns Vincent not to track him. A smug Mohinder makes me want to stop watching this show but I will persevere.

Sam goes to his new beast’s apartment; I think the guy is Xavier. Xavier is confused as to why he is chained up and why somebody has made him into an extraordinary being. Sam also lets Xavier and us know that he is going to lure Vincent to them–oh this should be fun!


At his boathouse of sadness [HAHHAHAH. -M], Vincent finds Mohinder helping himself to Vincent’s scotch. Mohinder is even more smug than before and it’s so badly written and it makes me want to die. Basically he rubs it into Vincent that he is a better boyfriend because he isn’t a beast and that Vincent should stay away from Cat for her sake. I HATE THIS. It doesn’t even fit with season 1 continuity and MOHINDER IS THE WORST. Okay let’s recap what we know about beasts from both seasons and then I will try and be less whiney:

  • Mohinder was a first generation beast and could not control it, he also orchestrated while not in beast form the deaths of several people to lure Vincent out so that he could steal his DNA because Vincent was a latter model beast who could control it.
  • Vincent was given something by Bob/Muirfield in the beginning of the season that made him stronger and removed his scar and memories.
  • MOHINDER IS THE WORST and he is a terrible actor and I hate him when he is smug, it’s insane because he is NOT THE SMARTEST DUDE IN THE ROOM.
  • Now that I have had this little rant I will go back to the episode.

Vincent goes to drown his sorrows by playing pool. JT finds him and wants to know what is going on. Vincent thinks Mohinder is right about staying away from Cat and both JT and I almost throw-up. JT wants Vincent to be himself, both of his selves. JT is the best thing on this show –JT and Jay Ryan’s abs. JT also tells him to start doing what Vincent wants and not what Cat wants. Vincent wants to save Xavier.


Tess finds out that Xavier is the next victim because she goes to work and does her job. I swear to god, I’m really not trying to be nit-picky but Cat and Mohinder need to go to work more. Anyways I’m being positive when I say that I like that even Tess is kind of not buying this whole less beast tactic in catching Sam, but Cat is all Mohinder said this and Mohinder said that. I would like to know which one of these people thought it was cool to make Mohinder in charge of the Scooby gang, this makes him Fred but we all know that Velma and Daphne were really in charge and they are totes JT and Tess. Think about it kids, JT and Tess are the only ones who do all the work and Vincent is their drugged up helper, Vincent is Shaggy –never forget the gummy worms!

Vincent falls into Sam’s trap by going to Xavier’s apartment to try and save him from Vincent’s fate. I am very worried about this plot because I think it ends with the car accident that was predicted last week AND Cat almost runs Vincent down. She tells him to get in the car and then reams him out about messing up her legitimate police work. He points out that he wants to save Xavier. Then Cat finally gets her brains back (see, working makes you smarter) and puts it together that Sam wanted Vincent to go to Xavier’s just about the time that they are hit by a truck driven by Xavier.

Vincent and Cat are fine but there is a lot of sexual tension while they wait for the firefighters to get them out because there are too many people for Vincent to beast out. They bicker a little about whose fault it is that they are in this position. Gabe Mohinder calls and gives them an address for where Sam is. JT tells them that it’s across the street from a CIA facility. Mohinder is hung-up on and rendered useless –it is joyous. Cat and Vincent get out of the car with a tiny bit of beast power and go off to save the world from Sam.


At the CIA:

  • Sam guides Xavier go to the level 22 server room which has no oxygen, apparently this is not a problem for beasts, Xavier is skeptical.
  • Cat and Vincent also arrive at the installation. Cat tries to persuade Vincent NOT to go after Xavier but Vincent tells her he has to save him for him not to impress her.
  • Cat goes after Sam.
  • Vincent finds Xavier unconscious because apparently beasts need oxygen. He is also wired with C4.
  • Vincent leaves the bomb but saves Xavier.
  • Sam detonates the bomb and Cat beats him up. She tells him if Vincent is dead he is dead and chains him to the radiator.
  • Sam takes out a vial of something in his briefcase and smiles. Sam really is the smartest guy in the room –GO SHADES!
  • Cat finds Vincent trying to save Xavier as Cat looks on. Xavier BREATHS! Cat hugs Vincent as Mohinder looks forlornly on and then I shout at my TV, “whose smug now, FOOL!” I’m not going to lie I rewound it to watch the look on Mohinder’s pretty face and the look that Tess gives Mohinder which is pure fucking pity!

Mohinder and Cat bring Sam into interrogation and he is so fucking glib it’s BEAUTIFUL because poor Mohinder doesn’t even know what to do with it. Cat is a little worried about the glibness, Mohinder though is all I’m the smartest guy in the room, Sam’s going to jail. In jail Sam pukes up the mysterious vial and smiles his adorable glib smile –SHADES FTW!

Outside of the interrogation room, Cat apologizes for hugging Vincent and its all kinds of creepy and uncomfortable (Cat and I are going to have a little sit down one of these days about feminism and co-dependency). He demands she tell him how she stands. She says she is with Mohinder. He then demands she go tell Vincent that.


JT gives Vincent a pep talk about saving Xavier and some gummy worms! I bet you a hundred pennies that the BATB fandom –hey gang!—are going to send gummy worms by the ton to The CW to save the show from cancellation! Vincent also cured Xavier from his beastliness –VINCENT WINS TOO!

At the houseboat of all-that-is-lost, Cat shows up just as Vincent is getting ready to eat the saddest TV dinner with a beer. She tells him they can’t be friends because she is with Mohinder but she is lying and Vincent knows it, so he throws out the dinner and they kiss. Then she backs away but then goes in for more kisses and one thing leads to another and she is cheating on smug-as-fuck-Gabe Mohinder and I for one am happy with the end of this episode –I know I need to be more patient in the beginning as they tend to get better. [Now that The Voice is back, I will never watch this show again, but I will continue to make assy comments. -M]

Next time Beasties, Mohinder tells Vincent to stay away from Cat and Vincent is all dude, “what you gonna do!’


  1. I should not have read this while eating my lunch cause I almost choked from laughing out loud, seriously you crack me up! LOVED the review #batb

    • I’m super excited you find me funny but I don’t want you to choke, next week the post will be out at 11 as usual (this week I had to cover Oscar fashion) hopefully this won’t coincide with your lunch!

      Thanks Kristen for reading, tweeting, and commenting!!!

  2. You can love Shades all you want…I’m also voting a big yes to JR’s abs and Gummi Worms! Thanks again for the great review! <3

    • Hey Pat,

      Tom Everett Scott is a lovely actor AND he makes Mohinder look like a fool which makes it insanely hard to dislike Sam!!!

      🙂 Katie

  3. OMG ! You made me laugh so hard ! Brilliant review of a greay #BatB episode #CatchMe

  4. A gummyworm campaign sounds a lot better than the ongoing rosecampaign. I would deifinately join the gummyworm campaign, should it ever surface:)

    Love your recap, it’s hilarious!

    • Hey Irene,

      I just read about the rose campaign and think that gummi bears are far superior because the execs get CANDY –who doesn’t love candy!

      Thanks you for reading and commenting –I am very excited that you are from Sweden because so many of my favorite things are from there like, Robyn, Jens Lekman and all of the Skarsgards (so many Skarsgards) 🙂

  5. I laughed so hard I had tears. The Houseboat of all-is-lost ROTF Mohinder *gafaws* Shades is the smartest one isn’t he. This ep sure outlined a lot of ‘Mohinder’s’ weaknesses which are a lot insecure, needy – yes please sit down with Cat and talk to her about co-dependency real soon, looks like she may be at it again next ep. GRR 😀 I love your reviews, the humour alone is worth every word 😀

  6. Cat always has her brain when she is with Vincent. It’s one of the things I like about their relationship. They talk, discuss … etc, spoken as equals, not as if Cat were at a lower level as happens with Gabe.
    Even in the worst moments of Vincent, Cat could argue with him.
    Great review!

    • Hey Carmen,

      I’m not sure why Cat thinks that Mohinder is so great and smart. Vincent definitely respects Cat more.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!!!

  7. I love reading these reviews.Tears rolling down my face and snorting with laughter #BatB

  8. Another great review, you have such a way with words. Love that you are back to the old format.

    • Hey Serena,

      I’m glad you enjoyed it. It was fun going back to the old format. I got to whine more 🙂

      Thanks for commenting and reading!!!

  9. Katy, you’re back in fine form this week; I hope you’ve recovered from the Olympics – Canada rules Hockey & Curling, just not Ice Dancing :(.

    I agree, what the heck has happened to Cat this year – its not Who AM I but Where is she? Remember in season 1 when Vincent told her to stay away from Mohinder (that he was suspicious of him) and she got in his face and screamed “you can’t tell me who I can/cannot see?” Then she went on to invite Mohinder to her family’s celebration for her Mother – she made her own decisions, and she was never a lap dog with Vincent. I’m thinking she’s a clone or been secretly brainwashed by Daddy Dearest – maybe that would explain it.

    However Cat 2.0 this year both in her relationship with Vincent and Mohinder is a simpering, clinging girl – when she found Vincent it was remember me, remember me, I’m you’re epic love. With Mohinder it is even worse, she doesn’t even bat an eyelash when he tells her to cut Vincent out of her life completely (he’s done this several times) and not once has she reacted just “you’re right” – are you kidding me? I beg the writers to bring back the ass kicking Cat 1.0 from season 1 – she was a force to be reckoned with. She didn’t worry about colouring inside the lines like Cat 2.0, but now she just pants after Mohinder and does what ever he tells her. She doesn’t speak up when he is condescending to Vincent and then when she apologized for the hug – Oh pleasse serious regurgitation happening. Never mind their supposed chemistry – their kisses and clinches are awkward and uncomfortable – then you compare to the final scene “FIRE”!

    As usual best one liners go to the awesome JT (Austin Basis) who seems to be the only cast member interacting with fans this year. So glad that the bromance is back in force, sadly the same can’t be said for Tess & Cat. Wish Vincent would move back into the Gentlemen’s club with JT.

    Onto Tess 2.0, she has also been reduced to a Mohinder cheerleader and doesn’t offer much beyond – what a waste as Nina is a fantastic actress and the character is a shadow of her former self. Seems the writers really do not understand how to show strong independent women – they did last year, but this year there’s not one female character that I see as a strong character whether its Cat, Tess, or Dana.

    I hope that the preview for ep 16 is misleading and she’s not going to go running back to Mohinder like a little “scaredicat” claiming this was an oopss, “but I really want to be with you Mohinder”. The barf-o-meter will ring off the charts if this happens.

    I love this show, but I’m not always getting it – especially the female characters this year. I don’t know how much of this is BK or CW or what – can’t understand it but I hope the Jennifer & Sherry are ready to course correct for ep 16 and beyond.

    Its time to give Mohinder his own show as he’s “3 is a crowd” on BATB and he serves no useful purpose and his screen time takes away from the Fab 4.

    • Hey Jennifer,

      Go team Canada! I actually route for Sidney Crosby as he is a Pittsburgh Penguin 🙂

      I am hoping that Mohinder goes back to Heroes.

      Tess and Cat are very weak this year and it SUCKS!

      Thanks as always for reading and the after episode discussion!!!

  10. Loved the review. So funny as usual. You’re so right about mohinder. I can’t bear to watch him with cat. Jennifer, totally agree with your comments about Tess and cat. They’re completely unrecognisable from season 1. I for one would like to see them going back to solving cases together with Vincent and JT helping them. It worked in season 1 , and, if you have a winning formula, why change it.

    • Hey Anna,

      You are absolutely right the procedural format worked so much better for this show. I wish they would go back to it. I had so much fun trying to figure out the cases while recapping.

      Thanks for commenting 🙂

  11. Is it usual for a series to have different writers like this.

    • Hey Kathy,

      This is two part answer to your question and I hope I don’t get to nerdy aka pretentious because this is something that I’m actually really interested in and in those situations I tend to write more than I should –so apologies in advance for me being wind-baggy.

      1) Most shows have lots of writers who work in a writers room that is overseen by a showrunner. The showrunner sets the direction of the show and character development. They also write episodes and are billed as the executive producer (though shows often have lot’s of executive producers they usually only have one or two execs who are the showrunners, Game of Thrones has two and Scandal has one, Shonda Rhimes who is famous as a showrunner). BATB was developed by Sherri Cooper-Landsman and Jennifer Levin (who are billed as developers and executive producers but it’s not apparent how much say they have in the day-to-day) and it was created or brought to TV by Ron Koslov (again he is still there and still being billed but most likely is not over-seeing the day-to-day operations). The current showrunner is Brad Kern and this brings me to number 2.

      2) BATB is not usual in the fact that they switched showrunners after the first season, they went from a very weird situation where developers Sherri Cooper-Landsman and Jennifer Levin were co-showrunners with former Smallville showrunners Brian Peterson and Kelly Souders which was most likely a network decision. After season 1 the network decided to shake things up even further and Sherri Cooper-Landsman and Jennifer Levin are co-showrunning with Brad Kern. Reports are unspecific on how much of the day-to-day Cooper-Landsman and Levin have control over but I think it’s highly likely not that much since there has been such a shift in continuity over the course of the second season something that would be avoided with consistent showrunners. I also find it highly like Brad Kern is running most if not all of the show because the writing for the female characters has gone from mostly badass cops to occasionally badass cops with a side of whiney-girl trope mixed in with the damsel-in-distress trope.

      I hope that answered your question and wasn’t too boring 🙂

      Thanks for reading and commenting!!!

  12. Yay Mohinder is back ~ thanks Katie! The only way to diminish his unbearableness is to throw shade at him ~ the more the merrier! I’ve been hoping Heroes would take him back too! Do you think he will turn into a Beast again?
    Funny you should refer to Vincent as Shaggy ~ after the ep I was calling the boathouse of sadness the loveboat ~ but now I’m thinking Shagboat? Sure was rocking ~ about blooming time!! 2 minutes of heaven went a long way into making up for ridiculous amounts of GaG aka Mohinder time! ;o)

    • It’s crazy how a little VinCat make-out action can change a lot of my opinion on the show. Actually it was the look on Mohinder’s face when Cat and Vincent hugged, it’s as if there were tiny violins playing is swan song bake to Heroes. Even Tess was like “sorry dude.”

      I have a feeling that next week will annoy me but I have high hopes, Vincent will have gotten his mojo back and won’t let Cat backslide into boringtown AGAIN.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!!!

    • Mohinder should not come a knockin when the Shagboat’s a rockin…

      I think the perfect ending for season 2 would be that Cat injects Gabe with beast serum to save Vincent – the perfect irony, considering Cat had to turn Vincent back into a beast in order to save him from Beastie Mohinder.

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