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Previously on BATB, Cat and Vincent took their therapists advice to work separately and managed to take done BOTH Bob and Carol but unfortunately discovered they are fighting a more devastating foe.


This week we open with Heather taking Cat and Vincent to yet another church/wedding venue. Cat is hesitant to pick a venue because she is worried about the big bad who is after Vincent. Vincent thinks she is really worried about getting married. Cat is also avoiding her mother’s side of the family who have come to town for her shower. Vincent is also worried about how his family will react now that he is back from the dead –oh Vincent.

JT surprises Vincent with three cousins at the gentlemen’s club. Apparently Cat and JT worked together to through Vincent a bachelor party. His nephew could not attend because he is overseas (I am so pleased that the show remembered Vincent’s nephew from last season).

Cat has gone to the precinct to avoid her aunts. Tess gives her a hard time but I really want Cat to give Tess a hard time for dressing like she is 70 (it’s so bad it makes me want to cry). Cat desperately wants to go over to Bob and Carol’s place to see if they missed something. Heather calls to complain about being ditched but Tess buys Cat an hour –AN HOUR!


Vincent and JT are playing darts with the family. Vincent is sad that his brothers are dead. He also doesn’t know how to connect with his family so he does what any of us would do decides to get hammered. Vincent and JT reminisce about family softball games but his cousin doesn’t seem to remember the good old times (dollars to doughnuts kids his cousins are shadowy government stooges). Just as he and JT are getting back to their reverie in walks a police woman/stripper –I should mention that all of this is happening during the day. In the middle of V’s striptease he hears gun shots.

Vincent immediately goes out to save the day, followed closely by JT and the fam.  A man is shooting at a hot-dog vendor from a balcony (THE FUCK). The guy jumps from one balcony to another and we immediately know he is SUPED UP (REALLY???). Vincent goes after him and fights him basically exposing himself to an entire street full of people and his vaguely shady family (REALLY???) . At some point in the melee cousin Hank was shot (loon on the balcony shot at the hot-dog cart like 20 times so at least one person had to be hit).

At the hospital Vincent is looking super dreamy in scrubs, Cat looks badass in her cute leather coat, and Tess looks 80 (her hair is put up in a bun with one of those plastic/metal clips that were so popular in the 90s). Vincent informs them that the shooter appeared as if he was getting better not worse and that JT was going to test his blood. Cat is concerned that the incident happened so close to their neighborhood –someone is using her spidey sense. Tess and Vincent accuse her of avoiding her family. She informs them that Bob and Carol’s house was cleaned out professionally.


At JT’s hospital lab (Vincent got JT a lab???) he informs the Scooby gang that the shooters blood is now normal. He also didn’t contract his abilities from a serum but rather from a parasite he had to come into contact with a few days before. Vincent theorizes that a parasite would be easier to spread than a serum. They form a plan for Tess to trace the shooters last few days, JT to continue to work on the blood, Vincent to go hangout with Hank, and Cat to finally go home to be with her aunts.

Cat tries to hide from her family out in the hall but Heather forces her to come in. One of her aunts falls over because Cat looks so much like her mom (this was meant to be moving but the way that women fell was hilarious). The aunts kill all of the joy by reminding both women of their dead mother and how it must be sad that she isn’t there.

Vincent goes to see Hank and apologizes for being out of touch. Hank immediately goes into a spiel about how their grandfather never thought his side of the family would amount to much and more importantly the Vincent side were nothing but a bunch of martyrs. At one point I think he says his son will now be proud of him for being a hero (I guess cause he got shot). Sometimes I find the amount of plot this show puts in one episode to be completely ridiculous. Vincent get’s called away because of an emergency in the ER.


Back at Cat’s she and her aunts are going through the photo albums. Things get awkward when they bring up Cat’s adopted father. Heather offers them tea and then WINE. Cat gets a call from Vincent informing her that the outbreak that JT had earlier theorized has come true (AND NOW AN OUTBREAK –seriously show we are only 20 minutes in and five were commercials).

I guess time has passed because both Cat and Tess have changed clothes (THERE IS A BEAST OUTBREAK LADIES –Tess looks better but it’s still bad). Tess is looking for patient zero and is thankful her superiors and the public think it’s a new street drug afflicting people (this made me laugh). Tess thinks that Cat may have initially been right and that it is someone trying to flush out Vincent. Cat though has doubts cause it’ so many people and it seems very risky. She then goes on a rant about her mom and that everything is her fault.

At his hospital lab JT informs Vincent that the victims have been afflicted with proto-beast DNA. Vincent tells Cat who whines that she thought they were done fighting beasts (super-humans, super-beasts, po-tay-toe, po-ta-toe, let’s call the whole thing off). They decide that the person they need to talk to is Reynolds Cat’s bio-dad –whom as you all remember I hate more than I hated Mohinder (ALSO he is in the trailer for Suicide Squad).


At the prison Reynolds (is his name Bob?) congratulates the two on their engagement (awww). He is super shocked that someone is using proto-beast DNA to experiment on civilians. All of the people he knows that could do that are dead –including Cat’s mom. Cat who is hella surly about her mom blames her and Reynolds for this mess. Reynolds reminds her that he gave her a box of her mom’s stuff and that she should look in it for answers. AND Cat is still calling him dad, which really is so weird and forced, she only met him last year and he was never in her life (at least Maddie on Nashville KNEW Deacon her whole life). Man for some reason tonight’s episode is making me very stabby, I blame bio-dad he is THE WORST.

Reynolds does inform them that Vincent can track the outbreak to its source because the DNA is in his blood. Vincent sends a very nervy Cat to her shower and he goes to JT so they can track the blood. I gave Cat a hard time last week about jumping to conclusions (and she was right all along) this week she is on point, people should not have to go to a bridal shower during a super-beast outbreak. In fact if I were a citizen of NYC I would be super pissed that one of the only four people to know whats really going on went to eat cake and play shower games while people were turning into beasts. Is it too much to ask that this show take the lives of the denizens of NYC seriously.


Wait Tess is also at the shower! WHO IS SAVING NYC! Also both Cat and Tess have changed clothes again (Tess again looks better but not great). Heather gives a moving toast and then Cat goes on a rant about how much she can’t forgive her mother. Tess and I try to stop her (Tess by sternly saying her name and me by rolling my eyes). Cat runs off and makes Heather cry –FOR SHAME CAT FOR SHAME. And I just want to point this out but the heart of the beast outbreak is Cat’s neighborhood and there are 25-30 people at her shower (REALLY???). I am really blowing that whole NOT thinking too much about the plot thing. Maybe I am upset about how bad Tess is dressed.

Tess and Cat meet up for coffee the next morning. They have a heart-to-heart about the night before. Tess makes Cat cry. I guess the outbreak isn’t too serious.

At the hospital Vincent and JT calmly talk about the proto-beast DNA and how JT had it to which makes them blood brothers (ADORBS). They notice that Hank is leaving the hospital. Turns out Hank is not a shady government stodge but merely an asshat politician who wanted Vincent to endorse him (BORING).

At the precinct Cat and Tess work out (through solid detection) that 50% of the victims (in which there are about 12 so it was a small outbreak so maybe NYC wasn’t in that rough of shape just hot-dog carts and Hank) had a package delivered to them by a messaging service. The ladies are stumped on how to find said messenger until Vincent arrives and says he can track the BLOOD –GO VINCENT.


They track the messenger but he gives chase when he sees Cats badge. They finally get him on the top of a parking garage. Vincent tries to explain to him that he has been infected with someone. He realizes that they are the people he was told about by the dudes who gave him the drugs. He immediately informs them that he is recording them with a camera on his helmet. Vincent tells him the stuff they gave him can kill him but he says that he can fly and jumps off the roof to his death.

At the gentlemen’s club the Scooby gang get drunk. JT points out that they at least stopped the outbreak. Only to have Cat point out they have targets on there back. JT says they should all go to Tahiti. Cat leaves to go talk to Heather and Vincent stays with Tess and JT whom he calls his real family (awww).

Cat goes through the box bio-dad gave to her and finds a tape from her mom. In it her mom says she should find happiness and not just save the world. Cat and Heather hug it out.

Cat has Vincent meet her in the church they saw in the beginning of the show. Cat says she understands her mom now and that she misses her. As the two are embracing someone throws smoke grenades into the church and then in walks a NEW SUPER BEAST!


Next week kids it Niagara Falls with the SUPER BEAST!


  1. I can see where you were trying to go with this recap – I even agree with a few of your points.

    But a ‘snarky’ style only works if it’s done cleverly, not cruelly (it also helps if it’s not full of spelling/grammatical errors, and run-on sentences).

    Most of your recaps intentionally come close to the edge, but still manage to evoke a smile or two and acknowledge genuine emotion. This one just comes across as nasty.

    Come on guys, you can do better than this.

    • Hey Julie/Judache,

      As always thank you for reading and commenting.

      Here is some information on how the recaps are written and why sometimes they are more snarky than other times and why sometimes there are “spelling/grammatical errors, and run-on sentences.” I write the recaps in real time and try and edit during commercial breaks and then Melissa edits the next morning. She and I both have full-time jobs so sometimes the editing gets put on the back burner so that the post can go out Friday afternoon. I do employ the use of a DVR but I find that people like the recaps better if I write them as if I’m talking to a person in the room as the episode unfolds. This style of writing does unfortunately feature quite a lot of run-on sentences. I also try to be as honest of how I am feeling about the episode in the writing as I can be –as with all shows some episodes are better than others and as I am human sometimes I like certain episodes better. Most weeks this makes the recap both funny and also have heart (though that would depend on how I am feeling about it as it happens).

      I did not have cruel thoughts last night against any character or the show. I’m sorry that you found the recap cruel that was not my intention. I did try several times during the recap to relate that it might be harsher than usual (though not nearly as harsh as I was last season) because that was how I was feeling and may not be the episode. Though I stand by the fact that last nights episode had way too much plot and might of benefited from a script edit before filming. I also think that because it was so overstuffed that the ending didn’t play as emotional to me as it should of.

      Well see this is a very long explanation for me to simply say that I can’t really do better than this. Part of the charm of the recaps is that I am as sincere as I can be while watching the show. This is in fact how I was feeling last night while watching Chasing Ghosts. As for the quality Melissa took the day off to spend with her husband and didn’t have time to edit. I did read through it and spell checked it but I’m dyslexic and miss a lot.

      I of course would like you to continue reading but only if you enjoy it. Again thank you for commenting and I apologize for the length in response, I did not realize I had so many feelings.

      • I love your reviews. Sorry to have missed them I only found this one recently. I really hope you will continue because you see clearly so many things that I rage about in this show that I love so much. Somehow it is soothing. I have found only your reviews of 301, 305 and 306 so far. Please continue.

        I laughed when I read you potato comment about proto-beasts, super-humans, super-beasts, parasites, etc. They are making being merely a beast seem quite normal and boring. However, normal and boring is not something Jay can do ,so all these add-on beast types are unnecessary.

        I am so glad you dare to criticize Bob, he seems sacrosanct. Not only was the actor unbelievably boring in his portray, Bob was also patronizing and slimy almost to the point I couldn’t watch his scenes. I also felt nauseous every time Cath called him ‘Dad’ so pathetically. Do you really call someone you have arrested that?

        The famous sob scene that everyone loved so much was completely destroyed by someone unfeelingly plastering it with angel choir music. It became just creepy.

        Thanks, your writing is creative and insightful, a little snark in the right places is just educational!

  2. I think that the guy who threw the grenades is also the guy who shot and killed cats mother

  3. Thanks!! I laughed so hard with Tess and her outfits!! I love BATB but that doesn’t mean I like all eps or seasons the same. So you don’t have to apologize, that’s the way you saw this ep and its fine. Your reviews are funny, please keep doing them.

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