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Previously on BatB, MOHINDER KILLED PEOPLE! I’m not happy he killed people I’m just happy everyone knows he is evil.


Cat almost kicks the shit out of V because he sneaks up on her watching a bird. These two are so cute. –In other NEWS I’m in a good mood because I watched True Blood last night and it was boring crap, you can say a lot about BatB but it is never boring.– Their adorableness is broken up by Tess who informs them that the cop guarding Jack was tranqued and he is missing (AKA Mohinder killed him). The Scooby gang decides VinCat should go track down the witness and that Tess needs to bring Mohinder in for questioning. WHERE IS JT? –Good mood obliterated by the fear of another JT-free episode.

At the safe house Vincent is able to “track” that Mohinder killed Jack and that Jack scratched his hand so they should be able to find his body but Cat is worried about the bounty on Vincent.

Tess brings in Mohinder who has completely lost his marbles. Mo tries to say that Vincent is setting him up. Can’t the NYPD connect Mohinder to Jack by the scratches on his hand (they do that shit all the time on CSI, the NYPD needs to hire William Peterson and/or Marge Helgenberger)? I think the Captain might believe Mo –the captain is kind of an idiot right?!?!

VinCat track Gabe to a public place and of course Vincent is spotted –RUH ROH! They go to the FBI (I’m just going to go with it because Knox acts like it is rightfully insane) and talk to Agent Knox Mohinder and protection for V. Agent Knox puts the couple in witness protection (Agent Knox is totally team VinCat). The two tell JT (THANK GOD!!!) and Tess they are going into witness protection. When asked the couple can’t tell them the exact location but are able to say it’s in suburbia. JT says they are going to be bored. [Yes because ALL THE STORIES somehow revolve around VinCat. Maybe Tess and JT will join a local adult baseball team or vacation in the Carribean. -M] He and Tess promise to find the body so that they can bring Mohinder down and bring VinCat home. [NO! GO ON VACATION! These people are just making your life super stressful. How many times have you almost died? -M]

Mohinder interrogates the witness who spotted Vincent and finds out the VinCat are together. He also breaks into her apartment (psycho). He questions her neighbor who lets him know that Cat will be out-of-town for a couple of weeks.


In the suburbs our adorable pair go to their new home–it is fucking huge but one of those new Craftsman which I like a lot. [Ohhh if I had a brand new house I would want one of those. -M] Cat is confused by the friendly neighbors and very wary of being out of NYC. Vincent loves the suburbs (loves the food)  but Cat hates the quiet. Tim Vincent tells her to stop looking at crime reports because Veronica is not a cop, she is a mystery novelist; he also teases her about her LOVE of trouble.

JT and Tess are having issues tracking Mohinder and the body. Tess tells him “to be less Robin and more Batman” & it’s so adorable I might die. Once Tess gives him her pep talk JT realizes they can track Mohinder with cellphone towers. He gives her a kiss in gratitude –I squee.

Tim Vaughn is unloading the back of his crossover SUV when he runs into one of the NEW neighbors who helps him carry in some of the couples plants and boxes. Veronica and Tim (incidentally I’m calling them TimVer) chat with Frank, when his wife just walks in and they are both weird. [I don’t trust this Frank. -M]

Back at the gentleman’s club, JT has a configured a cellphone roadmap of Mo’s movements. They track Mo to the dungeon which he helpfully reminds both Tess and me has a crematorium. They both mention how sick and twisted Mo is.

In suburbia, Tim is starting to freak out that they have been caught because a cop keeps driving by. Veronica tells him to do the dishes–TimVer are so domesticated. The cop goes to Frank’s backyard and then there are gunshots. All of the neighbors run out into the street but TimVer (who BOTH love trouble) run to see who was shot and it’s FRANK. Bye Frank, we hardly new ye. The wife yells at the cop for killing her husband –so much for quiet suburbia. [I told you Frank was bad news. -M]


Veronica is glued to the window as any good mystery novelist would be, which she points out to Tim who is so worried about blowing their cover –doesn’t he realized how juicy this all is??!! Veronica decides she has QUESTIONS that need to be answered. She tries to eavesdrop on the conversation between the detective and the cop who shot Frank and starts interjecting questions. Vincent Tim pulls her inside as the detective starts to get annoyed and kind of does a double take of his face. Cat Veronica gives him a speech about justice blah blah blah and takes the keys. Can I for one say that I would TOTALLY enjoy the shit out of this show as a Desperate Housewives/Murder She Wrote/Sci-fi procedural. This might be my favorite episode all season, it’s low on Gabe, heavy on the comedy, and NOT BORING –HUZZAH! [I am kind of sad I missed this one. -M]

The NYC branch of the Scooby gang go to the dungeon to search for leftover bones and just as they find one, Mohinder pulls a weapon on them and demands to know where Vincent is –RUH ROH! Mohinder is so fucking deranged it’s hilarious. Mohinder threatens to expose them all. Tess lowers her weapon and lets him go. JT and I are miffed. [She should have shot him in the leg or something. -M]

TimVer are also off the rails but in a hilarious way. Veronica goes to talk to the cop who killed Frank and after a one-sided discussion with his fish, Tim goes over to Frank’s hoouse, rings the doorbell and asks the wife if she had her husband killed. I must say, she doesn’t look that sad Frank is dead. When Frank’s wife answered him, Tim realizes she is lying. While in the cop who killed Franks car, Veronica puts it all together that the cop was in on it. The two of them struggle for control of the car, when they finally wreck. Cat has escaped the car and watches for the killer cop to leave. When he goes after her she doubles back to the patrol car and manages to get the shotgun out of the trunk while the guy shoots at her. Just as she is about to take the dude down Vincent knocks him out. They have a cute moment when she realizes he believed her and went after the wife and then they realize they blew their cover and will have to go home.

JT is sulking when Tess comes in and tells him that Vincent is home and that it was hot the way JT stood up to Mo with a gun. The other cute couple on this show are walking around the streets of NYC and Vincent tells Cat that wherever they end up he knows she will always have to kickass –it’s too cute. Such a good episode KIDS! [It would have been better had someone killed Mohinder but I guess they’re saving that for the season’s endgame. Do you think Cat is ever, “I totally fucked that incredibly psycho guy; I’m so ashamed” ?? -M]


Nope, it never get’s old.

Next week Vincent turns himself in and Mohinder taunts Cat that he is being dissected –Mohinder is so fucking nuts, can’t somebody kill him already. [ISN’T THIS SEASON OVER ALREADY? Katie is recapping two shows a week, which is so hard. She is a saint. -M]


  1. Loved your review! Awesome! And love the Timver! Hahaha lol

  2. I appreciate you using their cover names cause for a second there I was wondering who him TimVer were 😉

    Yup. I enjoyed this ep too! Low on and Gabe was definitely and plus and lots of JT&T moments in it’s place was great too.

  3. J’aime cette serie vincat sonr magnifique

  4. Fab review as always, loving TimVer!!!!

    • Hey Kristen,

      I’m super pleased everyone thought TimVer was funny, every time I typed it it made me giggle.

      As always thanks for reading, commenting, and retweeting 🙂

  5. I really enjoyed reading your review, I thought this ep was lovely with the right amount of cute throw in. Totally agree with you on the “Why did Tess not shot Gabe when she had the chance?” thing. IMO she should have shot him & tossed him into the crematorium. Gabe problem solved & VinCat can come back to NYC in peace

    • Hey Serena,

      Thank you so much for reading! They could have totally killed Gabe and gotten away with it.

      Thank you so much for commenting 🙂

  6. TimVer is such an appropriate ship name since that tree totally fell 😛 Wasn’t suburbia adorable – Desperate Housewives/Murder She Wrote – sounds like a spin off 😛 lol Hey M, if you want to catch up on the ep The CW has this link…….. 😉 haha

    • Hey Monique,

      FINALLY someone mentioned that it sounded like Timber…I was really trying to add in lumber/forest/logger puns but none came to me.

      As always thanks for your comment!!!

  7. Timver is cute..but Mohinder totally cracked me up….nice review btw—

  8. Great recap! Love that you appreciate the small/cute stuff/ humor between TimVer (LOL) and JTnT! This episode is growing on me the more I watch it!

    • Hey Kris,

      I am quite partial to the cute stuff and less enamored by the stuff that strains logic, this week’s episode was fantastic in that the mystery elements made total sense (GO JT AND THE CELLPHONE TOWERS) and the cute stuff was in abundance and adorable.

      Thank you so much for reading and commenting!!!

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