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Previously on BATB, Cat tried to take some time for herself by hanging out with high school friends and going to her reunion which was totally ruined by an old Army buddy of Vincent’s.

SHIRTLESS JAY RYAN –YOWZA! Sorry. Vincent is sleeping and has memory dreams of him and Cat. He goes to Cat’s and finds her beating the shit out of a punching dummy (I WANT ONE), he gives her fighting tips and has her use him as the dummy which is kind of hot. She is trying to work out her aggression for creepy bio-dad whom she basically calls a lurker. After she kicks him in the face Vincent goes in for a smooch and tells her about all his memories from the night before, it’s adorbs! Vincent has more news! He only has two more missions and then he is free to take Cat on a weekend getaway. [To where? I’ll bet this is never going to happen because it sounds so ridiculous. -M] Cat points out that it means he has to kill two people and that as a cop that kind of sucks. Vincent says he has more remorse about this then he had before and they are both super excited that he is getting some humanity back. He also tells her that she needs to deal with creepy bio-dad before they can go away.

Back at the precinct Mohinder tells Tess that Vincent only has two more missions and that he is concerned that Vincent is one of those missions. Tess teases him about his crush but does say he is honorable in wanting to save Vincent even though he loves Cat (I am completely done with this love triangle and it hasn’t even started). Anyway it looks like JT is not in this episode because he is at a retreat. Tess is tasked with going through both JT’s and Mohinder’s research on Muirfield to find Vincent’s handler so they can save his life when the time comes. I love Tess but if BATB wanted to save money by having someone sit out an episode she makes more sense than JT who could probably find out Vincent’s handler in like two hours.

Vincent receives his second to last mission from Condor AKA Cat’s creepy bio-dad (I FORGOT HIS NAME WAS CONDOR). [OMG Condor is better than anything we could have come up with! -M] His mission is to take out a dude who is rich like Donald Trump and who is super protective over his daughter (me-thinks this girl might be the she-beast the producers teased us with over the summer). Just as Condor has confirmed that this is indeed Vincent’s second to last mission Cat walks in to talk to him.

Cat drops the bombshell on bio-dad by calling him Dad and then leaves. Condor does not look cool anymore.

At the Windsor’s (that is the rich families name) the daughter sneaks out on to her balcony which allows Vincent to slip into their apartment. He is met with the super big beast-daddy who fights Vincent. Vincent kidnaps the daughter.

At a coffee house Cat and Condor have a chit-chat about her life. She asks him why he didn’t tell her he was her father. He gives her what I’m thinking is a somewhat truthful account of a love affair gone bad with her mother. That when they broke up they didn’t know she was pregnant and by the time they found out she was already with Thomas who had agreed to adopt the baby. Cat asked him about Muirfield and he told her two things that they killed her mother and that he has had nothing to do with them which we know is a big fat lie. Just as he finishes answering Cat’s questions she gets a 9-1-1 from Gabe to go TO WORK (I’m beginning to worry about her career). She and Condor look at the TV and see that Windsor’s daughter has been kidnapped. Condor tells Cat that he is the only one who can fill in the blanks she is looking for and that hopefully he can keep her from making the same mistake her mother made in loving him. Cat and I both are like, dude you are CREEPY!

Anywho, he gets a call from Vincent who tells him of his tale of woe. Condor tells Vincent he needs to get the girl out of the houseboat. Vincent is all like, how will you get in touch with me but Condor just creepily stares at Cat and is all I have my ways.

Back at the precinct, Mohinder is totally convinced Windsor is a beast. He and Tess tell Cat that his name came up when they were trying to figure out Vincent’s handler. Mohinder gently asks Cat if Vincent is on a mission but good old Tess is blunter in her “Vincent TOTALLY kidnapped Tori (Windsor’s daughter)”.

Cat goes to the houseboat of MANLINESS (which must be said with your best old man voice) and breaks in because she has ZERO boundaries. She finds Tori’s bracelet. While she is still inside, Windsor and his posse of bodyguards descend on the houseboat. She manages to escape into the water and overhears Windsor threaten Vincent’s life. Okay fellow CW fans is that the dad from One Tree Hill playing Windsor because I hate that guy. [OTH alum are popping all over the place, one dude was on Hart of Dixie. We can only hope Tristan shows up on BATB soon. -M]


I just can’t tell if it’s the dude from One Tree Hill. If it is he has gotten kind of pudgy.

Cat –totally dry BTW—is back at the precinct telling Tess her tale of woe (so many tales of woe this episode). Tess thinks Vincent took Tori for leverage but Cat defends Vincent saying he took her to protect her; Tess who I am starting to think is totally on TEAM MOHINDER kind of rolls her eyes. [She is probably secretly sleeping with him, knowing he loves Cat, because Tess makes bad decisions. -M] Then Cat gets defensive because, well, even I got defensive and I am just sitting here in my living room with no real stakes in the matter but I am FIRMLY ON TEAM JAY RYAN VINCENT. Mohinder calls them into his office and is all like, hey guys we should try to kill this guy and then bring him back life hopefully beast free. Cat thinks it might work, Tess makes fun of him –there’s my girl. Cat sets off to find Vincent.

In the forest where Vincent is keeping Tori, Vincent and Tori discuss her dad. She says that her dad is protecting her but Vincent counters that he is caging her. He also tells her that her father uses his beastness to kill people for wealth and power. Vincent lets Tori go and pulls a tracking device out of her arm. She asks him why he didn’t remove it earlier but he says that it’s because he wants her father to find them so that he can kill him. Now see I think the father has become paranoid because he knows that Tori is an uber beast!

Cat goes to Windsor’s apartment and who does she meet but Condor her always around bio-dad. They go in together and while Condor is yelling at Windsor Cat figures out that Vincent has Tori at Cedar Woods. She ditches bio-dad for the country.

Vincent and Tori have a heart-to-heart by a fire. She says her mother tried to warn her about her father. Vincent tells her that most of his kind live solitary lives but need a few people for support. Cat comes and is almost killed by Vincent’s homemade traps.

Back at the campsite, Windsor and his goons find the ruminants of the fire from earlier. [I cannot take these names seriously. It’s like they were from a CW name generator. -M]

Vincent and the ladies go to JT’s empty gentleman’s club. Poor Tori has basically battered women’s syndrome. Vincent wants a plan. Cat suggests trying to cure Windsor but Vincent is pretty incredulous, so is Tori.

Condor goes to see Mohinder about his concerns over Cat’s whereabouts. Condor is very sleezy.

Cat goes to Windsor and explains the plan to him. He refuses to give up his beastside but Cat tells him that’s fine but they will ruin him. He finally agrees so he goes with Cat to Gabe’s house of horror’s AKA JT’s empty gentleman’s club. Everything goes terribly wrong in that, Windsor beasts out before Gabe can kill him and tries to go after everyone in the room. Vincent also beasts out and tears Windsor’s heart out of his chest which basically puts the kibosh on saving him. I’m thinking that Vincent’s humanity isn’t really intact when he is a beast.


Weirdest transformation EVER!

The next morning Cat is getting coffee and guess who shows up –CONDOR! He buys her coffee and he creepily plants seeds of doubt in her mind about Vincent.

At the precinct Mohinder and Tess look concerned over Vincent’s humanity and if Mohinder can save him.

At the houseboat of MANILINESS, Cat and Vincent talk about his humanity and that he scared Cat. He is also worried about what triggered his rage and then we see Tori look at herself in the mirror as her eyes turn yellow.


That’s right I just ripped out a heart.

Next week the gang worries Vincent is that last target and have Thanksgiving at Condor’s (that is totally a good name for a bar). [Oooh it can be where Edith and her vicious circle hang out in Edith in the City. -M]

Gifs from batbnation and catherinechandler.

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