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Voice over of soul-mateitude…

Heart of Darkness

Getting drunk at a bar, Evan meets with the Muirfield dude from the Twilight franchise; he him that the monster is in the sewers where I guess Vincent is hiding out. Twilight (as his nickname will be from now on) gives Evan a panic button and Evan notices that there are dudes following him, so he punches a guy in the face –either as a diversion OR just cause the love of his life is in love with a rage-monster.

Back at Cat’s “casa of lurve,” Vincent is doing his laundry (this show would NEVER let Cat do Vincent’s laundry which makes me love it all the more). She asks him what’s been going on between him and JT since they are homeless –thanks Cat we are curious too! JT is staying at his office, showering at the gym and doing laundry at the dorms and Vincent is kind of staying at Cat’s unless stupid Heather is around (points to the show for not actually showing us Heather just referring to her). Just as Cat and Vincent are about to get busy, Tess shows up. Vincent apologizes and she says there square cause he saved their life, it’s cute.

Heart of Darkness

She and Cat go up to the roof for girl talk so that Vincent can actually finish his laundry. Cat and Tess first talk about sex then Cat maneuvers the conversation to Tess deciding whether or not she wants to be a part of “operation keep Vincent’s secret.” Tess doesn’t answer because she needs time to think just as she starts thinking (aka looking at camera pensively); Cat gets a call to pick Evan’s drunk ass up from the drunk-tank. Fun?!?

When Cat goes to the drunk-tank to pick up Evan he lays it all out for her. How he saw her kissing the monster. How he had to punch the guy because Muirfield was watching him. How he had to drag her down town so that she wouldn’t be near Vincent when Muirfield came and grabbed him. Cat freaks out and leaves poor Evan in the drunk-tank –fuck right she does, his love for her is now kind of creepy.

Vincent is bringing lab materials to his and JT’s underground lab when he hears Muirfield agents in the sewers. Twilight and the boys just miss Vincent.

Vincent and Cat meet in Central Park both taking care that they aren’t followed, Cat gives him the rundown about Evan. They both kind of hint at Evan’s creepiness, in fact Vincent brings up that Evan’s feelings for Cat made him send a death squad after him. Cat thinks she should talk to Evan but Vincent is all um dude is CREEPY, I should do it but in the end they decide that Cat talking to Evan would probably garner the best results.

Heart of Darkness

Cat goes looking for Evan in the morgue but finds Mohinder, “King of the Creeps” instead with a team searching it because Evan is late and he has questions about the vigilante (how is that legal? You show up late and some fucker is tearing apart your office!). Cat asks about a warrant (he says he wrote it himself uber shifty cause he is a TERRIBLE ACTOR. I imagine the director of this episode begging him to tone it down just a smidge, “like dude the audience knows you’re crooked and Cat should be suspicious but not KNOW you are crooked thanks to your stupid sneer!”). He tells her there is a mole in the precinct –and then manically laughs, okay he laughed with his eyes then twirled his imaginary mustache.

Vincent does the thing he promised Cat he wouldn’t do and goes to threaten Evan on a Subway train. They get in an argument about which one is better for Cat. So I’m not always a huge fan of Vincent but he totally won here because his argument was, Cat knows what Cat wants and Evan’s was all about Cat being wrong about Vincent and Evan being right about Vincent. Vincent is thinking about Cat as an individual who has her own wants and desires and Evan is thinking of Cat as an object he can obtain. In fact Vincent always thinks of Cat this way and usually thinks of her as someone who can fight for herself –even though he did disregard her wishes and go talk to Evan—usually Vincent understands that Cat makes up her own mind and Evan usually treats Cat as an object to be protected, therefore regardless of the whole soul mate shit that the show shoves down our throat Vincent wins as better boyfriend by virtue of not being a patriarchal motherfucker! END FEMINIST RANT! AND Evan totally pushes the panic button and has Vincent taken by Muirfield –Evan is a first class DOUCHE!

Heart of Darkness

JT comes to the station in a panic, Vincent is missing! Cat pulls him into the ladies locker room and Tess comes to because even though she has decided to be on the team she is TOTES on the Team. JT and Tess meat cute and then we are off to the races with Tess as non-geek squad back-up!

At Muirfield headquarters Evan is being forced to wait patiently in an all white waiting room for Twilight. He mocks the receptionist dude for having to ask to go to the bathroom and for not being qualified to know what’s going on. Receptionist dude proves he is a moron for going to the bathroom and instead of waiting for another Muirfiled stooge to come watch Evan, just tells him not to go anywhere. Evan OF COURSE steals dudes access card and goes snooping in the records room and finds a file on Cat’s mom, something in it spooks him cause his eyes get big and the music says revelation!

Outside of the building our crack team forms a plan, which includes JT using C4 and Cat using an old voice mail from Claire to get into the building. Also Tess called JT, TJ! Cat gets into the building because now that Tess is on our team we are golden.

Evan also finds Vincent in a cage and looks sad like he is internalizing that he is a fucked up dude. Poor sad Evan, I’m only saying this cause he’s hot and has been forced to spend this episode looking like a drunk but then I remember he is a motherfucker and hope Twilight kills him.

Heart of Darkness

Evan watches as Twilight taunts Vincent. When Twilight gets word of the security breach, Evan goes in and has a heart to heart with Vincent. He finds out that Vincent and JT are BFFs and that Vincent was a soldier not a lab experiment. Evan tells Vincent that they lied to him and that they want Vincent so that they can build a new and better army. Vincent tells Evan that if they find Cat it’s on him, Evan responds with I don’t know how to save her, Vincent just looks at him like he is scum. Just as Evan is about to let Vincent out, Twilight comes in and the two start to fight. Twilight shoots Evan and Cat frees Vincent, because Cat is a true friend she goes to save Evan.

Vincent and Cat find Evan and they try and escape in the tunnels. He and Vincent talk about the secret Vincent is keeping about Cat’s parents; Vincent tells Evan that Cat must never know! Evan apologizes to Cat and then sacrifices himself so that she and Vincent can get out of Muirfield (I don’t particularly find this development sad because a) I guessed Twilight would kill Evan and wanted him to and, b) while apologizing to Cat he told her that protecting her would be his greatest honor in life instead of oh saying that he should have known she capable of protecting herself. Cat and Vincent escape but not before Twilight gets a good look at her.

Heart of Darkness

At the precinct we see Mohinder reading a file and looking mighty shifty then he gets a hand tremor and scrambles for DRUGS (he has a whole drawer full of them). Cat comes in and he informs her that Evan skipped town but sent him and email telling him that he was the mole.

Cat and Vincent have a heart to heart on the subway and she vows to take down Muirfield so that they can be happy together!

Heart of Darkness

Next week Cat and Vincent are going to destroy some servers and Mohinder is going to get a nosebleed. FUN!

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  1. Well fans loved loved loved the episode….except Evan died :(n sho

    • I liked the episode…I just didn’t like the way Evan was acting –Woman should never be treated as property and without their own agency (this comes from the fact that I’m probably too old to watch BATB and not able to overlook it for romances sake). I did think he redeemed himself in the end with his sacrifice. If he would have lived I would have sent him to a Women’s Studies class at JT’s university 🙂

      Thanks for reading 🙂

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