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Previously on BATB, Cat kissed Mohinder (GROSS), Vincent killed a BAD guy and got yelled at (AGAIN), and JT had some awesome lines (NOT ENOUGH).


This whole Mohinder and Cat thing is so fucking gross. They talk about their “relationship” and Mohinder tells Cat they can have one once she gets over her unresolved Vincent anger. Cat is upset because Vincent is parading Tori around with “HER” necklace. Why is it Cat’s necklace, well because Agent Rohm (I can’t remember her name so I will continue to call her by her real name) gave Cat a file in which Rebecca Reynolds owned the necklace AND was researching several maulings 200 years previously. Since Cat’s bio-dad Bob’s last name is REYNOLDS (that can’t possibly be a common British last name) it MUST be hers.

Agent Rohm calls them down to the precinct and has noticed that Tori has been sporting a necklace like the stolen one AND that her cell phone was traced to the pier. She wants the super team to bring in Tori but they con their way out by saying that as an heiress she will lawyer up and get out in a few hours. Instead they get a warrant to search the houseboat of masculine LOVE and bring Tori in for questioning. While on their way out some random dude spoils the surprise birthday party Mohinder and Cat were going to throw Tess and Cat blames it on Vincent. [I feel like what this episode needed was a party. DAMMIT. -M]

I get that the writers have made Vincent more ruthless but that is understandable when you take account what has happened to him (genetic experiment, abduction, more experimenting, and brainwashing to be an assassin) but what the writers have done to Cat is completely ridiculous and makes ZERO sense. She is like a completely different person from last season and I am about done. The Cat of old would have had issues with NEW ruthless Vincent but she would have dealt with them by trying to find the source of the change, she would NOT have abandoned him for Mohinder who once kidnapped her. I hope this is my last rant and I will try to enjoy the mess were in for tonight folks. I mean PARTY for Tess that has to be kind of fun –YES??? [If only there was a party for an hour. Sigh. And then maybe JT and Tess could have made out some more! -M]


We go to the pier and see a bunch of creepy dudes talking to a guy in a nearby car who turns out to be Pawel Szajda (from Generation Kill and Under the Tuscan Sun). It looks like they are the ones who are really after the necklace. Vincent and Tori are in the houseboat waiting for them to arrive but who should arrive but our merry band of cops. Tori thinking Cat is a bad guy attacks her and Cat being the worst dumper ever arrests her because Vincent won’t let Cat have the necklace. I want to point out that people hate Tori but she apologized to Cat AND tried to give her the necklace, it was Vincent who stopped her. Anywho, they take Tori downtown. Cat is out of control.

The bad guys split up, two stay at the pier to go search the houseboat and the rest go after Tori and the necklace. At the houseboat Mohinder and Vincent awkwardly talk about drinking (I NEED a drink) and then are interrupted by the bad guys. Vincent kills one and the other one is killed by Mohinder (who if you noticed did not necessarily need to kill, he better still be bad, it’s the only thing that would make good story sense. Kill the bad guy because he could possibly implicate Mohinder). Vincent is pissed he can’t question one of them.

"Held Hostage"

The ladies bring Tori into the precinct and try to give her a cover story but instead she taunts Cat about being jealous. Tess and I both had a very hard time not laughing at Cat when she stated for the bazillionth time that she was NOT JEALOUS (I saw the laughs in your eyes Tess). Anyway they couldn’t come up with a story because Agent Rohm came and threw the dynamic duo out.

Back at the houseboat the other duo of the evening are searching the pockets of the dead guys. They then argue about helping each other. Vincent points out that everyone on Mohinder’s team has tried to kill him and therefore he doesn’t trust them. Mohinder tells Vincent that Cat thinks the necklace is hers because it belonged to a dead relative (oh please). Mohinder then compares this to a divorce and for once I agree. Then one of the bad guys gets a text and Vincent is like peace out bitch and leaves.


Cat and Tess are nervously watching for Agent Rohm to return mainly because they worry about Tori losing control. Rohm leaves the interrogation room but sends in a sergeant to remove the necklace. Tori sends that guy flying through the glass. The hot Russian guy tries to steal the necklace but things go badly and they take the precinct hostage. They also kill the guy who spoiled the surprise party. Tess is very upset. Cat does manage to tranque Tori in the chaos.

Mohinder walks into the crime scene and announces himself as “ADA Lowen Interim Chief of the Precinct” and I channel Sam Waterston and Elisabeth Rohm when I say “LIKE FUN YOU ARE! THERE IS NO WAY THE NYPD MADE AN ADA CHIEF OF A PRECINCT, A LIAISON SURE, BUT NOT A CHIEF THEY HAVE UNIONS PEOPLE!” It’s like the people behind this show don’t think that people watch Law & Order (that show was on for like 20 years AND SVU is still on, Dick Wolf has made sure that generations of Americans (and Brits, I’m a fan of Law & Order UK) understand the justice system as it pertains to NYC).

The bad guys take everyones cell phones and guns. They also hand cuff each person except for Tori, who is unconscious, as she is thrown in a cell. Cat and Tess come up with the excellent plan to have Cat in the cell with Tori who they think can subdue the bad guys. [I feel bad for Tess, because this is the worst birthday ever. Agent Rohm is getting shiftier by the second. -M] I think their plan is terrible as it means trusting Tori who is kind of an asshole and completely out of control without Vincent.


Vincent comes upon Mohinder while he is looking at blueprints and they have a less than friendly chat. Mohinder wants to work together to save everyone but Vincent is NOT working with Mohinder. Mohinder takes this as a sign Vincent doesn’t care anymore about humanity; however, I take it as a sign that Vincent doesn’t want to work with GABE WHO IS THE ABSOLUTE WORST! [He certainly is the weak link, acting-wise,  on this show. -M] Vincent peaces out on Mohinder again!

Cat is trying to tell Tori the plan AND I am glad the Cat does stress restraint when talking to Tori; however, Tori is a loose fucking cannon and once she frees herself she fails to free Cat. She does kill one of the bad guys.


Things in the precinct happen fast so I’m going to bullet them for ease of reading:

  • Tess kind of makes a look when Rohm comments on Tori throwing that guy through the window and then Tess makes a comment so Rohm KNOWS that Tess KNOWS something.
  • Vincent enters the precinct through the HVAC system and calls Vlad (AKA hot Russian) to lure him to the basement.
  • Cat is also on her way to the basement but she calls Mohinder who tells her, that Vincent has unresolved feelings and still cares for her and that he is IN once this is over (I throw up a little in my mouth).
  • Tori kills Vlad and steals the necklace, which she then puts on. Cat comes in and asks Tori to help the innocent people. They fight but Cat wins because the show very pointedly showed us the necklace and the gem must harness the beast within.
  • Vincent comes in and Cat explains that she didn’t want to hurt Tori but all Vincent cares about is how did Cat knock out a beast.
  • Vincent and Cat have it out. Cat wants Vincent to help her save people as he would have before and he points out that was before he was brainwashed and kidnapped by her family. He also points out that the gem is a BEAST LEASH (which Melissa texted me as she was very excited). [BEAST LEASH. I am writing a song about it. -M] I am kind of glad they are talking and pointing out valid arguments instead of whining and talking about all the LIES people are telling –so I’m taking that as a win folks!
  • Cat leaves to go fight crime and Vincent calls the bad guys using Vlad’s phone he also speaks Russian. Vincent has skills.
  • Rohm and Tess talk about how much Tess likes her birthday. Tess realizes that Rohm is profiling her and is like fuck this shit I will tell you what you want to know. I am super excited that Tess is like fuck this shit.
  • The bad guys find out that two of their own are dead and that Cat and Tori are missing with the necklace so they take Tess hostage. NOT TESS!
  • Vincent hears the shot as he is leaving AND Cat starts pleading with him to save Tess AND she apologizes for a lot of the shit that I have been writing here week after week –DOUBLE WIN!
  • Vincent saves Tess because of course he does!
  • Vincent tries to get the bad guys to let the hostages go but of course the bad guys are dumb.
  • Cat finally finds the circuit breaker and cuts the lights which enables Vincent and Tess to take control of the situation BUT not before letting Rohm kind of know that Vincent might be something more than a war hero.
  • Tess rescues the hostages and Cat and Vincent try to talk to the last two bad guys. The problem though is that Vincent can’t fight while holding the necklace. He throws it away to save Cat and they try to interrogate the last bad guy BUT they can’t because a helicopter shoots him. Vincent saves Cat and I heard every Beastie squee with delight –you guys are so loud. He does tell the duo that they don’t know who they are dealing with –RUH ROH!!!
  • The swat team and Mohinder come in to find Vincent and Cat safe but everyone else dead. I laugh out loud at poor sad Mohinder’s face –I have become a person who hates someone who fucks with her SHIP!


Cat calls Vincent a hero and Mohinder looks so sad. Vincent leaves to find Tori. Mohinder and Cat talk about her unresolved feelings. They decide that Cat isn’t ready for a relationship. Cat doesn’t want to ruin their friendship, she cares about Mohinder too much –PUKE! Strong independent women DON’T date dudes who kidnapped them. [Or their boss. Seriously this is going to end up as a really fucked up situation. -M] I will not accept good Mohinder. He will always be a murderer to me –seriously he killed people last season to lure Vincent out of hiding. I sometimes think the writers just forgot about last year.

Tess recants to Rohm about knowing more than she says and it’s cute because she realizes that Vincent is her FRIEND!

Cat finds Vincent looking for the necklace and they have a heart to heart. Vincent proposes working together for the answers they need. HE also asks her when it was that she apologized to him and Cat realizes that Vincent saved the day not because he heard her (he had the necklace on him) but because he does the right thing (more often than not). Tess gives him a big hug because he enabled her to turn thirty and invites him to her party but he can’t because Tori is the second worst person behind Mohinder.

We end with the drunk guy from the precinct giving a dude in a black car the necklace. [Oh yay, we get to see them again after VinCat team up to find that BEAST LEASH, which is the dumbest phrase I have ever heard. -M]

Next week JT is kidnapped! Oh JT, so much happened this week that I failed to mention how sad it was you were gone, it was terribly sad and I am glad next week is a JT heavy episode. I hope you’re kidnapping leads to a Tess make-out!

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  1. You never fail to make me laugh! Excellent recap of the Keystone Kops epi!

    • Hey Pat,

      I am still giggling over the “Keystone Kops” reference because it is so spot on. This episode was better than they have been of late, better communication of everyone’s current emotional state BUT it still did have it’s problems mainly Gabe and a lack of JT.

      Thanks as always for commenting!!!

  2. You crack me up, and finally someone pointed out that Cat is the one acting so out of character. I thought she gave up on Vincent way to fast….Love the recaps. Keep them coming

    • Thanks Kristen!

      Cat has been so out of character, acting rashly, being impulsive, not asking the smart questions but I hope that is changing. She seemed to be out of character for the first 30 minutes of this episode and then almost back to old Cat by the end. The biggest change has been how fast she was to cast Vincent out of her life even though she knows her bio-dad brainwashed her and how quickly she decided to forgive and obviously forget what Gabe was like last season.

      This episode gave me hope that they are course correcting.

      Thanks for the comments 🙂

  3. Katie, I LOVED your review! You really nailed it! Barfed over Gaberine! Yuk! And, howled with laughter over your comments about the police system here in NY.

    • Hey Denise from NY!

      I just can’t with Gabe being the chief of the precinct because it is so implausible, no union would allow that AND I doubt the districts attorneys office would allow it as well. Every week I tell myself to let it go and every week they bring it up and it bothers me anew. Mainly it irritates me because it would be so easy just to have him be a liaison to the NEW chief as he was last year. Just as in Law & Order the same ADA works with the same cops. I’m not asking for 100% accuracy just some semblance of common sense. Which I know is crazy when we are discussing a TV show where people have been genetically modified. And now I am done ranting about that for now 🙂 I really need to let it go.

      Thanks for the comment they are much appreciated and enjoyed!!!

  4. Thanks for the review!! It’s like you’re in my head, I soooo agree with you. Gabe is so frustrating!! And I started to like Cat again, just a little! Team V!!!

  5. OH MY GOSH can I just say I LOVE YOU!! You had me laughing so often – probably because I agree with so much that you said. LOL I threw up in my mouth over all the Gabe moments too and yup don’t quite get how it is that he is in charge O.o I watch A LOT of crime shows too so….? *moving on* Tori is a spoiled little girl with ZERO self-control can’t wait for her to be gone – wish she would take “Mohinder” with her – I’m shipping GORI cause well it fits 😉 Great Reveiw – I look forward to them each week. 😀

    • Hey Monique,

      I am totally hoping that Gabe and Tori ride off into the sunset. They both have to go.

      I am really trying to move on from the Gabe in charge of the precinct. REALLY TRYING. As you can see from my reply to Denise from NY, I’m not doing a very good job 😉

      I’m glad I’m still funny, each week I get a worried I have moved beyond humor to full on rage!!!

  6. Hey Katie,
    Loved your review and as always you crack me up with your comments! !
    As for Cat’s character I’m glad finally her flaws have been mentioned. She out of all people should have been more patient, more supportive & understanding of what he has been through. I felt she didn’t give him the support he desperately needed.
    Loved your description of Gabe & Tori. ..totally spot on!!

    • Thank you for the comment 🙂

      Cat definitely did not give him the support he needed after she and JT found him. I think things are improving though AND I am thankful they will be working together as a team.

      Thank you again for reading!!!

  7. Hi, loved your review, I have finally found some one who thinks like I do about Cat, so over her “me,me,me”Some of the story lines are getting like a bit can I say……”soap opera-ish. there I’ve said it. After watching other shows, then I watch BatB, it’s not holding itself up, I am hoping this week with the focus on JT and V, the story might have some “balls” Don’t get me wrong I love the whole concept of the show, but the writers some times are ……………………………………………

    • Hey Lyn,

      I think the writers have struggled trying to find out where the show is going now that we are focusing on mythology building instead of a procedural crime show. I think you are right since we no longer have the case-of-the-week we have veered into supernatural soap opera but we don’t have enough characters to do that well.

      Thanks for the comment 🙂

  8. Hiliarous – love a fellow fan who Gabe makes my skin crawl club. Two choices either he’s still evil and he’s up to something or he’s too boring to keep Cat’s interest for more than 2 minutes – perhaps it was his hand reaching out for the necklace from the limo – remember he’s filthy rich and uses a driver. I saw both Cat & Vincent showing more of their true characters – Vincent his humanity and Cat her independence, as the producers have been intimating that this thing with Gabe was going to be explored, but I think it is going to fizzle out, and quickly now that VinCat are going to work together instead of against eachother and she sooo clearly has unresolved feelings (not anger but love). The chemistry between VinCat is so obvious, even when they don’t say a word, but Gabe or Tori (yawn). I look forward to next week, when its JT and more JT and I believe his secret is revealed to Vincent, so again I think this will be a great show. Looking forward to the dynamic duo working together – it was why we loved the show so much last year and its been sadly missing until now. Hope ratings continue to rise and fans are active on social media.

    • Hey Jas,

      You are so right the chemistry is back and I am super happy that our duo is going to work together and NOT apart.

      I am very happy about more JT next week!!!

      Thanks for reading and for commenting 🙂

  9. Love you and your take yet again. Love that you are on V’s side. That man/beast is seriously misunderstood. ‘Agent Rohm’ was hilarious and boy do I agree with you about Gabe/Mohinder (still think he’ll be this season’s BIG BAD). And yes I too have thought Cat is more out of character than Vincent this season – he has the excuse of torture, mind wipe and a decade of angst and horror behind him – what’s Cat’s excuse? Don’t get me wrong – there’s much about her I still love and saw some of that in this ep and KK is awesome playing her. Thanks for the humour – I ‘totally’ get it. 🙂

    • Hey Karin,

      Thanks for commenting 🙂

      I think the writers are definitely course correcting what they have done to Cat/Vincent and to the VinCat relationship. I think they realized that they went to dark on Vincent and too selfish on Cat.

      Super stoked for next week!!!

    • Karin what about Vincent’s family – while they’ve never revealed if his parents were still alive, he’s all over the media “War Veteran Hero – back from the dead” – where is his nephew Aaron at least? I was hoping that after he went public that they’d start connecting him with his family – this will help him find himself, I’m sure.

      Maybe after ep 13, his family will enter the picture but so far they’ve just announced that a Mentor is going to make an appearance.

  10. Thanks so much for putting into words what I’ve been thinking, about Cat’s attitude to Vincent. It just didn’t make sense that she would change her feelings for him, like turning off a light switch. When she went round to see him the day after shooting him, she was so cold and heartless, I could have wept for Vincent, he looked so sad. I wanted to reach into my computer screen and give him a big hug. Like Karin said, he has an excuse for his behaviour, and the old Cat would have understood that. Thank goodness she’s finally apologised, even though it took a threat to her friends life to bring it out of her.

    • Hey Anne,

      I think the writers are definitely realizing that the fans have not appreciated how they have changed either character. A commentor last week pointed out how violent Vincent had gotten specifying, V pulling out the heart which is true the show is much more dark and action oriented this year. I think our sympathy lies with Vincent AND the shift in his personality has made more sense than what they have done to Cat. I don’t think the character they created would have acted like Cat did last week but I am hopeful with the direction they took this week that they have realized that while making Cat focus more on herself they didn’t give her any motivation for doing that other than Vincent being “different” which has made some viewers disappointed in her and the show mostly because Vincent is not different from his own actions he is different because he was victimized.

      Thanks so much for reading and commenting!!!

  11. “I have become a person who hates someone who fucks with her SHIP!” WORD SISTA!!! Anyone who has the common sense which I expected of Cat and doesn’t buy Gabe’s holier than thou self deserves champagne cheesecake and cupcakes! SO glad you are Team Vincent. Our Sexy Beast deserves TLC ~ instead he gets a uncharacteristically unsympathetic girlfriend who’s done a complete 180 from the loving supportive Cat of Season 1 and tearfully declared in 201 that she couldn’t bear to lose him along with the handwringing haters on social media throwing stones at him ~ enough to make me beast out as well. The Cat I love would not be purring at slimey Gabe argh. Anyway all’s well soon with VinCat ~ claws crossed ~ Torible doesn’t bother me so much anymore as she’ll be out of the picture ~ here’s hoping Vincent gets to smack Gabe in the face and then some. Thanks for the giggles ~ you totally made my day with THIS :o)

    • “The Cat came back” …Totally agree with who is not behaving more like they did in season 1; it’s Cat. Perhaps a reaction to losing him and feeling so guilty for his capture and how he was treated, her father killed, she learns he’s not bio-Dad then when she finds Vincent, he’s so different that she can’t recognize him as the man she loves. To give credit, he did violently shove her in ep 3 – not dumping on our guy Vincent as we all know what he’s been through and at whose hands it was – Gabe & Bio-Dad… But I think Cat started changing right at the beginning of ep 11 – she had to buy the newspaper and she was obsessed with her jealousy so I found even watching that first scene with Gabe that while she was saying what he wanted to hear, even he didn’t believe her so he backs away. Later, she keeps screaming “I’m not jealous” and the lady doth protest too much. It just kept getting better, til the Gabe tells her on the phone that “I want to be with you, I’m in” and she doesn’t really react and you could argue she was in crisis but if you’re really into someone, you’d have some reaction to their declaration. At the end when she tells him “I need to find myself as I care too much about you to risk our friendship and he’s so special” by proceeding with relationship before she’s found herself, I cheered/roared when I saw his face. It was the boy who got the “I like you like as a friend” line from a girl he’s crushing on – a moment I thoroughly enjoyed. Plus he already saw that when he arrived on the scene, that Vincent was over Cat protecting her and they were close… so many small moments, gestures and facial expressions that are showing “let’s not kid ourselves, its VinCat” and Gabe hit the road. Interesting I just don’t see anything with Tori and Vincent – he is trying to protect, which is in line with Vincent’s character but there’s no romantic feeling for him and this is also clear when he didn’t ask about Tori when Gabe told him there was a hostage situation at the precinct and he knew Tori was there too, but he took off as soon as he heard Cat was in danger and he didn’t wait or ask about Tori – so no big romance there. Finally, agree when have you ever heard of a lawyer (ADA) become Captain of Police Station – reality check here writers. Ultimately I think Cat was doing everything she could to convince herself and others that she’d moved on from Vincent and was wanting relationship with Gabe but in the end she demonstrated that “the Cat came back” and gave him the “let’s be friends” speech which I don’t think I would have appreciated as much if the writers hadn’t taken them to a point where a relationship was starting to develop. Bring on ep 12.

    • Thank you for commenting!!!

      I think the writers have had a really hard time focusing this season. They made Vincent darker but failed to address why he was darker which has made some fans mad at him for being darker and some fans mad at people for not realizing he is a victim. They have also tried to add relationship drama where it didn’t need to be. You can wring a whole lot of story out of “guy goes missing is brain washed and turned into assassin by girls unknown until now bio-dad.” It was only this week that Vincent got to list out all of the terrible things that have happened to him which made the drama so much more interesting and we are at the halfway point. I think things are improving and most fans will all be on the same page (well close to it everyone has an opinion) but we can all agree that this episode was fun and very promising. Well except for a lack of JT.

      Thanks again for reading and for discussing the show!!!

  12. You did it again! You never fail to make me laugh and you hit the nail on the head with your comments so many times it’s untrue. Along with my dear friend Pat with have been avid supporters of yours since S1, always posting your review in our facebook groups/twitter. I don’t read many reviews but yours is one that I always look forward to. Thank you for doing what you do! You are very much appreciated and just wanted to make sure that you are feeling the love x

    • Hey Angie,

      Thank you so much for supporting the blog, that make me am M’s day!!! You have no idea how awesome it feels that you guys like the recaps.

      I hope I keep being funny!

      Thanks again for reading, commenting, and supporting us we are super grateful 🙂

  13. Actually what’s gross is how you dumb fangirls are forgiving Vincent after all he’s done (but that’s okay because he’s white I guess) and then bashing Gabe who has more than redeemed himself and actually cares about Cat. Also, Cat had nothing to apologize for in the first place. Maybe you morons should go watch Twilight since you want to see a toxic relationship so badly. Cat deserves so much better than asshole Vincent and any woman with respect for herself knows that. “The thinking lady’s guide”? lol, yeah right.

  14. On behalf of those who enjoy sharing our thoughts and ideas about BATB and Katie who regales us with her unique and entertaining review of BATB , I reject that we’re “morons”

    • Thanks Jennifer I have been trying to come up with a clever way to answer Socky all day 🙂

      • Katie, I don’t understand why people think that because its on social media, that this gives them license to be rude and offensive. I can’t imagine if we were all talking in person, that someone would speak in this manner. I can’t ever recall discussing a TV show/movie with friends/colleagues that anyone with a different POV ever resorted to personal attacks and name calling. I appreciate intelligent and thoughtful analysis whether they agree or not with other opinions. So consider the source Beasties.

        • Hey Jennifer,

          I would love for somebody to study why people think they can be rude on the internet just because it’s anonymous. Why be rude in the first place no where in anything that is written on this site do we tell people that we all have to think the same thing or the same way. I also don’t get that when people don’t like what your opinion they immediately call you “stupid” or tell you “you don’t know what your talking about.”

          Thanks again for your comments! If the troll comments on next weeks recap and continues to be rude I’ll delete the comment because I am DRUNK with power 🙂

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