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Previously on Beauty and the Beast, Catherine danced/interrogated Vincent then nearly got herself killed and when Vincent came to the rescue he had flashes of memories. This would have made Cat very excited had Vincent not lied to her earlier in the hour about getting his memories back so in the end she slammed the window on their love. I have decided to not be too terribly upset that her reason to Vincent was that he was a big fat liar when she herself has told some doozies herself in the past to her best friend and his memory has been wiped out when he lied to her a woman he only recently “met.”


Tess and Cat are getting ready for a girls night! FUN! I’m with Melissa, Tess needs bangs OR to wear her hair wavy. [I am SO RIGHT about these things. -M] Tess currently looks like a soccer mom. Tess tries to get Cat to go to a therapist. Wasn’t there a really hot therapist last season that Cat had to go to after she was attacked/in a car accident? Did I dream that?

Back at the boat of masculinity and lost love, Vincent is working out and grilling Reynolds (was that Cat’s bio-dad’s name?) about the list and sending him on a new mission. Vincent is all messed up because of Cat and his memory flashes and he needs to KILL. Creepy bio-dad tells him to focus on his mission but that he does not have an actual mission to give him now so I guess he just wants Vincent to hang out and do pull-ups on the houseboat? Vincent and I are both confused and we both demand a MISSION.


So many gifs of Vincent working out in his super modern houseboat! -M

Then we see a beast that sets fires. ARSONIST BEAST (ahhh show you tricky bastards BATB IS still a procedural except now it’s “each week we DON’T work together initially but in the end we all end up helping Vincent kill a beast” instead of last year’s “each week we DON’T work together but in the end we all end up helping Cat find a killer”). These beasts are jerks. Mohinder puts it together that it is a beast who is setting the fires. He demands that someone get him Cat. It’s called a phone Mohinder and it will make you smarter.

Cat is playing pool with Tess. Cat get’s hit on by Colin a drunken fool who keeps repeating his name, Colin. Colin is also kind of gropey. Cat then gets in a fight with him and his date/girlfriend and finally ends the evening right before the commercial break by kicking a judge in the face. I love kick-ass Cat.


Mohinder yells at the ladies for getting arrested. He then says he has to show something to Cat and won’t let Tess in. TESS IS IN THE TEAM MOHINDER! Even Tess’s face is like “dude, Cat and JT will tell me what you are doing anyway, asshat” (don’t you think that Tess would call Mohinder an asshat all the time [Yes. -M]). Anyway Mohinder tells Cat he has been tracking an arsonist with the help of JT and that he thinks it is a beast. He also thinks Vincent should help them catch this beast so that Mohinder can see if they can cure this new beast the way Cat cured him. His logic is thus, that when he almost died the beast died but Cat was able to bring back his human side with the defibrillator so they should try to kill the arsonist beast and then bring back the human side.

Cat won’t help because she has suddenly decided that she would rather save herself/sanity than Vincent. I know he lied but come on this is just the writers keeping them apart for plot sake. I do agree that Cat has had a rough 4 months and has been through a lot more than most people could handle and I love that she is focusing on herself but part of those 4 months were spent searching for Vincent and I find it hard to believe that the Cat of last year would be quite this cold. Lastly if the arsonist is a beast then the arson unit is not going to be able to stop him and she knows that. Cat the cop would want to stop this guy regardless of her feelings for Vincent.


Mohinder goes to the houseboat without Cat. He just walks in because he is a very rude houseguest. Vincent sneaks up on him because some dude just broke into his apartment. Vincent and Mohinder have a lovely chat (as in they are both very pretty to look at it in the masculine house boat of lost hope). It goes something like this; I can save you for Cat but in order to do so we must capture the arsonist beast. Vincent, however, is all the arsonist is a beast I’m going to kill it. Mohinder ends up alone and confused in the houseboat. Nobody wants to listen to his plan. Poor sad Mohinder.


Vincent stalks the rooftops trying to find the arsonist beast (I’m going to call him the firebeast cause it’s easier to type and I am lazy). Vincent and the firebeast battle it out at the firebeast’s next target. The firebeast can make fire and Vincent is NOT FLAME RETARDANT so firebeast wins. Vincent has been knocked out and is stuck in the next place to be destroyed. OH NOES!


Cat and Tess are at a day-spa [They don’t seem like very relaxed people, this was probably a bad idea. -M]. There calm is ruined by Gabe calling them to inform them that Vincent was pulled from a burning building. Vincent and Cat have a heart-to-heart that is quite lovely. Cat tells Vincent that she needs to find out who she is before she can try again with him and this makes PERFECT SENSE –FINALLY. Vincent tells Cat that he wants’ to remember her and to stop lying to her which is why he needs to kill the beasts so that he can be honest and this makes PERFECT SENSE –DOUBLE FINALLY! I will point out though that they could you know work together and be done with the list faster but I’m just going to ignore logic by hiding in the corner wishing I had Cat’s navy blue blouse.


Creepy bio-dad shows up at the hospital looking for Vincent but spots Mohinder and the arson investigators so he bolts. One of the arson investigators is a hothead by the name of Aaron Keller. Vincent has intense flashbacks of his brother and nephew Aaron. He then turns into a beast. One of the flashbacks shows Vincent as a firefighter but Vincent was a doctor, when was he a firefighter? Didn’t his brother die in the World Trade Center and that’s why Vincent joined the Army and became a super soldier? So many questions this episode. Anyway Vincent goes full beast and jumps out the window.


Vincent calls creepy bio-dad and tells him that his memories keep coming and coming. He tells him that he can have his memories back once he accomplishes his mission.

Vincent goes home and finds Cat because she was worried about him. Vincent was telling Cat about his memory of his brothers and she was also confused about him being a firefighter. I’m glad I’m not the only one. I hope she asks JT. The two of them have a sweet moment.


Mohinder calls Tess in to help him set up for the arrival of the arsonist IF Cat and Vincent (WORKING TOGETHER HUZZAH) can bring him in. Tess gives him major side-eye bad informs him that if he saves Vincent that he will lose all hope of winning Cat. Where is JT?

Cat and Vincent go to the fire station to talk to Aaron to find out the arsonists pattern. Aaron’s boss welcomes their help on the case. Vincent notices that not only his brother William was a firefighter, but also his brother Daniel (does Vincent have Daniel’s memories?). Cat and Vincent figure out that the firebeast is most likely going to target the headquarters of a petroleum company. Aaron sneaks off to go catch the firebeast himself, I’m sensing that the Keller’s all have a nasty habit of doing things without fully thinking them through. Cat and Vincent notice he is missing and go after him. Again where is JT? [Eating sandwiches? See, I made a joke that relates to the only BATB episode I have seen. Last night I was watching the World Series instead. GO SOX/BEARDZ! -M]

Vincent and Cat go with the firefighters to the burning headquarters building. Vincent goes in after Aaron but not before Cat gives him a kiss and tells him she is worried about him –AWWW. The firebeast has knocked out Aaron but he and Vincent fight with Vincent almost winning but then he hears Aaron’s fire buzzer thing alerting Vincent that he is in trouble. Vincent lets the firebeast escape and goes to look for his nephew.


So I was totally wrong about Vincent having Daniel’s memories it turns out that after William and Vincent get trapped in a burning house, William told him to go be a doctor so that there mother wouldn’t lose all her boys which makes his enlistment really tragic. The ghost of William helps Vincent find Aaron–how heartwarming.

Cat and Mohinder find the firebeast. She shoots him twice and Mohinder tries to save him with his portable defibrillator. Unfortunately they are not able to save him. Vincent is able to save Aaron.

The episode ends with Cat and Vincent at the 9/11 memorial and remembering his brothers which was really tastefully done –good job show.


I personally am feeling much better about the end of this episode than last weeks. Though the beginning of this episode made me kind of ranty, I did end up really liking it. I also am aware that I might need to turn logic off when I watch this show. One last thing WHERE WAS JT???

Next week on BATB, Vincent and Cat try to sex out some more memories AND poor Cat has to go to her 10th high school reunion [Oh, HS reunion show trope, how I hate you. -M].

Photo’s from the CW and gifs from batbnation and teambeasties.


  1. I really should comment more! I read these reviews every week and just LOVE what you do! It’s my must read each week…so thank you 🙂

  2. This is the first time reading your review but I just loved it and regret not having read past reviews!!!! Totally love your take on things and was laughing out loud! You asked the one thing I’d been asking during the episode also….Where’s JT…..too funny! Keep it coming, can’t wait for the next read!

    • Hello Debbie,

      I’m so glad you find them funny and were laughing out loud! I really missed JT. I love his neuroses during missions. I also think the show hasn’t done enough to show how hard it has been for him to lose Vincent. It looks like next week the two hang out so that’s AWESOME!

      Thanks so much for reading!!!

  3. I really like your synopsis of the show, my first time reading…it’s on my list of future reading

  4. Angie introduced me to your fabulous reviews a couple of weeks back and now you are my first stop after viewing the week’s episode. Love your light take on the show and also you are speaking for my thoughts when you are unafraid to kick the writer’s chair! Keep it up! 🙂

    • Hey Pat,

      I’m so glad you like the recaps and nope I’m not afraid to call out the writers for what I feel are occasional lapses in judgement 😉

      Thank you so much for reading and I hope I keep you amused!!!

  5. I really like your review. I will make sure I read it regularly from now on. I love Batb and its good to read reviews such as this – made me laugh my head off :)..Cheers!

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