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VOICE OVER is NEW…it’s all about their LOVE and is very DRAMATIC!


I’m not going to focus too heavily on Vincat’s and/or Catcent’s morning after cuteness cause it made me want to kill myself. I will point out that they were very in to the fact that they could bone. And they did it again to Ryan Adams and my mind wandered to how much I love that Mandy Moore and Ryan Adams are married.


Their bliss is ruined by Cat’s stupid job. Case of the week is a copycat vigilante case (we know that cause of all the boning that went on —sorry I’m on my second beer and my hottie got voted off Idol). A central park carriage driver with priors has been murdered. Cat gets chewed out by Joe for being late. Joe is very angry and jumping to conclusions. MOHINDER! He is still a crappy actor and his accent goes in and out but boy is he DREAMY.

Everyone gives Cat a hard time for trying to point out that it’s a copycat. It’s sad that she can’t be all “I’m fucking the vigilante, trust me he was BUSY” and then wink lasciviously (I’ll stop drinking when I write these).

Evan doesn’t find any cross species DNA but he won’t tell Joe so poor Cat has to find other concrete proof. She leaves her scarf and instead of giving it to her Evan looks at it weirdly —PERV?!?


Catcent (way easy to type) team up to go over the carriage and discuss who could possibly KNOW V’s rage monster MO. Cat also discusses how hard their relationship is and it’s only been one day. She wanted to stay in bed all day and discuss their GPAs —Cat is a nutcase. I’m very happy to report that while looking into the stable they wore latex gloves. They also found something on the hoof of a horse.

Evan meets with Muirfield. They don’t want the task force to find the vigilante they want to catch him. Evan agrees to do what needs to be done to protect Muirfield.

Between Cat and Evan fucking with evidence and Joe turning into a vengeful nut NYC has like the worst police force ever. I hope Mohinder saves the day though I still think he is secretly with Muirfield OR a rage monster himself.

Catcent takes what they found to JT who says that it is a spike from a medieval weapon called a Morningstar. JT’s friend at the History department told them to go to an antiquities dealer in Brooklyn to find out where it is from. Cat sends the boys off to Brooklyn with a picture and she takes the spike to Evan (I bet you that bastard is going to fuck her over).


Joe sidelines Tess by telling her to deal with the tip-line wackadoos and she is PISSED. Joe is all, are you questioning me because of our thing and she is all, NO I’m questioning you as my BOSS. Joe wants blood. As Cat pointed out to V he doesn’t want him in jail he wants him DEAD. Oh Joe I miss when you were just Cat and Tess’ hot boss.

Scary fun fact from the weird hipster antiquities dealer in Brooklyn “Next to Berlin NYC is the Mecca of arcane weaponry.” He points out that our spike is extremely rare with only about three or four in the city. V threatens the shop owner into giving him a list of collectors.

Cat brings the spike Evan. Who asks her why she is helping the creature. She tells him she isn’t helping anyone but that she wants to find the true killer. He tells her he tested her scarf and found cross species DNA on it (I would have preferred that he was a perv) because he is protecting her. She is very upset but quite rightly points out that protecting someone is NOT going behind their back to test their personal belongings AND that the vigilante SAVED his life. Evan’s last words to her are a threat that he will do whatever he can to catch the creature (I hate the way Evan says creature, he does it with a snarl and its gross looking).


Back at the warehouse the REAL detectives are going over what they have learned. Cat learned that by finding her scarf Evan can link her to Vincent. JT pointed out that Mohinder can get all of the footage on any security camera so V can’t hide. Cat pointed out that it’s only a matter of time till they find the warehouse and JT and V found nothing out by visiting the arcane weapon buyers. Vincent ends the conversation with “We can give them what they want, ME.”

The gang has a PLAN. JT gets a body from the lab that kind of looks like Vincent. They are going to burn down the warehouse and fake Vincent’s death right down to Cat planting fake evidence or fucking up Evan’s autopsy (I didn’t really catch what they were going to do but I liked that they pointed out that Evan would be able to tell that the dead guy was not Vincent through DNA analysis so YAY for NOT dropping plot threads show). JT left to go find out what Evan knows and Cat and Vincent are left to set the warehouse on fire but not too soon because dead dude needs to be charred.

So I was incorrect Tess wasn’t sent to interview tip-line people she was sent to interview people who Vincent has saved like the convenience store guy from one of the first episodes. She brings her findings back to Joe, that the vigilante always protects the innocent AND that he has animalistic tendencies. Joe gets kind of pissed that the vigilante is seen as some sort of folk hero and questions whether Tess did her job. Which of course makes her super pissed. Joe comes clean; he wants to protect her from the beast. Tess, because she is a badass is all “look I worked my whole career not to be protected by the boys.” Tess: feminist hero.


Cat calls Mohinder and gives him a bullshit story of finding the warehouse address. She sends it to him and he alerts the team. Evan of course over hears so I’m sure he will tip off Muirfield.

Tess interviews a woman Vincent saved and notices an access to the Subway tunnels near where he saved the woman. I am SUPER WORRIED SHE WILL BURN IN THE FIRE!

Cat and Vincent kiss while planning arson and talk about their future. BORING!

JT meets with Evan. He offers his research to Evan and finds out that Evan is working with Muirfield and they are going to raid the Warehouse before the task force! So now I have to be worried for Cat, Vincent and my beloved Tess. JT speeds off in his adorable hatchback.


Just as Cat and Vincent are about to start the fire Muirfied shows up and they have to run. There is an exchange of fire and the warehouse blows up. JT arrives on the scene and see the place burning.

Cat and Vincent made it to the subway tunnels where they are totes going to run into Tess. They promise each other, they won’t get caught up in the bliss of their love. They make an adorable joke about them and JT against the world. Cat leaves Vincent to show her face at the warehouse. Joe is there with tears in his eyes —poor sad Joe. No one has heard from Tess!

Hold the PHONE! Mohinder was totally the copycat vigilante (he totally has the Morningstar in his house) AND he was in cahoots with the NEW cops who were supposed to bring him the vigilante instead of having him be caught.


But where is TESS? OH thank god she is still in the subway tunnels and spots Vincent. She starts to chase him. She stops him but he is turning into a rage monster and keeps telling her to go to get away from him. Then she shoots him! Cat runs in just as he falls to the ground! Tess now knows of Cat’s love and that Vincent is a rage monster. God I hope this improves their relationship Cat needs her bestie! Unfortunately the preview for next week ends with Tess telling Cat she can’t be her friend —tear! [Nooooo! I’m still waiting for Hannah and Marnie to be BFFs again on Girls, I hope The CW doesn’t keep Tess & Cat apart for long! -M]

LONG DRAWN OUT FUN FACT WITH VISUAL AIDS: In my early recaps I criticized Jay Ryan’s hair because it was a MESS. I think we also all noticed that in promo pics like this one:


It is weirdly shaved on the sides well I finally found out what was up with the weird promo art and bad hair. Mr. Ryan is in feminist director Jane Campion’s Top of the Lake on the Sundance channel starring SLLS spirit animal Peggy Olsen/Elisabeth Moss (seriously all smart ladies should watch it, it’s on Mondays at 9 pm)! In the show, set in Mr. Ryan’s native New Zealand his hair looks like this:


RAWR…how fucked up is it that I find him extremely attractive here?!? He also plays a kind of scary skeevy dude but damn is he not hot with a tat on his head and that fucking accent (laugh it up Melissa). He also has weird facial hair.

Photos from the CW, Glamour magazine, and the gifs were from the tumblr Welcome to Nowhere.

[I really wish I had the Sundance Channel. And IFC. And BBC America. I might have to find Top of the Lake elsewhere. -M]


  1. I’m confused. I thought you were all for the VinCat relationship? But now it seems like your repulsed whenever they show affection.

    • I DO like them together…I’m just not a fan of PDA nor writing about it in a lovey dovey manner but in this weeks review I talked about how he is a MUCH better boyfriend than Evan would have been.

      Thanks for reading 🙂

      • Oh ok. That’s for clarifying. Keep up your great reviews. I just discovered them and have read all so far. I love your sarcasm, snark and swearing! It’s like you’re in my head 😉

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