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Previously on Beauty and the Beast, Vincent was found but has no memory of Cat or JT, Tess gave Cat a talking to about her commitment to her job, family and friends, Cat’s bio-dad is this seasons big bad and is controlling V, and finally Gabe, “Mohinder” is here to stay and is apparently the head of the precinct.



We start where we left off last week at the park where the dead body of Lee Zhao is found. This time Mohinder is giving a press conference I guess because he is an ADA and the head of the closest precinct.

Cat and Tess are at a local coffee shop. Cat wants to find Vincent and jog his memory. She also tries to make excuses for him killing Zhao but Tess sets does everything but slap her out of her denial. Tess and Mohinder tell Cat that Vincent has changed his MO his murder of Zhao was premeditated not old Vincent’s only murdering when protecting innocent people. Tess and Mohinder are worried that Cat is in over her head with Vincent.


She goes to JT to help her find him before Mohinder and Tess do. JT thinks that Cat wants to fuck Vincent’s memory which is HILARIOUS and accurate. She tells him to monitor the cameras from the gentleman’s club and she goes home to pack a picnic basket for a memory inducing picnic on the roof with Vincent. JT gives her the tranq gun. Cat has lost her mind. After looking for him all day the mighty Vincent shows up on the rooftop.

Not only is the super team looking for Vincent but he is also missing from the feds. Creepy bio-dad is not concerned since Vincent is on the hunt.

Stupid Cat asks Vincent if he remembered the rooftop but he is more like ummm, I just followed you because you have been stalking me all over town. She tells him that she wanted to find him to invite him to a picnic on the roof. He gives her a look like she is a creepy stalker –Cat has kind of become a creepy stalker. She is honest with him about wanting to trigger his memories and to help him. Vincent doesn’t think that triggering his memories is such a good thing. She notices that he is showered and wearing new clothes then asks him if where he showers –nope that’s not creepy at all Cat. She tells him that she doesn’t want to arrest him for Zhao’s murder but rather to help him. Vincent freaks out and jumps off her roof.


She calls JT to get surveillance started and gets a call from Mohinder and Tess who were watching her apartment and have Vincent in a cab. Mohinder wants everyone to be a team –I too want this but I don’t want him to be in the team. JT tells Cat that Vincent is heading to Riker’s Island Prison. Cat follows him nobody thinks this is a good idea –she is a lady on the edge.

Vincent tranqs some dude then poses as a doctor in the prison to get information out of him. It is becoming apparent that creepy bio-dad has made Vincent muscle for the FBI. While Cat is trying to defend her increasingly erratic behavior to Tess on her cell Vincent comes up behind her and kidnaps her –he is excellent boyfriend material then again she has spent the greater part of the day stalking him so they deserve each other.

Vincent lives on a boat, a really masculinely decorated houseboat. [It was SO modern. The FBI obviously pays for that shit. -M] Vincent is confused for his feelings for Cat. He doesn’t understand why he went to her roof. Cat asks him tons of questions. Vincent is belligerent and calls her a stalker. He takes off her blindfold to look into her eyes to see if she is honest.


Tess believes that Cat and Vincent are together trying to get his memory back but Mohinder bursts her bubble telling her about the dude Vincent shot at Rikers. Tess is then very concerned for her friend and wondering how Vincent could have gotten a security clearance to be a on call doctor at Rikers (Oh Tess, I am continually wondering how people keep get security clearances in this country).

Back at the dude-boat-of-sad-relationship-past, Vincent gets a little annoyed at Cat’s incessant talking. He also notices that Cat is getting sea sick. He gives her water because he isn’t a complete asshole. She convinces him to untie her because she knows he won’t hurt her (BECAUSE OF LOVE PEOPLE, TRUE FUCKING LOVE). He then massages her pressure points so she won’t puke –new Vincent is far less annoying than old Vincent, like I don’t find myself wanting new Vincent to take a women’s studies course. Awwwwww, he admits that even had she not gone to find him he probably would have gone looking for him. They then joke around about sandwiches and he makes her food. So cute! What, I am human, people–I don’t just make fun of this show.


Mohinder calls JT to find Cat’s cell phone. JT is already searching and like a good friend is waiting for her at her house. Tess comes in and everyone realizes that nobody is working together. Mohinder is a terrible team leader. Tess should be team leader because she speaks truths that nobody wants to hear. Both Mohinder and Tess were appalled that Cat wanted to have a picnic on the roof with Vincent 2.0 the MURDERER! JT accuses them both of wanting to put V in a cage, they deny it but we know their game.

Back at the boat-of-love-renewal-over-sandwiches, maybe Cat was right and Vincent may remember if she just feeds and fucks him. She tries to prod him about who he works for. He tells her he can’t answer but asks her about their first date and first kiss. They then start to make-out and I appreciate that the show isn’t drawing this shit out like it did last year. While making out Cat was particularly forward and tells him they did more than just kiss that first time. You go Cat; fuck your boyfriend’s memory back!


After the sex they then have cute after sex talk in which he tries to get her to fuck him again, it almost works but his phone rings. He tells her to get dressed because he has to go to work and then he ties her up because she might follow him again and he needs to protect her –oh wait there he is old Vincent never realizing that Cat is perfectly able to kick dudes asses. She quite rightly brings up the fact that he is leaving and she might have to pee but he just ignores it –I would like to point out that he is a douche because now she is totes more likely to get a UTI!

Tess and JT find her car. Tess is pissed off because JT and Cat are such good friends. She then blows up at both JT and Mohinder because she fears Vincent might have killed Cat and dumped her body in the water. Mohinder throws them both off the team because he needs to win Cat’s trust and they aren’t doing anything productive except fighting. Mohinder does find Cat who is tied up and on the floor. They go through Vincent’s computer and think he is now a hired mob assassin out to kill some girl named Gina at a club downtown. They run off to go save her.

Vincent chats up Gina and asks her upstairs so they can talk where it’s quiet. Once in a quiet corner of the club, Vincent pauses because he can feel Cat’s heart –OH SHOW REALLY, I get that this is “romantic” but it’s also hokey as hell. Vincent accuses Cat of being really possessive; she accuses him of trying to kill Gina. He tells her that he is PROTECTING Gina who is about to get carted off but a douche in a Member’s Only jacket (Vincent is wearing this too BTW), Mohinder comes to save her then Vincent is stopped by Mohinder but Vincent basically knocks him out of the way. In a dingy hallway Vincent saves Gina and then fights with the dude who is ANOTHER BEAST. Cat finds them and watches the fight. Vincent kills the guy and flees. Mohinder finally joins Cat who thusly informs him that there are MORE OF THEM!


JT and Tess hanging out in the bar they get word that Cat is okay. He apologizes to Tess for his and Cat’s friendship. Tess misses Cat, it’s sad. It’s also sad that JT’s BFF doesn’t remember him. They bond; it’s the best thing to happen this evening.

Cat and Mohinder put the clues together, that Vincent was out to kill the other beast and using Gina as bait. She points out that Vincent is not dangerous but Mohinder points out that if the mob has their own beast that means Vincent is owned by someone too. He then stresses the importance of the TEAM. I just want to reiterate that I too am on team team but that my team includes Cat, JT, and Tess. I did however enjoy Vincent pushing Mohinder.

Cat goes home to find Vincent on her rooftop. She asks him if he has a memory then apologizes because even she realizes that she keeps asking that (if I had turned that phrase into a drinking game at the start of the hour I would be passed out by now on my floor). He came to return her phone and to apologize for tying her up. He then wants to have their picnic but when she makes a joke he becomes weird about how he isn’t supposed to date. She asks him who owns him and he gets very angry with her. When she demands answers he turns into a rage monster and shoves her which makes her fly. He apologizes but realizing that she doesn’t want anything to do with him he jumps off her roof. Cat then goes to Mohinder and tells him that Vincent is dangerous.


Next week Cat goes on a date with Vincent to set him up, I’m guessing for our team to capture him.

Hey, I watched the show this week for the first time! I texted Katie and here are some samplings. As it turns out, autocorrect is the devil for posts like this:

BATB text 1BATB text 2BATB text 3

But SERIOUSLY with the bangs, Tess. They are necessary. I might watch it again next week! I really like Kristin Kreuk’s voice. -M

Photos from the CW and gifs from catherinechandlerbatbnation, and hauntedstefan!


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  2. Love your review, but just had to add, You like Kristin’s voice…. what about Jay Ryan’s that man could talk the clothes off a nun!

    • Hello Kristen,

      I’m so happy you like the recap!

      I do love Jay Ryan’s voice especially in interviews when you can hear his real accent from New Zealand –YOWZA!

      Thanks for reading!!!

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