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Previously on Beauty and the Beast, Cat decided she was going to try EVERYTHING to get Vincent to remember THEIR LOVE. Her methods included, roof talks, roof picnics, incessant kissing immediately proceeded with “did you remember?”, sandwiches, and fucking also immediately proceeded with  “did you remember?”. In the end she asked him so many questions he turned into a rage-monster and pushed/shoved/threw her across the roof –it was sad.


Cat has to cover up the bruises Vincent gave her and it makes me uncomfortable because this show does NOT need to tackle domestic violence. Heather shows up to tell Cat that she has received a job offer in Miami –AKA ABC Family’s Ravenswood.

Vincent goes to see JT to find out if Cat is okay. JT doesn’t realize that Vincent hurt her so he just rambles off facts about their past relationship to help Vincent with his current relationship with Cat. Vincent then comes clean to JT about hurting Cat because she asked too many questions and he felt cornered (I think we are supposed to think he is out-of-control and unintentionally threw Cat across the roof). He wants her to know that he is sorry and that he will stay away from her because he doesn’t want to hurt her again. When Vincent leaves the gentlemen’s club he gets a call from his FBI handler about the next target. As the handler is sending Vincent the information he is killed by another beast.

Cat goes to meet with Mohinder (who drinks his espresso very daintily). Cat wants to break into Vincent’s houseboat and for Mohinder and Tess as back-up. Tess calls to inform them that there has been another beast attack AKA Vincent’s FBI handler.


Cat and Mohinder visit the murder scene and find out that the car was leased to the FBI. While there Cat’s creepy bio-dad, FBI agent Reynolds, shows up and tells Mohinder that the FBI will probably be taking over the case. Mohinder and Tess believe it was Vincent. Cat does not and receives and alibi for Vincent by JT who calls to tell Cat that she should inform him if Vincent ever hurts her again. The Scooby gang quite rightly freaks out when they realize that the FBI agent was killed by another beast. Now everyone is on the lets-sneak-on-to-the-boat-bandwagon. FUN!

Because Vincent is like a human lie detector, Tess and Mohinder teach Cat how to beat a polygraph. It takes them like five minutes and she masters it.

Meanwhile Vincent hears from Reynolds, he is tasked with figuring out who the new beast is because the email the dead FBI agent sent is encrypted and taking too long to decode. Vincent goes to the crime scene and is taunted by the other (and also Hot) new beast.


While he is out, Cat and the Scooby gang break in to the houseboat-of-masculinity and steal the file. Vincent walks in and they talk about the roof incident. He apologizes and asks her if he hurt her (Tess who is in the dark about the roof incident gives Mohinder the side-eye and “a you better come clean about my BFF” look). Vincent tells Cat that he was having a great time getting to know her again and would like to start over. She invites him over to her place for a date.

Back at the mystery van NYPD precinct, JT comes over to decode the files found on Vincent’s laptop. He discovers a little bit more than Vincent had, a list of art galleries as well as the Friday at five message. JT is a little concerned when he finds out that Cat is going on a date with Vincent. She claims it is for the investigation.


Vincent gets a call from Reynolds who goes by the code name “Condor” (NEW NAME ALERT, Cat’s creepy bio-dad , FBI Agent Reynolds is now and forever going to be referred to as Condor OR until M is like who is Condor and then it will go back to Reynolds). Condor figures out that the new beast is Sebastian. Vincent also informs Condor that he knows that he has a list and is using Vincent to pick people off said list. He asks Condor if he is on a list, Condor denies it but we all watch TV, we know Vincent is on the list. Vincent you are a loose end, buddy. Anyhow, Sebastian’s father owned ART GALLERIES! They still don’t know what’s happening on Friday but they do know that the NYPD (AKA the Scooby Gang) is looking into art galleries in connection with the dead FBI guy. Condor is like “we have a breach” and Vincent is like “not on my end” and Condor is like “are you sure” and Vincent shits his pants because of course Cat looked at your laptop and stole your files, you big dumb dummy.

Cat meets Heather and they talk about her possible move to Miami. Heather ALSO informs Cat that her father was not her biological father. Cat is pretty pissed off and tells Heather to go move to Miami. She finds Vincent with flowers by her apartment. She forgot there date in the whole my-dad-is-not-my-dad mess. Vincent reads her heartbeat and now puts it together that Cat might have stolen his files. Did they make Vincent dumber? Because it clearly looked like Vincent had put it together when he was on the phone with Condor OR the Condor, anyway it appears that he only now is putting it together AND only after going back to the boat and finding Cat’s prints on the laptop.


Cat talks to Tess. Cat is upset because she thinks she was made by Vincent and realized that even though she thought she was trying to figure out what he was doing for the public good that Tess has been right all episode, what Cat really wanted was her boyfriend back. BUT Tess doesn’t gloat for long because the FBI agent was investigating those galleries but they just assume it’s because he was tracking an art thief not a beast (OH TESS THERE ARE NO COINCIDENCES YOU NEED TO WATCH THE X FILES). Cat then gets a call from Vincent who to fuck with her and keep her off the trail fakes a memory BUT Cat who is NOT DUMB puts that shit together. GO CAT!

She does some “referendia” snooping and finds out that “Friday at Five” is a painting commissioned by Sebastian’s dad who died in Afghanistan after serving in the British Special Forces. Cat figures out that Sebastian is a beast. Cat is the smartest. The Scooby gang goes to the art gallery painting party. Vincent is shocked to see Cat and she is very cutting in her remarks but tells him that they ARE going to have a conversation over DANCING!


At the charity auction, Cat and Vincent dance and they both SHOULD realize that they SHOULD WORK TOGETHER but instead they kind of just talk about their jobs and all the LIES. WHATEVER. The real stuff happens after the dance.

First Tess talks to Sebastian’s dad and finds out that he is guilt ridden about sending his son to the military and thus his death. The gang figures out (well Cat and Tess, Mohinder just looks good in a suit) that Sebastian is going to kill his father. Tess and Mohinder save the guests. Cat saves the dad and tells Vincent to go after Sebastian. In the elevator Sebastian corners Cat. She tries to fight him (because Cat never plays the victim, she always fights even a rage monster) but he almost sends her down the shaft but Vincent comes to help. He kills Sebastian and saves Cat AND while pulling her up from the shaft has a ton of memories come flooding back and then a COMMERCIAL!


Cat returns home to find Heather. Heather doesn’t want to leave because she doesn’t want to damage their relationship but Cat apologizes and sends her to Ravenswood Miami.


Cat and Heather scenes are the worst. [I do not even know who Heather is. She sucks. -M]

At the precinct Tess accuses Mohinder of having a crush on Cat–this would be cute if I didn’t want to get to the Vincent Cat stuff.


FINALLY Vincent on the fire escape, he tells Cat that he remembers like really remembers, just flashes but he remembers. Cat rebuffs him because she can’t ask him what he does and who he works for and she doesn’t want anymore lies. Then Cat tells Vincent that they never lied to each other before and that is blatantly bullshit I have 22 recaps of shows of them lying to each other. Remember when one would work on a case and the other would lie about it to protect the other one –REMEMBER ALEX AND THE THRIFTSHOP HOSPITAL. [EVEN I REMEMBER THE THRIFT STORE HOSPITAL and I don’t even watch this show.-M] Show I am angry because I think you are actively toying with us and that pisses me off. Also I liked this episode until the last five/ten minutes when it went to hell.


If you could remember everything you would have called Cat/the show out on it’s bullshit TOO!

Next week Mohinder is going to offer Vincent a cure which incidentally he did last year which prompted the whole romantic pool thing. Also I think Vincent eventually lied to Cat about taking those pills because they could kill him. In fact I think Vincent has always lied to Cat!

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