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Previously on BATB , Thanksgiving dinner with bio-dad went spectacularly bad; first bio-dad Bob is a dick and secondly Mohinder brought Tori, who is just now coming into her beast-like tendency’s, especially when she is around Vincent. The best part was the budding romance between JT and Tess –that was AWESOME!


Someone got a haircut and now looks even foxier!

We left off last week with quite the cliffhanger, Vincent tripping the wire of the bombed apartment Tori was being held captive in. Vincent realizes that he can’t move off the doormat or the apartment will explode so he has to convince Tori to beast-out so that they can be free. He also tells her that once free they will “KILL THEM ALL.” I watch Game of Thrones so I’m totally cool with this idea but I guess I understand Cat being a cop and not too keen on the revenge killing.


While Cat and Mohinder are RACING back to the city on the LIE, they receive word from Tess that there was an explosion at Tori’s penthouse (YAY Tori has money so now maybe the boys won’t have to be squatters anymore and could possibly own the abandoned gentleman’s club). When Cat and Mohinder get to the building Tess is already there and she looks very concerned. Poor Cat has to fight back emotions and refuses to believe Vincent is dead (I wish I could tell her she is on a TV show with ‘beast’ in the title and of course Vincent isn’t dead because she looks so sad). Mohinder gives her a pep-talk of the “we will need your help to take down your shitty bio-dad” variety and sends her home for some much-needed alone time.

Bob gets a phone call from the mad-bomber at the bomb-sight telling him that the job is done and that he vaporized the targets. Bob is incredulous but mad-bomber threatens that if he doesn’t get paid Bob is the next target. I hope that guy kills Bob –BOB IS THE WORST. At least Bob isn’t eating while talking on the phone tonight –small victories.

Cat goes home and finds Vincent. It’s emotional. They both realize BOB is the worst and that Vincent will deal with him but that they need to help Tori. Poor Tori, her dad died, the FBI paid some mad-bomber to blow her up and realized she is an experiment by a shadowy government agency; I would have a lot more compassion for her if she wasn’t also the 4th point on an already strained relationship square –which sound like a modern-day square-dance.


Cat convinces Vincent not to kill Bob (CAT BOB IS THE WORST) and that she and Mohinder will figure out a way to send him to jail. I just want to point out that Mohinder couldn’t even figure out that the FBI guy who was giving him tips as far back as Zach –THANKS IRENE for reminding me—is logically the man behind Vincent as an assassin. I hope Vincent talks this through with JT. Cat also rightly pointed out that there fight had more to do with her father and less to do with Vincent and she-beast’s kiss.

Cat and Tess have some much-needed girl-talk/comic relief. Tess calls Tori ‘little miss glowy eyes’ and I love her. Go kiss JT some more Tess.

Back at Cat’s Vincent is trying to heal Tori with water but she wants something stronger –girl after my own heart. She also bats her eyes at him and makes me super annoyed. I hate love triangles –ARGH. She also plants seeds of doubt in Vincent’s mind about Cat turning in her own father (she just found out he was her father like a week ago).


Oh dear Mohinder has a plan. The plan is to get Bob to incriminate himself. Tess looks like she might just start laughing as Cat tells Mohinder his plan is stupid. BUT Mohinder’s plan is actually logically sound (I bet JT secretly came up with it). It’s basically blackmail Bob by finding one of the bodies of a slain beast that Vincent killed which hasn’t been cremated because of a backlog of bodies at the NYC crematorium –FUN! Once blackmailed he will incriminate himself because his blackmailers are our Scooby gang or rather someone they get to blackmail him–HUZZAH! Cat hopes they can use the mad-bomber somehow in their plan because Vincent can track him –FANCY! One hitch, Bob is going to fly to Geneva in a day –DRATS! Whatever will our heroes do! This plan kind of reminds me of some of the shit Mohinder and Peter Petrelli tried to cook up on Heroes –let’s hope it goes better than the whole ‘save the cheerleader, save the world’ which was catchy but wasn’t it Peter and his brother who ultimately saved the world?

The gang fills Vincent and JT in on their plan. Vincent is pretty convinced it won’t work. JT is at first a little miffed at being asked to steal a cadaver until he is told he gets to do it with Tess –MAKE OUT! Vincent says he will have to teach Tori how to track to find the mad-bomber. Cat looks none-too-pleased by this turn of events –Cat I hate this WHOLE storyline so I am with you, sister.

The Scooby gang calls Bob so that he checks his email and then send him an email, subject line, “Screw You” it actually makes me laugh-out-loud.


Back at Tori’s bombed out penthouse she is receiving her first lesson in beast tracking with her mentor in all things beastly Vincent. Dear show, two beasts are good, two beasts working together to solve crime in NYC with a crack team of detectives is even better. Two beasts fooling around when one of them is soul mates with another is infuriating and makes me want to waste peanut m&ms by throwing them at the TV! Vincent mentoring Tori is pretty badass and I would love to see them helping Tess and Cat fight crime, that this isn’t the direction the show is going makes me sad –a girl can dream or bitch about it on the internet!

Tess and JT at the morgue are fabulous. Tess didn’t respond to JT’s text. Tess he is your soul mate AND he isn’t a beast. Also the ME’s face as JT searched for the ‘right’ cadaver in their ‘study’ was fantastic. Well played you two!

Mohinder and Cat go and rattle Bob with some well placed menthol on Cat’s fingers and a sneering Mo. The best part was when Cat says she would rather kick him in the face. She calls him dad and it makes my skin crawl.

Back at the mad-bomber’s bomb shop Vincent does some haunting. The mad-bomber tries to escape but Tori goes and kills him. It looks like Vincent needs to do some more mentoring.


The gang takes Tori killing the mad-bomber as expected. Cat becomes self-righteous (remember when you defended Vincent for killing Joe’s brother because he saved you sister). So this is logical, she is a cop and needs to draw a line between killing for protection and just plain old killing but NONE of this is new to her and I’m really irritated that the show is definitely setting up a battle between Cat and Tori for Vincent’s soul which is NOT the show we all watched last year. I miss the old show –man I am so grumpy.

Anyway Tori wants to kill Reynolds for what he has done to them, Cat wants justice and Vincent has suffered brain damage and trauma which means he needs a vacation (somebody needs to deal with his trauma why are all of us beasties the only one concerned for Vincent’s mental state). This is the show people, let’s all be happy that Tess and JT are in love and Mohinder and Vincent are so damn dreamy.

Let’s talk about Mohinder’s new haircut and how he and JT (or rather JT) salvaged the plan AND not talk about the fact that Cat has practically given up on Vincent and switched to team-Mohinder (Catherine telling Mohinder he can’t risk his life for them makes me want to scream). First Mohinder is quite foxy with his hair shorter AND JT’s new plan is well thought out, they will use the mad-bomber’s phone and Mohinder as the blackmailer to get Bob to confess –WINNING!


I just got a hard cider and some more m&ms so I am now much calmer (I might’ve looked at some gifs of kittens) let’s finish this recap with passion, fervor, and SNARK!

Cat and Mohinder have a moment and because I sedated myself with booze and sugar I only roll my eyes, once –OKAY TWICE I’M ONLY HUMAN. Their moment is interrupted by a call from Bob. Cat worries he is on to them. She goes to meet him at a coffee shop and he tells her he is leaving.

Mohinder meets Bob in an abandoned parking garage. Bob turns on some sort of device, is it a scrambler a bomb? Bob points a gun at Mohinder who exclaims, “EASY BOB!” which is my new favorite saying and perhaps my favorite part of the show (OH Mohinder the new hair has made you feisty). Anyway Bob incriminates himself then makes them switch cars (it was a bomb) and Mohinder has Cat go after Bob to arrest him –everybody wins?!?


While Bob tries to explain/apologize to Cat by saying her boyfriend will only get worse (REMEMBER WHEN THERE LOVE MADE HIM LESS RAGEY –sorry for the all caps), the car is attacked by Vincent who isn’t exactly helping the situation (BUT HE HAS BRAIN DAMAGE). Vincent pulls Bob out of the car and starts to beat the shit out of him. HE is about to kill Bob but Cat begs him not to so he stops but then at the last second decides BOB IS THE WORST and tries to kill him but Cat shoots him. She then takes Bob to jail which leads Cat right into Mohinder’s arms –SERIOUSLY FOR REALSIES!

Back at the houseboat of sadness and lost love Vincent is bleeding out from his bullet wound when Tori walks in –LOVES SQUARES ARE THE WORST!


We don’t even get to see Tess and JT making out before the end credits roll –but I need them to restore my hope in this show, oh who am I kidding Jay Ryan is the reason I watch every week.

Alright kids I hope on January 13th I’m not as ragey as I was tonight. Have a LOVELY Thanksgiving, a fabulous holiday season AND A FESTIVE NEW YEAR!

 Gifs from batbnation and photos from The CW. 


  1. You never disappoint! Never! This was the one. I totally understand your feelings but nope I refuse to believe this is a triangle let alone square, since it’s been confirmed that nothing more (romantically) will happen with Tori/V.

    But let’s be fair, I’m glad they broke up and can just deal with whatever but just don’t fall into Gabe’s arms Cat, cause that I cannot process. Otherwise can’t wait to revisit your snark it the New Year 😉

    • I hope you are right and that it’s not a love square those ARE THE WORST!

      I’m so glad you liked the recap I thought that I had gone to the dark place the last half of the episode but I had Mohinder’s new hair to guide me to the light 😉

      I can’t believe we have to wait until JANUARY!

      THANKS as always for reading and the awesome comments!!!

      • Lolol! That hair was looking great! And trust me you weren’t that dark!

        No problem! Reading your snark-filled review is always a highlight for me 😉

  2. Thanks Katie. I was actually one of your first reader, but watching the ending of the episode and facing the hiatus left me heartbroken for a few days 😉

  3. Soo I just started watching the first season of BATB last week. I recently ended that season this week, and watching this mid-season finale has built every possible emotion inside of me! lol. Like wtf. Why can’t Vincent and Cat just stay together and be happy for once? There’s always something in the way. I hope Vincent being shot will finally wake him up, and bring him back to reality. Once Tori stepped into his boathouse, my first thought was that he was going to sleep with her. HAHA. But I mean, who wouldn’t? It’s friken Jay Ryan. Anywho, I just happened across your page and loved the commentary on this horrible episode. Keep it up (:

    • Hey Mia,

      Thank you so much for reading!!!

      I hope things get better for Ct and Vincent in 2014 (those two kids deserve it).

      Thanks again for reading and commenting 🙂

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