Smart ladies love dumb TV, BATB recap; Never Turn Back (SEASON FINALE)


Our final voice over for Season 1, I hope this does not continue into next season. Next season, guys, let’s just start with a previously on instead of the whole “soul mate” spiel.

Never Turn Back

Cat and Vincent go on a cute date to a small town festival. They get pretty sad and emo over some cotton candy about their plight. I would care more if the show hadn’t shown us that Vincent has increasingly been able to control his rage-monster self which means that they could go on normal dates. They also could start off with short dates and work up to long dates. They could experiment with the types of outings. My point, and I’ll make it more specific at the bottom of this post, is that I’m bored with this whole normal relationship shit because Cat KNEW Vincent wasn’t normal when it started and by bringing this up over and over again it’s become increasingly BORING and LAZY plotting.

After his date Vincent goes to hang out with JT who is still doing further tests on Vincent’s blood. He finds out that the pills (Vincent has only taken 2) are continuing to work on Vincent even though he stopped taking them and that if they continue to work he could be cured.

Taylor and Mohinder plot killing Vincent for his thymus whatever. And then they make out, BORING. JT however suspects that they are dirty and follows them. JT is like the bestest friend ever, next to Tess.

Vincent and Cat talk about the possibility of him being normal. Cat shows him fake IDs she got for the two of them so that once they find out that he is “cured” they can move to a small town outside of Colorado. They talk about sacrificing their friendships with JT and Tess (no mention of Heather or her dad cause they SUCK). JT is building a new life with Sarah and Tess wouldn’t have to lie to Joe every day. [This is a terrible idea. No Tess? NO SHOW. -M]

Never Turn Back

Cat’s dad calls and says they have to meet. So she leaves and goes to meet her dad while waiting on opposite sides of a street someone pushes Mr. Chandler out into the road and a car runs him down. Cat runs to his side.

At the hospital Cat gives blood in the invent her father needs it since she is a BLOOD relative. Heather comes in and is pissed that Cat thinks that this is a conspiracy and that Cat isn’t going to stay and wait. Heather is a moron –YOU’RE DAD WAS MOWED DOWN AND THE CAR KEPT GOING THAT IS NOT AN ACCIDENT. Cat grabs his stuff including a tablet that was almost destroyed. Vincent shows up and offers his help but without his abilities he isn’t really a help PLUS Cat thinks Muirfield is behind this.

Vincent gets a call from JT that Mohinder and Taylor are up to know good. Poor Vincent, everyone is protecting him and he is just supposed to hang out and play videos games.

Never Turn Back

Cat goes to the station but can’t find an IT guy she does find Tess and they have a heart to heart. Tess takes Mr. Chandlers stuff and say that she will get it looked at but that Cat needs to be with her dad and sister.

Mohinder gets a call from Taylor about his place being ransacked by JT and that Vincent has no plans to die that night (it’s a terrible line-reading; Taylor and Mohinder are the worst actors ever). Mohinder tells Taylor to get the equipment replaced and that he will get Vincent to their meet. He then kidnaps Cat.

Tess has the IT guy turn the tablet on and finds an email that a man has arrived, it look ominous. We immediately see the man checking out Mohinder’s loft, I’m guessing he is Muirfield. He tells a henchman to find Mohinder now that they know he is alive and to find out who destroyed the lab and why.

Mohinder takes Cat to his fancy estate and locks her in a room while they wait for Vincent to arrive. If Vincent is smart he will call Tess and JT for help (but I have no hope that Vincent is smart).

Never Turn Back

Vincent and JT don’t call Tess (IDIOTS) but they do kidnap Tyler as a bargaining chip (SMART) but unfortunately Mohinder doesn’t love Tyler as much as Vincent loves Cat. Vincent tells JT and Tyler that he was a soldier once he can take down Mohinder without his special powers. Tyler tells Vincent that if he takes a vaccine (any vaccine) that his body will fight off the cure and he will permanently be a beast.

Cat and Mohinder have a heart to heart about his sad childhood as a rage monster. Apparently he killed his parents AND Mohinder isn’t terrible in the acting department in this seen. Cat also manages to steal a knife and Mohinder gives her the keys to her cell for her own protection because he has begun to change.

Tyler manages to escape JT and is killed by the man from Muirfield. Why did they not call Tess, she is a badass and definitely should be notified about Cat being kidnapped. Tess cause she is no dummy finds JT chained to the radiator and makes fun of him (because they are all morons). JT catches her up on the whole Mohinder/Tyler shit that’s going down and then she is all WE HAVE BIGGER PROBLEMS and fades to black.

Never Turn Back

Back at Mohinder’s estate poor Cat is about to be attacked by a super rage monster. She manages to pry the metal covering a window and Vincent comes and gets her out. They then have to same old conversation about who wants who to be normal and blah blah blah future and oh god people who gives a shit the show is called Beauty and the Beast so Vincent is and always will be until the SERIES Finale be a beast so let’s move the fuck along cause you need to be running from the big bad rage monster NOT hanging out behind a pillar talking about your relationship. Mohinder of course catches up to them cause of all the yammering.

AND Heather finds out that her dad is not Cat’s biological dad. A blood donation in a TV show is the DNA equivalent to Chekov’s gun.

Cat runs into the estate and finds a vaccine (it was also makeshift medical facility to suppress Mohinder) and turns Vincent back into a beast. He and Mohinder fight but then Mohinder is killed by the Muirfield man who turns out to be CAT’S FATHER who also kidnaps Vincent.

On the whole I thought this was an excellent first season of a TV show. BUT I do have some thoughts about what I would like to see in season 2 to make this a good CW show into a GREAT TV show in general.

Never Turn Back

Thoughts for improvement for season 2:

  • Sometimes this show is very black & white with the rules of Vincent’s condition but then routinely change them for story purposes. Listen BATB you are better than Once Upon a Time so don’t start doing what that show does with “magic” i.e., changing the rules all the time to suit the plot; it’s lazy. Vincent’s condition changing and adapting is great, but then those are the new rules, I would appreciate it if you didn’t return to the idea that he hasn’t changed at all. Vincent is shown to be able to be around people so he and Cat can have a somewhat normal relationship and I think it would be interesting to explore what he can and cannot do with his ever adapting abilities.
  • In order for this show to exist Vincent has to be a rage-monster and Cat has to save him from himself NOT Muirfield FOREVER until the SERIES finale that’s how TV works. Because of thi,s the whole case of the week format was a good idea, as it kept the show in a procedural format so that they could use Vincent’s abilities to fight crime while searching for a cure. This also made Vincent less emo about his condition and more positive. TV shows need conflict so I am not against Muirfield entirely but I liked when Vincent helped Cat with cases and then they had to worry about his help being found out by Muirfield.
  • We need actual Muirfield bad guys not just extras playing Muirfield bad guys. It was nice when they introduced the woman who seduced Evan and the dude from Twilight because we got to put faces to the evil shadowy government group BUT we didn’t get to KNOW them we never found out why they were bad. I want to get to know Cat’s real dad and why he works for Muirfield. I want a bad guy less annoying than Mohinder. [But you won’t find one as hot. -M]
  • The entire last half of this season abandoned the procedural format in favor of Muirfield, finding Vincent a cure, AND having Tess and Evan discovers that Cat knew about the vigilant all along. Tess and Evan stuff was good (even though Evan’s behavior rubbed me the wrong way) and again I understand we need conflict but the premise of this show was a procedural and in favor of Mohinder/Muirfield we would just ignore cases. WHATEVER HAPPENED TO THE FINGERPRINTLESS MEN???
  • Vincent, Tess and JT are all very good with a quip. Keep this show funny, it lightens the mood. Stop wasting their talent; it will only improve the show.
  • And lastly they need to be a TEAM, seriously things would work out better, would be better plotted and more interesting if our four leads worked together instead of separately. Be a TEAM; trust each other instead of making the same mistake week after week. Again, this gets boring. Joe and Muirfield are great conflict producing foils for our team while they solve cases together while hiding Vincent from Joe/Muirfield. Also it’s interesting that Tess is sleeping with Joe, while hiding Vincent, that’s GREAT CONFLICT.


Again, this show was fun and I hate to be negative, but I actually think this show has the potential to be GREAT if it calmed down and went back to basics. What are some changes that you guys want?

I have high hopes for season 2 and I’m so excited about its move to Monday. See you in the fall!


  1. Nice review again. I agree with most of what you’ve said. For the life of me, they need to drop that ‘normal’ talk once and for all. I am seriously done with it. Until I rewatched some episodes again, I didn’t realise how far back the ‘normal’ conversation went.

    I also like your ideas for next season.
    What I would add is that I need more V flashbacks, to see how he was back in the day; about his fam etc.
    Also, I really want to know exactly how V got out of Afghanistan and if Mommy Chandler helped him and what he actually knows about Cat’s parents.
    Otherwise, love this show, love your reviews and can’t wait for next season.

    • As always thanks for COMMENTING and reading! I love to hear what others think of this glorious and silly show 😉

      Now, I TOO want to know how V got out of Afghanistan and ended up in NYC with JT. I had forgotten that V and Evan had the exchange about her parents right before Evan died. All the questions we need answered.

      For now I’m just going to be happy that Gabe/Mohinder is dead I did not like that guy 🙂

      • Lol! Glorious and silly is the perfect description!
        However, I don’t think Gabe is dead. In my gut I’m sure he’s somehow going to survive, he is 1st Gen after all.

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