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Lovey dovey voice over is even worse than the old voice over.

Partners in Crime

At the end of last week’s show:

  • Tess found Vincent
  • He turned into a rage monster
  • She shot him
  • Cat ran in as he was falling to the ground

In the first three minutes this week:

  • Cat runs to Vincent’s aid
  • Tess realizes that Vincent is the dude cat has been dating
  • Tess runs away
  • Cat runs after her
  • Vincent digs out the bullet, gives himself stitches and runs after both women
  • JT tranquilizes Tess

That’s a lot of shit Cat is going to have to explain to Tess.

Partners in Crime

After JT initially freaks out and demands that all three of them ditch Tess in the subway tunnels and move to Canada they come up with a plan. Vincent is convinced that Tess can be brought around to their side (both Cat and JT are somewhat skeptical) so he and Cat stay with her while JT goes to plant Vincent’s DNA in the morgue for Evan AKA Muirfield to find. I have one question now that the warehouse is blown to pieces: where are JT and Vincent going to live?

Joe and the rest of the police task force kind of wonder where Cat and Tess are but just assume there doing their work or celebrating the take down of the vigilante (I’m starting to worry about the effectiveness of the NYPD on this show). Mohinder (who is the least subtle actor EVER —seriously dude, now that we know you are a bad guy you now have to sneer in every scene as if you are twirling your mustache) is pissed at Joe for not taking in the vigilante alive (and for him not being able to question him first because he is a dirty dude). He also FINALLY questions Cat’s intel about the warehouse (if Joe was any good at his job he would realize that Mohinder is a bad dude because the sneer).

While Tess is out cold Cat and Vincent discuss how they are going to convince her not to go to the cops. Vincent says that she should appeal to her as a friend but Cat rightly points out that that bridge has been burned by all the lying. Instead Cat reasons that if she builds a case that Vincent only ever killed in the act of saving an innocent it might sway Tess as an officer of the law. So I’m guessing this is the case-of-the-week. Fun?!?

Partners in Crime

Cat goes to Evan to get his file on all the cases with the vigilante DNA and finds JT having issues swapping the cadaver DNA with Vincent’s. Cat sweet talks the file from Evan AND JT gets needed help swapping samples. Win?!?

As she is trying to leave the precinct Joe pulls her into a press conference about the vigilante. Cat is appropriately vague at the press conference about everything. As she is leaving Mohinder (who has switched from evil sneer to skeevy smile —dude underplay) asks her questions about the case and about Tess. Cat says that Tess is sick but this only makes him more “worried” so he invites himself along when Cat suggests she swing by Tess’ to check on her.

Tess wakes up in the subway and is rightly rude to Vincent who did attack her after turning into a rage monster. He tries to explain about Muirfiled and that Cat was only protecting her (Tess ain’t buying it and also drops a line about how they have been searching for Vincent for a year —man time flies on BATB). Vincent also tries to play to her sympathies explaining what they both have in common. As Vincent goes to get Tess food she tries to escape. He catches up to her and tells her that he doesn’t care if she rats him out, he only cares about her ratting out Catherine. He tries to convince Tess to talk to Catherine as a friend before she does anything. He then gives her back her gun and lets her leave the tunnels.

JT and Evan are nervously waiting for the DNA results, when Evan gets a text from Catherine he tells JT that she is the reason he went to Muirfield to protect her. JT immediately asks him if he has feelings for her. Evan denies them but we no he just lying (even possibly to himself). JT is all dude you shouldn’t date people you work with (JT always has V’s back). Then the results come in.

Partners in Crime

Cat and Mohinder go to Tess’ apartment. Tess of course is not there. Mohinder is so skeevy and overplays his hand to the point that Cat is all “dude why do you care where Tess is?” (I’m obviously paraphrasing but I just wanted to note that Cat is smarter than Joe). As Cat is asking him questions about his evil sneers and skeevy smiles they get the info about the DNA. He tells Cat he will call a car service and leaves.

As Cat goes back to her car she sees Tess. She apologizes for leaving her best friend in the tunnel with Vincent. She also tells Tess that Vincent has been helping her since her mom died. That he protects people. The Darius was going to kill Heather. Tess tells Cat that they can no longer be friends and that she will only protect Cat if Cat turns Vincent in. Cat refuses and leaves. Tess calls the precinct and tells them they caught the wrong guy.

Cat goes to the sewers to get Vincent and JT as they now have to run. They send JT for the car and they go to meet him at the exit. Tess and the two cops who are in cahoots with Mohinder descend the tunnels looking for Vincent. Tess notices that they have cattle prods, when she questions them she realizes that they are no real cops. One of them shoots her and pushes her into a sewage drain. The cops come upon Cat and Vincent but they are no match for a rage monster and a tough as nails woman, Catcent kill them. Cat then infers that they should be there with Tess so they go looking for her. Vincent saves her from drowning and Tess apologizes to Cat for ratting out Vincent.

The girls have a heart to heart over bourbon. Tess lies to Joe that it was a false alarm and that the two not-cops never showed up. Joe then lays into Mohinder, who of course smarms his way out of it and goes to the sewers to learn that THE MONSTER LIVES.

Partners in Crime

JT brings beer to Evan to make sure that he is leaving Muirfield behind. Even tells him that he wanted to celebrate with Cat. JT freaks out and tries to convince him NOT to tell her he has feelings for her.

Vincent and Cat make out on her fire escape but he has to leave so that he and JT can find a new place to live (I think Cat suggests Tess’ apartment but I could be wrong). Then he jumps off her fire escape cause that’s not suspicious and Evan SEES IT!

No new episodes until April 18th but it looks like Evan turns Vincent in to Muirfield!?!

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