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Let’s all participate in an internet loud clap for the CW for renewing our beloved BATB for a second season {LOUDLY CLAPPING FROM TWITTER TO TUMBLR}!

Playing with Fire

Voice over of destined LOVE! Now we must relieve Evan’s death, poor sad in need of a woman’s studies course, Evan, may you rest in peace (100 pennies says Muirfield brings him back as the ULTIMATE ragey super soldier).

V and Cat go to the former residence of an arms dealer for a possible residence for Vincent. They have cute banter about real estate and then Vincent brings up dead Evan and how he would prefer a less prisony place to live.

Mohinder wakes up in bed next to a girl (it might be that Muirfield girl Evan was hooked up with but I don’t quite remember what she looked like) and has a nosebleed (Mohinder is totally a super soldier/Muirfield experiment, CORRECT?). Hot Joe (remember him?) shows up unannounced demanding to investigate Evan (whose last name is Marx, did we know that?). Mohinder rightly points out that bringing Evan to justice would mean calling in question all of the cases he worked on. Mohinder says that he is quietly searching for Evan. When he goes inside his girlfriend (still have no idea if she is the same woman though, now I’m thinking not) asks him if Joe will be a problem, Mohinder doesn’t think so, apparently they both hate Muirfield and then as they get busy you see that she has a nasty scar on her back (I am now kind of positive she is NOT the blond who seduced Evan for Muirfield).

At the precinct Tess and Cat have some girl talk about poor dead Evan (I wonder if we will get a case-of-the-week). Just as they are discussing Vincent and JTs housing situation a wounded man runs into the precinct looking for Cat, he dies before he can tell her why he is looking for her (is this a case-of-the-week, perchance).

{BONUS FUN FACT: Netflix totally paid for a Hemlock Grove spot on the CW which is perfect since Hemlock Grove is thoroughly a CW show only with swearing and TONS of nudity, Melissa and I liveblogged the first episode and I made Bill Skarsgard Hot Dude of the Week last week with his brother Gustaf. If you like BATB you might like Hemlock Grove I give it an average grade, EW gave it a B+, Melissa thought it was the worst ever so there you go!}

Tess gives Cat a key card the dead dude had on his body, Cat jokes about corrupting Tess (I’m so glad Tess is on the super team). They notice that the precinct has already replaced Evan with a new dude named Kirk (he is typical white dude attractive, boring, Evan at least had a British accent). Mohinder walks in just as New Evan points out that dead dude has no fingerprints. We immediately get a Mohinder flashback (bonus points for Mohinder’s flashback face. Worst. Actor. Ever.)

BATB_PLaying with Fire_Gabe

We learn in the flashback that when he was a child he lived in a creepy white walled place where they experimented on children. He was attended by a woman who also had no fingerprints. When he comes out of his flashback he asks Joe, to keep him in the loop.

Unbeknownst to Cat, Vincent and JT start digging into who dead guy was (actually Vincent lies to her so that he can protect her, it’s like every fucking week some guy has to play hero for a woman who has clearly proven she can protect herself. I know that this is more or less the CW model damsel in distress shit but for a show that has made such a point of female empowerment it really aggravates me. Be smarter show!). They find a car in an alley and another finger-printless dead dude. They also find a smashed up cell phone.

Cat and Tess watch a video of the front of Evan’s apartment building to find out who ransacked his place and stole his files about Vincent. Through a NY license plate they find out that is was Mohinder. Tess wonder’s if it was official district attorney investigation but Cat points out that the video makes it seem very sketchy.

Cat goes and confronts Mohinder about stealing Evan’s research. Mohinder tells her he was taken by Muirfield as an orphan in Calcutta and experimented on. He tells her that he is hunting them when she accuses him of being an agent for them. He tells her that she should trust him and that they should work together but she tells him that he has not earned her trust, because seriously dude you are creepy as FUCK!

Playing with Fire

Vincent shows Cat the video and from their conversation he must have also told her about the other dead dude and car (I do have a question though, are the police investigating that too or is there just an abandoned car and dead body lying in an alley of NYC and nobody has done anything. Is Muirfield aware of the dead body and SUV? I need ANSWERS.) In the video dead dude tells Cat that her mother was his mentor, that Muirfield will eventually try and find her, and that she needs to find “The Orchard.” Cat says they should trust Mohinder (NO CAT HE IS TOTES CREEPY) and ask him about “The Orchard.” Vincent who is being a better boyfriend by being honest with his clandestine actions to Cat, reasons that he should investigate Mohinder’s story before they trust him as once they trust him there is no going back.

So Vincent and JT meet in a car to discuss what JT found out about “The Orchard” and that they need to keep their findings from Cat (not that he actually ever does this AKA telling Cat about the video). JT points out that if they asked Cat for help they would actually FIND something but Vincent points out that he doesn’t want Cat to end up like Evan. JT and Vincent discuss going back to the old system of total secrecy once they find a new place (I role my eyes cause the one thing nobody does in this show is keep their secrets, everybody ends up telling somebody like 15 minutes after they make their super sacred secret pact).

Tess goes to talk to Joe about his investigations into Evan; he basically reiterates that he wants somebody to pay for what happened to his brother. [I WAS WONDERING ABOUT JOE! -M] She then goes and talks to Cat who has received one of Evan’s journals from Mohinder as a peace offering, Tess asks her if she is going to trust him. Cat says her gut says yes (her gut Is an idiot, that dude killed a guy to lure Vincent out into the open and hired those dudes who nearly killed Tess) but her head says no (clearly her head is smarter than her gut, I’m ignoring that fact that she said her head sounded like Vincent cause I think that if anyone’s right it’s JT who is the only one who pointed out that they might all be smarter and probably safer if they all worked together). Tess tells her to follow her gut because it has saved them both before and to keep Vincent in the dark (I then paused the TV while I banged my head against the desk Peggy Olsen style).


Cat gets the journals from Mohinder and immediately finds a reference to “The Orchard” she tries to hide it but he notices. She informs him that she lifted the dead guy’s phone (at least she is smart enough to not tell Mohinder about Vincent and the rest of the super team) and that he had a video telling her that Muirfield was vulnerable and that she needed to find “The Orchard.” Mohinder wants to go with her but she tells him to let her go as it would be easier to explain if she gets caught than if they both got caught, he listens to her because maybe he isn’t a complete idiot (I totally have my doubts, I bet he follows her).

Using Tess as a distraction, Cat uses dead dudes card to break into “The Orchard,” once inside Cat finds Muirfield’s computer servers. I also want to point out that Mohinder did listen to her he stayed in his apartment with his girlfriend and talked to Cat on the phone (Mohinder finally gets some bonus points from me, I’m sure I will find something else to hate him for by the end of the episode).

Cat and Mohinder manage to get into the files on the servers because the password is “CHIMERA,” (there is NO fucking way Muirfield would use a password like that, I mean even low security places are making you have at least a number and/or special character). Mohinder and his girlfriend manage to start a transfer of the files to a server at Mo’s mansion. Vincent is listening into their conversation and realizes that Cat is helping them. Tess who is outside with the Muirfield agent finds out a strike team is en route to “The Orchard.” Cat realizes after the transfer has started that Mo will have all of Vincent’s information, so she tries to take down the server. Vincent finds Cat and together, TOGETHER, they take down the strike team and burn down “The Orchard.”

"Playing with Fire"

Mohinder and Cat meat at the sight of the fire, he asks her how she got out she asks him about “Chimera.” She lies, he starts to tell her what a chimera is she finishes and says that her mother a scientist wore a necklace with the creature on it. Mohinder has another flashback this time being smuggled out of Muirfield and adopted by rich people, Cat’s mom smuggled hr out. He tells Cat to go and get herself cleaned up and goes to talk to his girlfriend. Who has pictures of the crime scene (how is anybody’s guess, I’m thinking the show just wants me to go with it) that prove that the monster was there as well as Cat and the strike team. They discuss that Cat has many secrets (they don’t actually do this but I am assuming that the show would like us to imagine them manically laughing).

Tess shows Joe a report Evan kept from him about his brother being on drugs the night he was killed. Joe gets angry but Tess points out that he needs to grieve for Darius and stop his stupid crusade for Evan.

Cat and Vincent meet in the sewers and decide that it’s much safer if they work together instead of separately (about FUCKING TIME). Then Vincent takes Cat to his new abode and abandoned Gentleman’s club (because in a city where real estate is scarce he just happens to find and awesome pad that would easily cost him and JT about 10,000 dollars a month in rent, I know I know I need to just go with it but come on!).

Next week Vincent forbids Cat from seeing Mohinder; it does not go over well.


  1. Very entertaining, you make me laugh, so funny “Mohinder” BAHAHAHA. yes they are allowing for a lot of assuming aren’t they – I too wondered how Gabe’s GF got pictures.. maybe she is in law enforcement, CSU (not CSI cause that’s a tv show) or press? I know her name is Tyler as it is mentioned on pictures and spoilers I’m hoping there will be more reveals and answers in the following episodes – has to be quick though cause there are only 3 left for this season. OH and I cried, laughed and clapped when I found out about Season 2. 😀 Looking forward to next weeks read.

    • Thanks for reading, Monique!

      I’m so glad you found out her name now I don’t have to type “Mohinder’s girlfriend” over and over again. I’m fairly convinced the producers weren’t sure if they were going to get a second season which is why these last episodes feel so PACKED. I wish the CW would do a better job of letting people know that in proper time. I actually miss the case-of-the-week!

      Due to life next’s weeks recap probably won’t be up until Monday, again 🙁

      Thanks again for reading!!!

  2. I love your recaps I always come here if I miss an episode because you don’t sugar coat anything and it always spot on I can’t wait till you review this weeks episode I know it’s going to be good cause your recaps are always the bomb and I can’t wait to see how you describe jealous Vincent and call Joe on his bullshit like always. love you

    • THANKS JAME!!! You just made my day.

      The recap for this weeks BATB will be up at 11 on Monday morning.

      Oh dear I don’t know what I will do with a jealous Vincent. On the one hand I will probably agree with him that Mohinder/Gabe is terrible but I will also want him to let Cat make up her damn mind 🙂

      Thanks again for reading!!!

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