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Previously on BATB, Cat and Vincent decided to use their words and become a team. Also it was Tess’ birthday, JT was MIA, and Mohinder was all over the place –can we kill him already??


Tess and Cat are taking a celebrity cooking class and Tess is RANDY, unfortunately all the dudes are after Cat. Tess chooses this opportunity to tell Cat that Mohinder won’t wait forever AND that he is leaving to go back to the district attorney’s office because he has apparently cleaned up Joe’s mess –I MISS JOE. [I miss Joe, too. Man, he was hot. -M]

Vincent calls Cat and they have a cute conversation about things (totally reminds me of season 1 which makes me happy). Vincent has discovered that Rebecca had followed the gem to an underground dungeon in NYC which Vincent feels certain is housing our big bad. According to Rebecca, our big bad also has artifacts (Mohinder totally had ancient artifacts in season 1, that’s how Cat was initially alerted to his beastness, if I were a better recapper I would go back through the old recaps and find the episode number but I’m lazy). The Scooby gang has decided that if they can find out who killed Agent Landon’s (finally remembered Rohm’s name) husband then she won’t look into Tori and Vincent and all of the weirdness at precinct last week.

Tori walks in on Vincent when he is talking to Cat and is hella jealous. She whines a bunch to Vincent about their relationship, he points out that he and Cat are both trying to save all their asses from Agent Landon [Is she that threatening? I never really felt that. -M]. We then see that Landon is outside the houseboat with surveillance equipment –ruh roh.


JT got some grant so the gang throws him a big party at the gentleman’s club. While there, Cat and Mohinder awkwardly talk about his leaving. Then Vincent and Tori show up which is more awkwardness. Vincent, Cat, and Mohinder start talking about Landon’s list of suspects and dungeons and then we all realize that poor Tori knows nothing of what’s going on with Rebecca –HELLA AWKWARD. All of the awkwardness upsets Tori (she and JT have a particularly painful hug) and she bolts [Why does she have to know everything? Is she feeling left out of the group? -M]. Vincent goes after her and she whines some more about losing him. She points out that she doesn’t have friends and he is ALL SHE HAS –this is sad, but also I don’t really give a shit about Tori. Vincent doesn’t like the way she makes him feel and wants some space to think about things.

Back inside the gang decides to track Rebecca’s search using an old map and locations she describes in her writings and to compare this with the suspects on Landon’s list. Cat’s gives Vincent advice about his love life mainly that he tries to solve everything himself and communicates poorly (which is exactly how he acts, good continuity writers) before she heads out with Mohinder and Tess to Washington Heights which is the only location Vincent can remember off the top of his head.

At the houseboat Tori walks in on Landon searching through their stuff AND at JT’s new “LAB” he finds great character actor Colm Feore as the mad-scientist AND some dude in a cage who tells him just as he is being drug to run! Colm Feore, how dare you kidnap JT? Where is Vincent when everyone needs him?!? Seriously where is Vincent? It looked like he was stayed at the party as the rest of the group went to Washington Heights. I kind of hope he went to the houseboat because Tori is fragile and I am worried she will attack Landon (whom I care more about than Tori) but then I’m like JT IS KIDNAPPED, USE YOUR POWERS TO FIND HIM!


Tom Everett Scott from That Thing you Do! is in the cage in the lab. He is kind of crazy and it is AMAZING. [I seriously did not know it was him until the end! Good job, drummer from the Oneders! -M] I hope he doesn’t die. Colm Feore tells JT that he needs him to make the serum that Muirfield used to create beasts. He says that he has been paying people to steal shit. He also knows that JT knows about the necklace and skeleton. He then threatens to kill Tom Everett Scott if JT doesn’t start working. I now have to worry about JT and Tom Everett Scott. I also might be wrong about Mohinder being terrible except if Mohinder is really “good” he now is a total spineless drip so I still win at disliking him.

Vincent went back to the houseboat in which he finds Landon tied up. He yells at Tori because she is a complete loose cannon and kind of dumb. He also tries to release Landon but Tori freaks and starts to beast out. Poor Vincent is like “fuck my life.”

At the precinct Cat and Mohinder talk about fate and moving on, it literally is boring I’m not even going to recap it but Tess bursts in and tells them she thinks JT has been kidnapped. Finally someone is going to save JT!


Vincent frees Landon and takes her back to the gentleman’s club. They have an honest talk and Vincent tells her that if she helps him he will help her. I like Landon, I’m glad Tori didn’t hurt her. As Vincent is beginning to tell Landon about beasts, Mohinder and Cat walk in to inform them that someone has JT and they want Vincent too –double ruh roh!

Vincent wants to go after JT immediately but everyone is like WAIT they are waiting to trap you. Tori calls while they are dithering with logistics. She apologizes for kidnapping Landon and Vincent is like “I can’t deal with this now, JT has been kidnapped.” She tries to offer help, which in her defense Vincent should have taken and didn’t, but it’s also completely idiotic that she thinks that she should track JT on her own. [During this conversation, my first thought was, things are not looking so good for old Tori. -M] Vincent at least has the Scooby gang back at the precinct trying to find the dungeon so they can find him once he finds JT. I’m not sure if Tori is impulsive because she is currently in a crappy life situation OR if she always made poor life choices and really I don’t care all I know is that she is going to get caught then it’s the Scooby gang searching for not only JT and Vincent but also Tori.

AND then Tori comes in to free JT and gets herself caught –EYEROLL. Right before this happened Tom Everett Scott stopped JT from faking a serum that would kill Colm Feore. It was here when I theorized that Tom Everett Scott is probably our big bad luring JT into a false sense of security. I miss when this show was a procedural and I got to guess the killer.


At the lab JT creates a serum. Right after he is done, Vincent breaks in and rescues JT and Tom Everett Scott. Vincent goes to save Tori.

Cat and Mohinder are driving around Washington Square Park while Landon and Tess are giving them directions based on their old map and the list of suspects. Cat and Mohinder literally run into JT and Tom Everett Scott.

Vincent finds Tori and she is dying (I guess Colm Feore took too much blood). She tells Vincent he belongs with Cat before she dies. Colm Feore locks the cage and Vincent tries to escape but he can’t, apparently the cages are specially made to keep beasts in even if they beast out. Cat kills Colm Feore just as he is about to kill Vincent. Vincent then takes a moment with dead Tori –I kind of feel bad about Tori being dead she was kind of reckless and made poor life choices but she didn’t deserve to die. [I thought maybe she’d move upstate and live on a farm. Poor Tori. -M]

Vincent and Cat have a heart-to-heart about him trying to protect everyone from getting hurt because of who he is. He tells her he regrets choosing the path of revenge when she offered him humanity. He blames himself for Tori and Cat points out that it was Tori’s choice to try and save JT, just as it is her choice to try and find out how she is connected to all of this. Then the lovely moment is ruined by stupid Mohinder. He tells them that he thinks he can keep this quiet but Tom Everett Scott might be a potential problem but is also traumatized AKA too crazy for anyone to believe. Mohinder ask Cat if she wants to be alone but she says no and takes his hand –they have absolutely NO chemistry and again I will point out that he actively killed people to draw out Vincent AND kidnapped Cat. [It was hard not to eyeroll at this entire conversation. It made me feel gross. -M]


Tess apologizes to Landon about keeping her in the dark. Landon says it was something she needed to see to believe. They are told that the guy they thought was Tony Barnes (he owned the dungeon) AKA Colm Feore is NOT Tony Barnes but a con man. Landon goes to question Tom Everett Scott and he turns out to be SAM her husband! Tess looks both skeptical and moved by the love –AHHHHH! I still think he is bad and secretly working for Mohinder –I WILL NOT LET IT DIE! [Does this mean “Shades” is going to do a stint on the show too? YAY! -M]

Back at the houseboat of sadness, JT comes over and asks Vincent if he wants to get drunk. Vincent is all “it’s my FAULT YOU WERE ALMOST KILLED” and JT was like “DUDE let’s just get drunk on scotch.” JT then tells him it was him who volunteered him for the Muirfield experiments. Vincent realizes that he and JT are even so they get drunk. JT reminds Vincent that he is a hero who uses his beastness to save lives and then they toast to Tori! [What happened to the grant? Why does this show drop the fun stuff but spend so much time on mythology and boring relationships–ahem, Cat/Gabe. Cabe? Gat? Those are terrible. -M]

Next week Vincent attacks Mohinder when he is making out with Cat! Just a note, I am an Olympic nut so I will try my darnedest to get these out quickly but you might just get a opus in three weeks –I’m seriously annoyed that the CW thinks it’s a good idea to put a struggling show up against an international sporting event that only happens every four years and will both make you cry and squee at the same time, again I am an Olympic nut. [Or I can recap this show, and it will be three paragraphs about how I don’t know what’s going on and I want more Tess. -M]

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  1. p.s I’m not sure if you know but I always tweet your link to Austin Basis and he always favourites it…..I’m sure he loves that your a fan of his 🙂

  2. Really great review, as usual :-)! Makes me always smile a lot, thanks.

  3. Life unexpected.. Aw I love that and your recaps it’s like a funnier version of my thoughts!

  4. Dear Katie…I’m an Olympic nut too…so I can’t promise I’ll stay current with BATB either…but have bought the season on ITunes! :p Great recap as always! <3

    • Hey Pat,

      I will DVR the episode as usual but you know with the Olympics it’s always on and it takes me two hours+ to write a decent recap for BATB but I will try and find the time maybe when luge is on (though I can get into pretty much any Olympic sport, I even love curling) but I didn’t want to make any promises 🙂

      As always Pat thanks for the comment!

  5. Love your comments and review. I laughed every time you call Gabe Mohinder! Everything you said has cross my mind.

  6. I’ve been on the I don’t like or trust Mohinder bandwagon since the dude showed up in S1 – I CRINGED when Catherine took his hand and said she wanted to be with him – nearly threw something at the TV. 😀 Sounds like we are all on the same page 😉 Love your review as always

    • I’m not sure why she decided to be with Gabe after deciding to be alone but I keep telling myself that she has to end up with Vincent in the end so this is just a phase 🙂

      Thanks as always for reading and commenting!!!

  7. Thanks for another entertaining review:). You really have ways with words. I love the show and will love it even more without GABE. He just needs to go.

  8. You’ve done it again; said what’s really happening and our frustration over the focus on all things Mohinder – does BD know that the show is not Beauty & the Ex Beast or Beauty and Icky Gabe show but rather Beauty and the Beast? Does he know that Cat & Vincent are the marquee characters – so stop the Gabe show – or how about BK creates a spin-off show called “Mohinder – the greatest guy on earth”. That’s the perfect solution – give Gabe his own show and then bring back the FAB 4 from last year as all he does is rob of us of Tess & JT time with Cat & Vincent. I have my gravol and sedation ready for ep 13 when we get to watch the intimacy and PDAs of Cat and Mohinder. Only thing to look forward to is Vincent beasting out on him – perhaps he could put us all out of our misery by ripping his heart out too – I promise, the last time Vincent will do this. LOL

    • Hey Jennifer,

      I don’t know how we are going to make it through next week. I’m glad the Olympics will be on to help with the pain of watching Gabe and Cat make-out –GROSS! I am so hoping I am right and Gabe is bad, I just don’t think I can take much more of sweet Gabe. If Gabe is bad I hope it’s Cat who gets to kill him since it is her he has really messed with.

      As always thanks for your thoughts on the show and on the recap 🙂

  9. Brilliant as usual – I just love your humour

  10. Spot on as usual. Love your take on this show! I have a theory about Gabe. Cat has to go there with him cos then she can never, ever, crucify Vincent EVER again for anything he ever did before or will do in the future cos all that would pale in comparison to her “going there” with the dude who tried to kill them both and who, I am sure, will ultimately turn out to be the BIG BAD! It’s her own human version of the beast hell poor V has been going through and will make her see that Vincent is the BIG GOOD!

    • Hey Karin,

      Thanks for the theory it’s definitely something to consider going into the next couple of episodes. Gabe was a villain last season and I know the writers are changing things but they can’t completely ignore the fact that most of the stuff Gabe did last season he did NOT as a beast. I really, really hope they bring that up because things are improving but it’s still insane that Cat would forgive Gabe but NOT Vincent.

      As always Karin thanks for commenting!!!

  11. Interesting theory Karin – when you put it like that then yes I think sleeping with Gabe will certainly wipe out ripping out Tori’s father’s heart and trying to kill evil Bio-Dad. It also gives Vincent free pass to do a couple of more “bad” things before balance is restored IMO. I just can’t fathom that she and Tess both have turned into a pair of ,almost simpering females over him – who really has the crush on Gabe I’m thinking its the writers/BK as it makes no sense what so ever that these 2 strong, independant and intelligent women are sooo bamboozled by his ickiness and that he was “born again” to being St Gabriel (pun intended). I need sedation to watch the PDA coming in ep 13. This is not a reflection on the actors – it is what they’ve been given to work with. Enough of BIG BAD St Gabe, lets bring back the Fab 4 – he takes up way too much key screen time and the writers need to refocus the relationships between these 4 key characters. I’ve never said that they need to be apart, to find themselves in order to find that deeper love, but I completely disagree with these silly triangles and while Tori was never really a serious threat, I’m appalled that they are going in for the Cat & Gabe thing further. Someone on that Producer/Writing team loves Gabe, but why I just don’t get it (nothing personal to the actor – he’s great but its not his show).

    • I get it now! Cat is suffering from Stockholm syndrome!! If not, she is needy and crazy and pathetic!

    • Hey Jennifer,

      I think that one of the biggest mistakes the writers have made this year is making it seem like Gabe is all of a sudden a saint but I have a small shred of faith that they are just pulling a long con and in the end his true nature will be revealed. I hope because it would make more sense contextually then when Cat killed the beast within it negated every terrible thing he did in season 1. It’s asking to much of us viewers to just ignore all of what has come before.

      Love all of the discussion 🙂

  12. Thanks for your review! I’ve always been Team V, but just wanna say that this ep……ahhhhh just make me sad and angry at the time! The way V treated and used Tori to get the gem, the shackle, to have sex, knowing she was into him and so lonely…. How he didn’t care when she died. Last eps JT told him about their “primal connection” how she cared about him/it. He’s suddenly so angry at her, I don’t get that. And now everybody loves Gabe, even JT??? I mean, WHAAAAAT?? It’s all so messed up!!

    • Hey Yoli,

      I too felt bad for Tori. The writers really rushed her story arc and it made V seem like a total ass.

      I agree that Cat must be suffering from Stockholm Syndrome or early on-set dementia in order to date Gabe 🙂

      Thanks as always for reading and commenting!!!

  13. Katie ~ enjoyed your review of this weeks show how would sum up the season?
    I’m finding Cat pathetic too, Tess boring, to busy being everyone’s bff, especially miss her and JT’S snarky comments, not trusting Gabe and Vincent…does he have his memory back, what happens if you say Condor does that set him off?
    Goodbye Tori hope you left your money to Vincent because he needs to buy a lock for his front door, does anyone knock anymore?
    Who is Brian Kerns? Why do people dislike him so much?

    • Hello Regina,

      I would sum up this season as uneven. There have been some good things (Tess and JT making out), bad things (Cat’s bio-dad), and a lot of inconsistent continuity (Gabe, Cat, Vincent’s trauma, etc.). The writers have clearly dropped the ball in a lot of areas, I also have no idea if Vincent has all of his memories back or just some (I think the show has just dropped this plot completely).

      Brad Kern is the new showrunner for this season and has changed so much that a lot of people feel like it’s a whole NEW show. I just think he has done a poor job keeping up with continuity, I understand his wanting to change things and make them his own but he shouldn’t have ignored what had come before because he has alienated a portion of the fans the show had from season 1. I would not be surprised if this was one of the reasons that the ratings have slipped this season.

      Thanks for commenting and for reading!!!

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