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Previously on Beauty and the Beast, we learned that Vincent had 2 brothers, a nephew AND was once a fireman. Also JT was missing which was sad and also unfortunate because he could have probably answered a lot of questions both Vincent and Cat had about V’s past. [The comic relief can’t go missing! Dumb. -M]


A beast breaks in and wrecks the houseboat of manliness –maybe he is a fan of the clean Scandinavian all white kind of manly dwelling instead.

At Cat’s apartment of awesomeness [seriously I would trade my house in order to live there! -M] she is on the phone with Mohinder who has been trying and failing to find Cat’s birthfather, when she mentions she is having a nineties themed party in honor of her reunion he kind of hints at his feelings for her. Dear show, remember when we had to kill off Evan (whom we almost liked) because we didn’t want a love triangle? Let’s not go to the who will Cat love, her soul mate or the dude who tried to kill said soul mate a couple of times AND once locked her in a dungeon plot, okay. ALSO where is his girlfriend? They were in love and he is no longer a beast. Let’s bring back Jill (her name was Jill right?).


Cute top, C! -M

Anyway Mr.Soulmate scares Cat by surprising her on her fire escape. He wants to have sex to trigger more memories –AWWW or EWWW (can’t decide). Cat, being awesome, explains that she needs a “me” night and that he should go trigger memories with JT –YAY JT!

Mohinder is being pressured by the mayor to solve all of the unsolved cases under Joe. These are mostly beast/Muirfield related cases. Tess (whose hair looks awesome if it’s wavy and NOT in need of bangs) makes fun of his crush on Cat some more and I feel bad that poor Tess is relegated to the current storyline of making fun of Mohinder. Tess should go and hangout with Vincent and JT. [Tess needs a hot boyfriend but can he NOT be married? Thnx. -M]


Cat’s [90’s-themed, because that is sooo retro -M] party leads only to her former high school friends reminding her that she likes dangerous guys so that we can have one more obstacle to keep Cat from completely falling back with Vincent. Which made me roll my eyes, that and the chick that went to the ashram –do people really go to ashrams?

Speaking of Vincent and JT, they ARE hanging out and watching a movie or sporting event and eating snacks –they are partying exactly how Melissa and I do! [I don’t see any shandies or cheap TJ’s wine but it’s close! Reunited and it feeeeeellls sooo gooooo-oooood! -M]


Back at Cat’s boring party, she is letting the ladies out but her one friend has forgotten her purse (who forgets her purse?) so Cat goes to retrieve it but instead finds the beast that wrecked Vincent’s houseboat. Cat immediately fights the beast but he flees when her friend comes running into the room. The friend does see his eyes glow and him jump out the window to the street (I think this is the journalist friend of Cat’s who is supposed to join the show this season as an added source of stress because amnesia and creepy bio-dad weren’t enough).

Cat’s friend, who indeed does work for NY Metro News [I think TV is running out of fake NY news outlet names -M] calls the cops who don’t believe her when she says the dude had glowing eyes and jumped out the window down five flights to the street. Tess and Mohinder also come. Cat wants to call Vincent, but Mohinder is worried that he will react and not think and it might get him hurt/killed. Cat remembers that she kicked the dude in the face and has his blood on her bootie. Mohinder takes the boot to JT to analyze (the SCOOBY TEAM IS ON IT).


Mohinder takes the bootie to the gentleman’s club JT is squatting/renting at an extremely low rate, what is the deal with the abandoned gentleman’s club (why do I obsess over all the tiny details. WHY?), only to find Vincent who is none too pleased to find out his lady love has been attacked. [Can’t he stay at Cat’s? Her place is huge and she is never there bc she is too busy chasing Vincent. -M]

Back at the crime scene Cat’s old friend (I NEED A NAME FOR THIS WOMAN) is talking to her peeps at the station to find out if she has a story. Cat then calls her BETH! Her name is BETH! Cat also tries to get her to not report it because if it is uncorroborated it could lead to the end of her career. Cat goes to her bedroom and finds Vincent. He smells the bad guy’s blood and tells Cat he won’t come after her again, and then jumps out the window. [Don’t these beasts know how to use doors? GEESH! -M]


Vincent tracks the guy to an abandoned church and they have it out. This beast knows Vincent. They both served together in the Army. They were friends. His name is Zack. VINCENT GETS MORE MEMORIES!

Cat goes to see JT to find out if he has any answers and to see if he has heard from Vincent. Just as they are bonding over their shared worry, Vincent and Zack walk in all buddy, buddy. Cat is now none too pleased. JT is all “hey Zack I went to your funeral,” Zack tells JT he has lost some weight. Cat looks like she might kill someone. Vincent looks confused (because the writers might be playing fast and loose with this amnesia shit but Jay Ryan was in a fucking Jane Campion TV show–he KNOWS how to act like a man with very little memory) and slightly bewildered about the fact that his old friend he only suddenly remembered tried to kill his girlfriend he also just suddenly remembered. Cat being the brains of the operation all the time gives Zack major side-eye (she actually gives ALL the males side-eye).

She also goes to bitch about the whole thing to Tess. Cat says she doesn’t trust him and has to look into to who he is and whether or not he has been living off the grid (OH I KNOW LETS BLAME ALL THE UNSOLVED BEAST SHIT ON ZACK TO GET THE MAYOR OFF MOHINDERS BACK –sorry for the all-caps I was very excited also that kind of rhymed which cracked me up on the re-read). She is also like shucks now I have to miss out on my reunion. Tess is like fuck that shit I’ll look into Zack and you take a moment for yourself and go to your reunion –I’m going to send Cat a copy of Co-Dependent No More. [My old roommate used to have this book on our coffee table and the former cover is SO CLASSIC. Get her that one, Katie. -M]

Zack, Vincent and JT are hanging out at a pool hall. Zack is acting all skeevy and turning me and JT way off. He is definitely worse than Mohinder. He tries to ask Vincent questions about his new job as a beast killer –Vincent refuses to answer. Then he brings up some girl Vincent hooked up with after Alex but right before Afghanistan named Gabriella and then Vincent has a flash of memory. JT looks sad and skeptical of Zack –me too!


Creepy bio-dad goes to question Mohinder about the attack on Cat. Mohinder tells him she is fine but asks if the FBI could help him find out who her birth father is –when did the FBI became social services. Tess walks in and tells Mohinder that Zack was wanted for questioning in the murder of a woman named Gabriella whose body was found in shreds. Creepy bio-dad tells Tess to go find Cat and that he will find Zack. Poor Mohinder is left alone with his thoughts. [I feel like all his thoughts are, “Cat is real pretty. I like bunnies. Pizza is delicious.” Mohinder is a simple man. -M]

Back at the bar JT and then Vincent (it takes him a while he has brain damage) quickly figure out that Zack is one bad dude who is hell bent on making Vincent pay for stealing Gabriella. All I can say is Vincent stop standing there looking pensive and go find Cat and JT call CAT/TESS!

Instead of doing those things, do you know where those two doofs go, they go back to the gentleman’s club and talk about their feelings! Well, Vincent thinks he needs to find Zack and tell him that he would have never betrayed him. JT finally tries to call Cat –MEN!

Tess and Mohinder find Cat at the reunion just as Cat finds out from Beth that her dad makes a donation in her name for a school pool every August including this August which would have been after her dad died.

Creepy bio-dad and Vincent have a chat on the phone. Vincent wants to try and save his friend but creepy bio-dad wants Vincent to kill him. I’m on creepy bio-dad’s side, Zack is a full on psychopath. [Duh. -M] Creepy bio-dad also points out that hanging out with Cat has made Vincent weak. Once Vincent finds Zack, Zack tells him that he is going to kill Cat.


At the reunion, Cat, Mohinder and Tess are trying to come up with a plan, when Vincent shows up. Vincent and Mohinder both try to pull her to go with them (BLERGH). In the end Mohinder realizes that Cat is probably better off leaving with Vincent. She does so but is kind of pissed off about the whole thing. Vincent, who is trying to be a better boyfriend to the girlfriend he only kind of remembers, wants to talk about it right then in the middle of DANGER. She tells him that it’s hard for her to whine about her crap when he has all of this big shit going on, ALWAYS. This is very honest. Of course this does give Zack time to steal a mascot uniform from the nerd who was in love with Cat in high school and for him to attack them both. Vincent wins and kills him. Cat does not look okay with this.


After the FBI removes Zack’s body (in which Tess and Mohinder do joke about a solved cold case for the mayor though neither one of them though about my brilliant plan of blaming all of the beast crime on him), Beth comes up and tries to question both of them but they are too slick for her. Tess also tells Mohinder that his crush is incredibly apparent and that he probably should not go mano y mano with a beast. Mohinder asks her if his crush is apparent to Cat and it’s kind of endearing.

Cat and Vincent have one of their episode-ending heart-to-hearts; this time, Vincent thanks Cat for all she does for him and it’s very sweet. Then Vincent leaves and Cat and Mohinder have an episode ending heart-to-heart and I want to die. While they are having their heart-to-heart they realize agent Reynolds AKA creepy bio-dad was at Cat’s graduation and she always the smartest figures out that he is most likely her birth father –end scene. [I could have told her this three episodes ago and I DON’T EVEN WATCH THIS SHOW. -M]


Next week Vincent only has two missions left and one looks like he might have to contain a beast –I don’t know, next week’s preview kind of blew. [I really wanted to watch this episode but I fell asleep before 9 due to the time change. Maybe next time! -M]

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