Smart ladies love dumb TV, BATB recap, Who Am I? (SEASON 2 PREMIERE)


Previously on Beauty and the Beast, Vincent was kidnapped, stupid Mohinder was presumed dead, JT and Tess were together but separated from the rest of the team, Heather found out that the man they thought was there father was not Cat’s father, AND Cat was left ALL ALONE!


We open season 2 on poor sad Cat sleeping on her dining room table which is scattered with flyers for missing persons. She is dreaming of saving Mohinder (BOO CAT, don’t save Mohinder). She wakes up and calls JT. Poor JT and Cat have been searching for Vincent for three months. JT does some really wonky expository dialog to get us all caught up on what’s been going on i.e. Cat’s “not real but raised her” dad died and there is weirdness at the station.

BATB Who Am I? 1

At the station, Tess and her new short, straighter, and sassy haircut, delivers yet more expository dialog about Cat being more focused on Vincent than on work and that they have MORE work because all of Joe’s cases were overturned because all of his focus was on finding his brother’s murderer AKA Vincent and not just the everyday murderers –poor Joe. It also cost her Joe as a really hot boyfriend –you’re a good friend for not punching Cat in the face Tess for being more concerned about her man and NOT yours. Tess and JT are still funny and AWESOME which saves both speeches from being completely weird. YAY for HUMOR! Cat and Tess are interrupted by Mohinder the terrible. [Is this all we get about Joe? 🙁 -M]

Cat then gets her turn at expository dialog by catching us up on the fact that she saved Mohinder and that he is no longer a more ragier monster than Vincent –now he is just a bad actor and even worse lawyer! [HAHAHAHA! -M] He lets her know that JT has found Vincent! YAY VINCENT!

BATB Who Am I? 2

Cat AND Mohinder barge in on JT (who is still living at the old timey gentleman’s club; man, I’m glad that set is still in Vancouver and being used). JT has the same reaction I have with Mohinder which is basically, “what the fuck are you doing here?” They trade barbs, JT isn’t 100% sure it’s Vincent and his software isn’t getting a god read. Cat goes all badass, grabs the address hops into her AWESOME blue Ford mustang patrol car to save Vincent or whoever is in the video (you know because she is a police officer and should uphold the law).

While Cat is driving to the ship yard she accidentally calls Heather instead of Tess and they have a very awkward telephone call while she aggressively drives through New York (it’s sad but she is driving exactly like I used to drive before I instituted the only show tunes on the radio while driving rule, it’s impossible to scream while singing “Don’t Rain on My Parade” at the top of your lungs).

At the ship yards, we are introduced to a shadowy government official who smokes a cigar and wears a lovely grey suit. VINCENT GOT A HAIRCUT (I know I posted this yesterday but it’s still exciting). I love the new bad guy he is SUPER FUCKING hot. He is the head of Muirfield (he took over for his father) and a bio-engineer. NEW hot Muirfield guy gets too cocky and when Vincent turns into a rage monster he escapes. NEW hot Muirfield guy looks shocked even though he just got done telling Vincent he knew exactly what Vincent was capable of.


I could watch this gif for hours! -M

Cat finally shows up to the party, kicks major fucking ass, taking out two guys with guns. She finally comes face to face with Vincent around the time NEW hot Muirfield guy drives away. Vincent charges on her in rage-monster form. JT and Mohinder who followed Cat shoot him with not one but three tranquilizer darts to get him to finally calm down. Cat runs to him notices that his scar is gone and tells him she loves him. He looks at her but doesn’t know who she is. POOR SAD CAT!

I have several questions: If Vincent has been held captive for three months by Muirfield why is this the first time NEW hot Muirfield guy has seen him? Why did NEW hot Muirfield guy want to pump him full of NEW Muirfield chemicals? Did NEW hot Muirfield guy not know that the people who have had Vincent namely Cat’s bio-dad had already pumped him full of NEW Muirfield chemicals? Are we going to have to wait until after Christmas for our soul mates to get back together like we had to wait last year? Why is Mohinder so terrible yet so fucking hot?

BATB Who Am I? 3

Mohinder wants back into the team but everybody hates him –EVERYBODY! [Including viewers! Ba da dum! -M] JT thinks he might be able to help but Cat is like that dude FUCKING SUCKS! Vincent doesn’t even remember JT! JT who is so sad shows Vincent a photograph of the two of them eleven years ago, Vincent is very confused. He does at one point call Cat smoking hot which is cute. Cat realizes she has to go meet Heather for a tribute to “NOT YOUR REAL DAD CAT” at his law firm. She tells JT to not let Vincent leave –Vincent is TOTALLY going to leave.

Cat’s bio-dad is in the FBI –SHADOWY GOVERNMENT GOON! He employed NEW hot Muirfield guy (who isn’t so hot when he is whining) who is SUPER PISSED that somebody other than him shot Vincent up with NEW Muirfield chemicals (AKA FBI bio-dad set the fucker up). Vincent is also working for the FBI in a black-ops program. FBI bio-dad wanted to use Vincent to kill NEW hot Muirfield guy to tie up loose ends. Vincent has gone missing but FBI bio-dad –Bob Reynolds– thinks he knows where Vincent is because NEW hot Muirfield guy said that they were thwarted by a female cop. OH NOES!

BATB Who Am I? 5

Back at the gentleman’s club, Vincent is grilling JT about their home life and the “girl”. JT is grilling Vincent about where he has been. Vincent tells him that if he doesn’t stop asking questions then he will have to kill him. Vincent escapes by tranquilizing JT and being kind of an ass about it. [After Top of the Lake I think Jay Ryan is 1000 times hotter. Something about being in a non-CW series… I’m sure these people are close to my age but because they’re on the CW I think they’re 22. -M]

At the party Cat “meets” Bob Reynolds who is super creepy. She is about to give a speech about her dad when JT calls her to tell her that Vincent escaped but then he collapses because of the dart.

BATB Who Am I? 4

Cat goes and mother’s poor sad JT who thinks his friend WILL NEVER REMEMBER US! JT is very depressed–being tranqed by your BFF would be traumatic (this is why M and I don’t have tazers) [I would accidentally taze myself before I even aimed it at another human being. -M]. Cat realizes that Vincent probably went after the NEW hot Muirfield guy and had JT send his image to Mohinder for facial recognition. Tess comes in and drops the bombshell of all bombshells that MOHINDER IS THE NEW HEAD OF THEIR PRECINCT –THE FUCK! Any who, he gives her a pep-talk about how as Cat’s friend and a friend to Vincent she should want to save Vincent from Muirfield! It’s pretty fucking terrible and Tess looks like she wants to hit him the entire time. They get a match to a guy named Li Zhao who is NEW hot Muirfield dude –last time I’m typing that out, HUZZAH! Mohinder tells Tess that that is the fucker who turned us into beasts. [I am so confused by Mohinder suddenly being good. Is it because Joe’s gone? Why do I care so much? -M]

BATB Who Am I? 7

Cat follows Vincent but she is unsure how he is able to track Zhao. JT who is back at the gentleman’s club is analyzing Vincent’s blood (Vincent by the way lives in a swank ass apartment, it must pay well killing people for shadowy government types) theorizes that Vincent 2.0 is like a grizzly and can track people days after they have moved on. She and Vincent end up at Zhao’s lab and Vincent tears the place apart which is unfortunate because Cat is NOT super human and has to breathe air. Vincent lets Zhao escape to save Cat. I would like to note that before the air became toxic Cat was taking out goons left and right our girl is still tough. After being rescued she smiles at Vincent and tells him this is how they met and that he may not remember her but they are meant to be. AWWWWWWWWW!

BATB Who Am I? 8

Back at Cat’s, she tells Vincent that she loves him. He tells her that she can’t ask him any more questions because he can’t answer them. She then begs him to stay with her because it’s been a hard three months. They kiss–it’s weird–and then she sobs and he hugs her. She awoken by a call from Tess, Li Zhao has been mauled to death in a park and Cat doesn’t know where Vincent is [Stop killing off these hot dudes! I miss Joe. -M]. We see him drop from a tree just out of view of the cops. Vincent’s new rage monster self is gross he has more teeth.


Next week we ask the question did Bob wipe his mind to make him a better solider OR a better assassin?

[I would like to note that by now I have completely forgotten this show is called Beauty and the Beast. I think it should change its name to Muirfield. Or Cat Kicks Ass. -M]

All images even the gifs from The CW and batbnation.


  1. Thanks for the giggles~ I’m so not a Mohinder/Gabe fan!
    A little typo at “this is how they met… not meant” 🙂
    Curious why you said the kiss was weird?
    And yes supercharges Beast 2.0 is supersexy damnnnn!!! ♥

    • Thanks for the note on the typo it has been fixed 🙂 those posts are so long it’s hard to catch everything!

      I had to remember why I thought there first kiss was weird but I think I meant that it was weird for them (he doesn’t even know who she is) and I also thought and should have written about, the fact that she broke away from a really intimate moment one she has been waiting for to check her phone! OH CAT!

      If you are a fan of Jay Ryan and good TV you should watch him in Top of the Lake, it will also explain why his hair was so weird last season.

      As always THANKS FOR READING! I love all of the BATB comments we get 🙂

  2. Love your review you are hilarious! Kept refering to Gabe as Mohinder, too funny!

    • Thanks for the love! I write these with the hope that people find them funny but also that I love the show!

      I blame Sendhil Ramamurthy for Heroes becoming terrible (I know this isn’t entirely his fault but I need to put a face to my anger and his is so pretty). I also hate Gabe with a passion so I call him Mohinder so that I never forget that I hate him. Again though at least he is pretty. He was also terrible on Covert Affairs. On a positive note I think he is better suited to play a hero than a villain (he sneers weirdly) so I’m hoping now that he isn’t trying to kill Vincent and wants to be a member of the team he won’t be so annoying. FINGER CROSSED!

      Thanks again for the comment and I hope you keep reading!

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