Smart ladies love dumb TV, BATB season 2 wants and SPOILERS

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It’s been so long since the season finale of Beauty and the Beast AKA BATB, in fact it has been since MAY 19th, that’s such a long time ago. In my post for the finale I had a list of things I thought would make season 2 better and make BATB a super fabulous show, like Sleepy Hollow which airs at the same time and is fucking fantastic.


Season 2 wants…

  • Be consistent with what Vincent can and cannot do. If you want his powers to change for plot purposes then change them as part of the plot instead of changing his abilities willy nilly without explanation.
  • I had wanted the show to continue as a procedural since Muirfield was kind of lame but the powers that be have already stated that the procedural formula is out and Muirfield all the time is in. BOO!


  • Okay so you are dropping the procedural format well then don’t introduce cases and then completely ignore them. WHATEVER HAPPENED WITH THE FINGERPRINTLESS MEN!
  • Actual Muirfield bad guys is a must especially if they are going to be our number one antagonists going forward. NO more extras as shadowy government bad guys in suits from central casting. From the preview for “Who am I,”  the season premiere it looks like they are addressing this.

  • I want back story galore on Cat’s mom and bio-dad STAT. That little detail in the finale would have been more fun if we had clues that Cat wasn’t her dad’s biological daughter.
  • I want a bad guy less annoying than Mohinder. Mohinder, incidentally, is returning. DOUBLE BOO!
  • Keep the HUMOR. Tess and JT together is amazing. More of the super team guys. I love it. In fact I am just going to copy and paste what I said last spring about them as a team, “they need to be a TEAM, seriously things would work out better, would be better plotted and more interesting if our four leads worked together instead of separately. Be a TEAM; trust each other instead of making the same mistake week after week. Again, this gets boring. Joe and Muirfield are great conflict producing foils for our team… Also it’s interesting that Tess is sleeping with Joe, while hiding Vincent, that’s GREAT CONFLICT.”


Season 2 SPOILERS…again SPOILERS…this is where I spoil stuff so don’t read if you don’t want to be spoiled…

And now for the important stuff I have scoured the internet AKA, TV Line, TV Guide, and EW for SPOILERS 🙂

  • More Mohinder, be prepared for my RAGE. I know, Melissa, that he is at least good-looking, I keep trying to remind myself of this. [A show can never have too many hot dudes. -M]

  • Heather is LEAVING! I repeat Heather is leaving!
  • Cat and Vincent have to fall in love all over again –the fuck?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Apparently Muirfield erase Vincent’s memory, I’m not to pleased with this but I will not judge until I watch the first episode in which I will probably judge this A LOT! A long with memory loss, Vincent will be more powerful and will be controlled by someone more powerful than Muirfield. Also he know longer has that stupid scar on his face.
  • More people from Vincent and Cat’s past. A journalist friend of Cat’s which could potentially be reoccurring AND she could pose a huge problem for our super secret lovebirds (also she is another person of color, man I am loving the diversity of the genre shows, good job guys now go and make the boring comedies and dramas follow suit) and a former Army buddy of Vincent’s who is also an antagonist BUT he is only going to be in one episode (most likely he dies). Let’s hope they are not as annoying as Alex and are better at acting than Mohinder.
  • They also cast a lovely red-head who may be the shows first ‘She-Beast” –FUN! She is also expected to be a “seductive devil on Vincent’s shoulder.” Oh dear not another Alex. [But how is there going to be dramz without another woman? JK CAN’T CAT GET SOME? She needs like five men chasing her down. In a sexy way. -M]
  • NEW Muirfield did one thing right and that’s to finally cut Jay Ryan’s hair, shadowy government agencies aren’t all bad! I am aware that this isn’t really a spoiler but it is hella important to my soul. [Does this mean there won’t be Top of the Lake: season 2? Unless his character dies or something. I haven’t finished the series. -M]

Not going to lie I am also enjoying the stubble. Good job NEW Muirfield!

  • Vincent is also getting a cousin–Aaron Keller will be a fire fighter. Ahhhh Vincent has a family. [And possibly a Cat love interest? -M]
  • Oh NO Joe is GONE! That is truly tragic he was so dreamy. [WTF?? I hope that guy just got a higher paying gig. -M]

I leave you with more lovableness from Jay and Kristin at Comic Con, this time being interviewed by Michael Ausiello. BONUS, Jay Ryan kiwi accent!

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