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Episode 1, Pilot

Kristin Kreuk AKA Lana Lang from Smallville is a wannabe lawyer whose mother is killed right in front of her, she is saved by a hot guy with a facial scar and rage issues (the CW can’t actually have a beast on their network…nope, he can’t be Ron Perlman with the face of a lion…absolutely NOT).


He is SOOOOOO scary!!!

Welcome friends to Beauty and the Beast OR what I watched during my “hurrication” thanks, Sandy!!!

Now a detective (I guess with her mom dead, she decided to LOOK for answers), Cat has an uber stressful job and love issues, what’s a girl to do (I’m thinking fall for a hot dude with a facial scar and rage issues, just saying).

Beauty And The Beast Pilot

Hot ass-kicking detectives!

YAY! She has a female partner NOT a white dude who she will have vaguely paternal/romantic chemistry with. I love that they are letting Kreuk be Asian. I think they just ignored that on Smallville. I might actually like this show (who am I kidding I will love this show) especially if they turn out to be smart, ass kicking detectives! And their boss is really hot TOO!

Beauty and the Beast Pilot

Hot hot boss…I have no idea what his name is 🙁

On to the mystery! A female is found murdered in a hotel that she was not registered at with a fingerprint of a dead guy a dead guy who just happens to be our “BEAST”!

Apparently our Beast is a former doctor who enlisted in the military when his brother died in 9/11. Also as we learn from a former coworker he was no cocky instead he was sweat and shy. Poor sad “BEAST”.

When Cat goes to the place where his former roommate lived kind of recognizes him (of course she does they are soul-mates). The Beast’s roommate is Austin Basis whom I love from Life Unexpected (so sad that was cancelled). YAY, comic relief.

Beauty and the Beast Pilot

JT and Vincent in a spat over Cat

The Beast’s hair is AWFUL and his facial scar is not that ugly.


I know you in my soul…

OOOOOO hot British Medical Examiner. He links Cat’s current case to her dead mother’s murder through interspecies DNA…FUN!?!

Of course because of the to her mother’s murder she asks for information from the FBI officer who worked on the case. The Beast is a super soldier! The government jacked him up!

Ass kicking! Because he is a super soldier shadowy government officials come after her. She kicks a lot of ass but then the beast comes and helps her when they dump her onto the subway tracks.

Hahahahahahahahah…he gets all ugly when he gets ragey…LOVE IT!

It was 3 against 1 so I’m going to let him coming to her rescue slide, also she never once called for help she just kept trying to put those shadowy thugs down…GO CAT!

Then they go back to his creepy layer so that he can clean up her wounds and talk about how he was made into a super soldier. The shadowy government group tried to have him and all the other super soldiers killed because they became rage monsters. He faked his death and he and JT have been living in hiding trying to find a cure.

Shadowy FBI agents and super soldiers, I need Scully and Molder, STAT!

Back to the murder case which is SO NOT important but I think this is a procedural so it should be brought up. The woman was murdered with nicotine. They found out through bed bugs that her husband was having an affair. It turns out one of the woman’s husbands lovers murdered her with nicotine laced shampoo.

EWWWWW bed bugs, gross.

The episode ends with him telling her that the people who killed her mother were trained assassins and it wasn’t her fault her mother died.

I hope he gets a haircut.


This hair isn’t that good but it’s better

Episode 2, Proceed With Caution

Okay let’s get rid of the voice over and the ridiculous intro, STAT!

Cat is going through all of her files that she has saved about her mother’s murder. Her mother was some sort of doctor but she does have a paper about DNA splicing. Her mother might have had something to do with Vincent’s super soldierification. Even though both JT and Vincent AKA the Beast have told her to stay away she just HAS to bring him the paper. JT is not having it. He thinks Cat is going to get them killed. When it comes to her mother, bitch is dumb, for realsies!

JT yelling at Vincent some more…it’s good that he yells in a funny manor or this would get old fast

Another episode another dead girl, this time a ballet dancer. Because this is a procedural Vincent gets drawn into to helping out on the case.

SCOTTY FROM BROTHERS AND SISTERS! I wish he wasn’t just a guest star and actually had a part on this TV show, ANY TV show for that matter.

Hah, the hot British doctor just made a meta acknowledgement that there will be a love triangle between him, Cat and some mysterious other fellow (THE BEAST)!

And the Beast’s hair is a little bit better. Come on CW just let the guy be hot. I know it wouldn’t be realistic for him to have a nice haircut as he is presumed dead and in hiding from shadowy government officials but come on fix that hair.

OHHH I think he went all ragey on a girl in his past because JT is very worried about the long looks the Beast gives Cat. And keeps mentioning mixed-tapes. I really want JT and Cat to become BFFs like Emily and Nolan on Revenge. I mean JT is totally this shows Nolan! [No one can compare to Nolan. -M]

Cat is kind of dumb when it comes to Muirfield (shadowy government super soldier program). She keeps doing that dumb shit people do on TV like using her police computer to search “Muirfield” which of course the government can hack and then they copy her hard drive remotely and crash it.

Think of JT and Vincent, Cat, they are in hiding. Why on earth would you think that you can just expose the government like this? When Vincent confronts her about it he becomes all ragey. Poor ragey Vincent and sanctimonious Cat.

Vincent moves out from the warehouse and JT. To show Cat that she needs to leave them alone for their safety. JT is all “TAKE A FUCKING HINT” about the whole thing it’s kind of funny.

Shadowy government organization comes after but he tries to fight him off and then of course Vincent comes and kills the guy. Cat says she killed him but Hot British doctor is not convinced.

And Scotty is the ballet dancer’s killer, I don’t buy it Scotty would never kill anyone.

Then Cat and Vincent meet on a roof, rooftop meetings of love. He tells her that her mother was involved with Muirfield (which I keep typing Muirglen like the tomatoes) but he doesn’t have any idea what she was doing.

Episode 3, All In

To communicate to Vincent, Cat is using JT as a cell phone and he is not having it. Oh JT you don’t understand that you can’t mess with soul mates.

It took me three episodes in a row to notice that her partner’s name is Tess and hot British dude’s name is Evan and I have no clue what her bosses name is now granted I’m writing a recap while watching the show so I do miss stuff but this is my third episode I should know all of the names of major characters.

Heather Cat’s sister is living with her and she is a major character but currently she is boring. I think she is supposed to show the audience how Cat is disconnected because of her mother but the show is doing a better job with Tess and her job.

Vincent is totally stalking Cat, though she knows, so I guess its okay but it does kind of creep me out. It also ticks JT off. Poor JT.

The case-of-the-week is an immigration judge (not a woman) gets run over. The suspect is a woman from Croatia who was granted asylum but her brother was not by the judge. Vincent knows she didn’t do it but can’t come forward. The woman was at home with her sisters but they are in hiding because they are illegal so she has no alibi. Cat can’t stand that the girl is going to prison so she goes behind everyone’s back to pursue the case.

Poor sad Iris from Croatia

One of the sick girls needs medical help. Thank god Kate has a doctor who is also in hiding on standby. And his hair looks awful again. Maybe Cat can cut it.

Hot Brit is also helping her behind everyone’s back because he can’t get into his lab because the shadowy government group is “inspecting” AKA stealing the interspecies DNA!

Vincent has a phone! Vincent give Cat you’re number so that she doesn’t have to bother JT.

I kind of wish Cat and Vincent would just fuck already instead of the long looks of love. Wouldn’t that be awesome and totally NEW.

Unlike the last episode, Vincent is fully involved in the case-of-the-week. He loved helping even though he was hesitant at first. He gives Cat his burn cell phone number! OH and Cat totally calmed ragey Vincent down; you know cause there soul mates and all.



Come back Friday for my recap of Thursday’s episode!!!

*Pictures are from CW channel website

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