Smart ladies love dumb TV, Beauty and the Beast recap, Basic Instinct


The Beast is lurking around the city and then he hears something, something worth checking out, a barely alive body in a dumpster that he tries as a doctor to bring back and so he does. He then brings the body to a hospital…and now we have the uber lame voice over intro…



If I had alcohol I would drink every time JT gets pissed off that Cat and the beast are friends.

NYPD softball…FUN! Cat sucks and while she is running after a ball, Vincent tells her about the dumpster boy. Cat will follow up and Vincent wants to help with the case. So we are officially a procedural. I’m okay with this.

YAY hot British dude! This is just like Heart of Dixie: you should want Zoe with Jason Street but I can’t help but like her with hot neighbor Wade or Lavon.

They bring the kid’s dad in and the kid has severe ADHD. When he isn’t on his meds he has no impulse control. Working theories are it’s the dad as his dad is a hot head and his mother is dead, something about a girl, and he also might have been involved with a bad crowd.

Beauty and the Beast Ep. 103a Season 1

Just two smart ladies interrogating a hot head dad…

Cat asks Vincent for help getting evidence, JT is pissed. Then the shadowy government guys beat up Cat and kidnap her. I really love that she always fights and never calls for help as she is not helpless just often out numbered. This time it was 2 to 1 and I blame JT for not allowing Vincent to constantly follow her. She is subsequently stuffed into a black van with bad guy. OH DEAR!

HA, Cat makes a patriot act joke, LOVE IT! Cat went to Princeton and graduated Magna Cum Laude so she is smart and TOUGH!

Vincent is helping out with the case, while Cat is being told about how fucked up and ragey Vincent is from B&TB’s version of the Cigarette Smoking Man (I’ve been watching The X Files on Netflix) we will call him Creepy Dude (just like hot boss he has no name).

Tess now notices Cat is missing. She goes to Evan. Cat is not with Evan. Tess wants Evan to date Cat. Evan says the same thing Cat does they work together…BORING. Moving on the boy has bruising no indicative a being beaten by his dad. Kid was also moved to the Dumpster.

Creepy Dude will tell Cat about her mother if she gives them Vincent. She has three days or they will start sending hit men after her again. Cat comes home an emotional wreck (her soul mate is a super soldier ragey killer, this could freak a girl out), notices something is amiss draws her gun and finds Vincent on her fire escape. She brings him tells him everything EXCEPT that she has three days to give him to them for information on her mother AND that they showed her pictures of his ragey murders. She tells him to stay away for both their safety and he tells her about the evidence he found that he made sure the police collected (this is still a procedural after all so we can’t forget dumpster boy!).

The girls are going to Westchester to some rich ladies house that was part of some recovery/community service program dumpster boy was at.

Basic Instinct

Polo, reminds me of Revenge.

Vincent is sad and then JT comes home and Vincent tells him that the shadowy government group knows he is alive. JT reacts badly, I’m sure you are shocked.

Vincent confronts Cat. She tells him she is afraid of him and that she can defend herself. It goes badly because well he is a murderer and she is a cop. Vincent leaves vials of his blood and a note that reads “proof I existed, take back your lives” I’m assuming this is for both Cat and JT.

Rich people playing POLO. Polo mallet could have made dumpster boys bruises. Mädchen Amick doesn’t age. She is the rich lady who runs the recovery/community service program dumpster boy was at. Dumpster boy was dating rich ladies daughter. Dumpster boy was doping horses to bet on polo matches (oh god he doped Whiskers, for realsies!).

Basic Instinct

Why do you not get any older? She has sold her soul to the devil OR Botox, you pick.

There is some shit with the rich girls ex boyfriend but the real news is that VINCENT TURNED HIMSELF INTO THE SHADOWY GOVERNMENT GROUP! The problem with mythology shows is that you get so invested and then you’re sobbing like a baby on a Friday night because Fringe is so emotional; fuck you Fringe, FUCK YOU! Sorry wrong show; but man, Fringe was very emotional and I have not recovered.

JT and Cat are working together to find Vincent. I love this. This will make JT and Cat BFFS.  Cat asks JT if he is ever afraid of him. Awww, JT has known Vincent his whole life and knows he would never hurt him. JT and Cat find Vincent and the Creepy Dude. There is a battle (even an explosion). JT beats some guy with a baseball bat, Cat uses excellent fighting skills to take out two dudes and Vincent kills Creepy Dude after getting all ragey. Vincent sends Cat back to the case and he and JT clean up the bodies.

Whiskers’ wasn’t doped! I know you all cared so much.  Poor Whiskers used in such an insidious plot.  Of course Mädchen Amick did it. Dear TV people stop making your famous guest stars your killers. It makes it too easy to guess. Dumpster boy had to die because he was poor and rich lady needed her daughter to marry the rich ex boyfriend.

Cat and Vincent have a chat about how hard their relationship is and how they wish it were easy. You know what I wish I wish his hair wasn’t so fug!



Even this hair is better than the hair he sports on the show, which looks like a wig.



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