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I am pleasantly pleased that the voice-over intro is now more of a previously on.

Frat PARTY! Are there frats in NYC? I always think of the colleges in NYC as too good for frats. Not date rape just a couple of drunk college students finding the case of the week.

Cat is going away for the weekend. Is it with Vincent? Tess wants Cat go to the launch of the firefighter’s calendar party. I’ll fucking go, Tess, I don’t have a ragey super soldier as my soul-mate OR do I?

Vincent is in the shower he and his clothes are covered in blood. He blacked out again. OH NO! This is also an excuse to have Jay Ryan shirtless. Vincent worries about hurting JT but he isn’t worried because he is packing a tranq gun. AWWWW Vincent and Catherine are going camping. JT wants to know if it isn’t Vincent’s blood whose blood is it? THEN Vincent flat lines and becomes a rage monster, JT puts him down with the tranq gun. Poor Cat, she and Vincent are not going camping BUT she does get to go to the hot firefighter party so WIN!

Cat shows up to tell Vincent she will have to postpone their trip until tomorrow so that she can be a wingman for Tess. JT scrambles to hide drugged ragey Vincent and it’s then he finds out about the gruesome body of the frat guy at Northman University. Cat is suspicious of his weird behavior.

Evan (hot Brit) has an intern–it’s adorable. Cat’s initial instinct is hazing. She and Tess go to questions his fraternity brothers of course they are rich white snobs who admit to cops they smoke pot, FUN!

Vincent is very worried about JT; it’s sweet. So here’s the thing–I kind of wish Vincent was played by Jack from Revenge whom I just remembered was the sheriff’s kid on Roswell who was in love with the brunette girl on that show, Shiri Appleby (of Life Unexpected fame the show JT was on it’s like six degrees of the WB) that I always confused with Kristin Kreuk, TRUE FUCKING STORY. So Jack from Revenge would be a better more sympathetic Vincent and then Ephram from Everwood can become Jack, DONE! [I love this idea! -M] And now back to the show… JT is explaining to Vincent his brain when he is ragey. Then JT drops the knowledge about the dead guy at the college in poor Vincent’s lap. Does Vincent have claws when he goes all ragey? I guess he must because JT was all “the guy died with CLAW marks”, duh, duh, DUUUUUUNNNNNNNNNNN.

And now it is hot firefighter time!!! Tess flirting and Cat as the wingman is kind of funny. Cat flirts with September or September flirts with Cat.

Tess and Cat interview a kid that dropped out of the frat. He admits that the dead guy was an asshole and that he kind of deserved to die. The kid does have a threatening cell phone message that leads them to the correct place of death, a tower on campus they go to haze the recruits. Tess admits she doesn’t understand guys; me neither, Tess, me neither.

Cat finds Vincent in the tower he was following her. I understand that the whole premise of this show is that he is not a creepy stalker but her soul-mate and that he does always apologize for following her and she always looks mildly creeped out but they kind of need to stop it cause the more he follows her the less I’m going to want to watch this show. He cancels there camping trip, at least he does it in person. He tells her that he might be the killer she is looking for.

JT runs tests and finds out that Vincent did not kill the frat guy. Evan at the same time finds a mark on the body of a cadaver from the University. He is convinced they are connected. He goes to examine the real crime scene and face chats with Cat. Then he is abducted! Please frat guys killer don’t hurt hot Evan.

HOT BOSS JOE is not pleased that Evan is kidnapped. OHHHHHH what if it’s the intern? If it’s the intern I am AMAZING! Damn it Tess just figured that out too. Tess and I, we are soul sisters. We like hot firefighters and we can solve shitty procedural crimes. The intern is copying famous NYC murders.

Cat goes to Vincent for help. JT is not amused but gives Cat the tranq gun. Poor Evan has to swap bad dialog with a serial killer it’s too bad to really talk about here.

Cat and Vincent talk about old times in the subway tunnel then he becomes a rage monster but he doesn’t attack her. He does go after Evan’s scream. Vincent kills the intern and HE DOES HAVE CLAWS, I saw them. Cat arrives and faces off with Vincent he doesn’t harm her because true love knows no bounds, FOR REALSIES.

Cat is very concerned she won’t be able to cover this one up because Evan heard the whole thing. JT tells her to ACT NORMAL. Evan is convinced it was a beast that killed the intern. Cat and Tess are tasked from Joe to find the vigilante! It’s a citywide manhunt for Vincent.

JT has Vincent locked in a cage and they think it is Cat who is triggering the black-outs.

See you next week for a flashback episode!

All photos are from CW

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