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They used some of the tacky voiceover but then moved into more of a previously on. It was much better, good job CW!

Vincent lies to Cat about his black outs and says he was just not feeling well. Cat asks Vincent if he saw her kiss Evan. He says he did see it but that she can kiss whomever she wants since they aren’t you know doing it. She asks him if this is why he stood her up but he apologizes and says it was because he was ill (this is kind of the truth).

Cat’s all pissed off so she is filing and slamming drawers. Tess of course knows it’s about a guy. Cat is kind of honest with her telling Tess her relationship with Vincent is a “complicated non-relationship that isn’t going anywhere” awe poor sad soul mate Vincent. Then Cat’s dad shows up, he is apparently getting married to woman around Cat’s age. This causes tension because of the mother’s murder, I mean duh! Her dad invites her and Evan out to dinner, AWKWARD with the kiss and all.

Case-of-the-Week is a murder in an art gallery. There are a lot of pretentious art jokes. Of course the gallery is going through with the opening even though there is a dead body in the middle of the gallery. The dead guy is the artist and he is from Queens (I don’t think that’s important but they stated it so I’m telling you).

Tess points out that Cat would rather date rejection guy (poor Vincent, he is trying to protect Cat from his ragey impulses what if he is like Angel from Buffy when they do it that would be bad) than sure thing Evan because we all want what we can’t have. Cat tells Evan she doesn’t want another murky relationship but Evan is pretty clear that it’s not murky he likes her.

Nicolas the dead artist was heartbroken. He did have a fight on the phone two days before his death. Apparently he lived with his mother. The person he was fighting with was Marco the gallery owner that the police haven’t talked to yet. Nicolas had no money but his painting were being sold for 5 grand a pop the ladies think Marco might have been shorting Nicolas.

Tess and Cat talk about Evan. Cat tells her about the kiss in the photo booth.

JT sykping with his girl Sarah is so cute! They make a date before Vincent walks in and JT has to go. Then JT tells Vincent that everything is normal with the tests they have been running except for you know waking up on the Brooklyn Bridge. JT says it happened because Vincent was jealous of Cat kissing Evan. Vincent says he doesn’t have a right to be jealous but then JT is like tell Cat how you feel you big fat dummy. It’s very cute. I like JT in love!

Cat drags Tess to the dress fitting for her dad’s wedding. The dress is fug but Brooke, her dad’s fiancé, is kind of cool and gives a speech on love. Then she gets a text runs out of the store leaves her sunglasses and when Cat and Tess go after her they see her reject a kiss from a guy but then get in the car with him. OHHHHHH DRAMA! Turns out she is married! Even more DRAMA!

Turns out Nicolas/Marco was painting multiple copies of the same painting. It might be ART FRAUD! Who is this Marco and why can’t they find him? Apparently he was in Long Island. He is a very slippery guy.

Cat tells her dad about the married fiancé. Her dad says that her cop paranoia makes it hard to have a relationship and that he already knew about marriage. He also states that Brooke’s husband is still in love with her and is contesting the divorce.

Cat and Tess get ready to go the art opening to learn more about the art fraud. Cat is surprised by Vincent. She blathers on about how they are too complicated and that she was reading too much into their connection. She concludes this diatribe with the fact that they should just work cases together. Then Evan shows up for their non-date (she forgot to cancel with him when she cancelled with her dad). She does decide to take Evan with her to the gallery opening, Vincent of course watches them and his eyes glow slow burning rage.

Vincent goes home and looks up a subway map on JTs computer. He is going back to Astoria (his and JTs neighborhood) where the artist lived to hunt for clues to help Cat. He also teases JT about Sarah. It’s cute. I like these two as lovable roomies from Astoria as opposed to JT all a twitter because the shadowy government guys could come in at any time. JT is skeptical of Vincent finding anything because there are two million people in Queens. Vincent says he is going to the guy who knows everyone, a newspaper vender by the Subway. Who does indeed know the family of the dead painter then tells Vincent that he reminds him of a guy who came every day, Vincent’s dad (it’s sad).

Apparently it’s not art fraud, apparently it’s some sort of fancy call girl ring where you don’t get the painting you get the ladies. Poor sad Nicolas he probably found out his tortured art was being hustled for sex and confronted that slippery Marco only to end up dead. Who wants to make a bet that I’m right?!? (Melissa stop rolling you eyes at this dumb show.)

AHHHHHHHH, Nicolas was in love with one of the girls!!! OH Cat you are so smart!

Vincent shows up and Cat spots him in the rafters/catwalk. She goes up to confront him and Evan spies it. I’m not sure that is a good thing. Vincent broke into Nicolas’s studio and found paintings of Daphne one of the call girls. Cat and Vincent have a veiled conversation about their relationship while talking about Nicolas and Daphne with Cat as Nicolas and Daphne as Vincent. Vincent basically tells Cat he doesn’t feel worthy of her love. I would like to know how they got from Manhattan to Queens that fast, does Vincent fly?

Apparently the receptionist at the gallery was really the madam (does this mean Marco is innocent?). The receptionist killed Nicolas because he was going to expose the operation for Daphne’s freedom. In the end both Marco and the receptionist are taken away in handcuffs (so Marco was in on it). Evan asks Cat about Vincent but Cat calls him a “John”. Evan tries to make another date but Cat declines. He tells her he will wait for her (I like this Evan why can’t he be Vincent and Vincent be the medical examiner).

Cat apologizes to Brooke for jumping to conclusions and tells Brooke they are lucky to have her in the family.  I’m only including this so it doesn’t appear I have left that storyline out but Cat’s family is boring and adds nothing to the plot.  Instead we should get lots of Tess and hot boss Joe who wasn’t in this episode.  Come on CW we want hot dudes not stupid family drama, WTF!

Cat and Vincent have a nice talk about their relationship. They almost kiss but of course they don’t. Instead, Cat leaves.

Vincent wakes up on a sewage drain with blood on his hands…CLIFFHANGER!!!

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