Smart ladies love dumb TV, Beauty and the Beast refresher


Where we left off in the Season 1 Fall Finale…

In honor of there FINALLY being a new Beauty and the Beast episode tonight on CW @ 9, here is what happened.  For an even more in depth look at the fall finale read my recap for “Bridesmaid Up!”


Where we left off

  • Cat told Vincent they were too different for a relationship but then realized they were soulmates.
  • Rena Sofer’s matchmaker tried to kill Cat by first running her off the road and then almost shooting her.  Cat killed Rena (who needs to be on a TV show full-time in a part that would highlight her plucky good humor like, Bunheads) but then collapsed because of the car accident, Vincent was nearby and turned all ragey to rescue her.
  • Evan and Heather drove up to the scene, there is a small possibility that they noticed Vincent in his rage monster form.
  • Evan alerted Cat that Vincent’s DNA is becoming more animal and less human.
  • Evan and Tess have an image of JT breaking into the police forensic lab.

What didn’t happen

  • No kiss between our two soulmates –I’m way too emotionally invested in this relationship.
  • Joe didn’t really get to be in enough episodes –powers that be, Joe is hot use him more!!

What the internets are hinting at happening

  • We meet Vincent’s former pre-ragey fiance Alex who like the rest of the world believes Vincent died.

Seeing Red

  • Muirfield is BACK — AKA the shadowy government types!
  • Sendhil Ramamurthy (from Heroes and Covert Affairs) is coming as an Assistant District Attorney searching for the vigilante to pay for his crimes –Sendhil is hot but he is kind of a terrible actor and everyone on this show is kind of good, I’m so conflicted!

Covert Affairs

  • Vincent is going to save Heather but to do so he has to kill someone that is close to one of the other characters –OH NOES!
  • And apparently our soulmates are finally going to kiss –I’m hoping they go whole hog and just DO IT!

FINALLY, congratulations Beauty and the Beast for winning the Peoples Choice award for being the Best New Drama!

Top two photos from the CW and the bottom from TVLine.

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