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Beth stops Natalie and Dominic from kissing.

She then explains to the both of them why they can’t make out. Natalie finds it hilarious and Beth uses it as an excuse to make fun of Dominic for being a man-whore.


This outfit is adorable.

Natalie goes over to the lady den to do her laundry and breaks the news of her unfortunate kiss with April who is NOT AMUSED. April is NOT AMUSED this entire episode. Natalie also accuses her of “getting some,” as her sixth sense is knowing when people get some. Natalie is Fun with a capital F.


These two awkwardly ride the elevator with each other but Dominic totally wins on the playing it cool front when he gets on with a cordial smile and hello.

April smooth talks him by telling him his piece was good and that he made out with her sister. He is less smooth after that. April tells him he can make-out with whomever he wants –both Dominic and I tell her we know.


Sarah and Brenna go school shopping.

I would like to point out that there are absolutely no leaves on the trees, Boston in 2014 had an especially early fall. Sarah and Brenna discuss school and George’s move to San Fran.


Beth and April watch reality TV after leaving a club early because of CANCER.

They both look super cute. They also talk about how Dominic and Natalie are kind of slutty. I choose to call their behavior FUN! Beth assures April she and Natalie have NOTHING in COMMON and will NEVER be friends. April is already jealous.

Tippy Tapping, Tippy Tapping!

Tippy Tapping, Tippy Tapping!

Beth goes home just as Natalie is going to the club. Natalie convinces Beth to go back out but they are NOT FRIENDS. Before they leave we meet Doug, the girls’ downstairs neighbor who is a cute dweeb studying to get his masters or doctorate in some sort of fancy English subject. He asks the girls to stop walking in heels (the thumps scare his cats) and listening to loud music –DOWNER.

The ladies have a social media break in which we find out that Grandma is on vacay and having tons of fun –I miss her wise words and sarcasm. We also learn Brenna is being memed as a stalker –this is 21st century bullying. April is SHOCKED to discover Beth and Natalie hung out! She is even less happy when Beth downplays it on the phone.


FORD! I am not a big fan of this name but I like that it’s the name of a girl.

Brenna’s first day of school was not FUN! Brenna tries to figure out who memed her. It was not ex-BFF Ford but mean-girl Shelby who also makes fun of Ford which reunites the friends to take down the evil Shelby.


Sarah and April meet Leo at a fancy café.

Sarah the therapist basically hijacks the family meeting by offering therapy to poor Leo, who is somewhat lost because he contracted cancer so young. After a not so subtle cancer group meeting in which we meet a girl who is finally cancer free after having breast cancer throughout her high school and college years, Leo realizes he needs to find a path and April realizes that her cancer might have made her less fun.



Brenna skips school and eats a cake alone in the lady den kitchen. Sarah catches her and is super pissed until Brenna cries about being a loser loner. Sarah basically gives her the “it gets better” speech. And then begs to have some cake.



Beth and April are at The Charles for happy hour and April is WAY overcompensating. They are joined by Natalie and all three ladies decided to go out dancing AND then have a house party/house warming the next night at Beth’s for Natalie –poor Doug and his cats.



The next morning April looks a little worse for wear and is roundly made fun of by her work BFF Danny (that’s his name right?). She makes him feel bad by telling him the circles under her eyes are from cancer. As she is lamenting having to rally for the party, Dominic comes over and tells her he too is going. April naps AND downs a Red Bull.


Cute jumpsuit?!?!

When April arrives at the party she is happily greeted by Beth and then by Natalie. April jealous over Beth and Natalie’s new found friendship, which means she gets more drunk and obnoxious. Natalie loudly makes fun of Doug when he comes up to complain at around 8 for being a square.



Leo is NOT having a good night at the bakery but he adorably checks in on April at the party. He freezes while ringing up a costumer and appears to have either a dizzying panic attack or the tumor has return (I think it’s the former rather than the later). He ends up throwing the costumer’s sandwich on the floor and probably getting fired. The best part is that his boss offers a customer a black and white cookie as a peace offering.

Friends 4EVA!

Friends 4EVA!

As Brenna and Ford plot revenge on Shelby they realize they have missed each other as friends. I’m super glad that Brenna won’t be friendless, but the actress who plays Ford is NOT the best, thuough I have high hopes for improvement. I did not like Brenna at first and now she is one of my favorite parts of the show. Brenna and Ford end up shaming Shelby in front of their whole sex-ed class –BFFs forever!

The selfie that cause ALL the problems.

The selfie that caused ALL the problems.

Natalie calls Beth to sing a duet and then they take a selfie with Dominic, and April goes completely over the edge. Beth goes to talk to April and April is super passive aggressive and then is super mean to poor sad Doug. Beth escorts April out of the apartment because she is embarrassing herself and then they get into a fight. Beth is super logical and April is a drunk. Beth admits that April’s cancer has impacted her life as well as April’s.

FINALLY some much needed emotional help.

FINALLY some much needed emotional help.

The next morning poor April is hungover and can’t get in touch with Beth to apologize for her super obnoxious and crazy behavior. Leo comes over to cheer her up and get free therapy from Sarah –finally Leo is dealing with all of his shit unlike 2 episodes ago when no one noticed how depressed he was.

These to are so cute.

These two are so cute.

Beth and April make-up and have a heart-to-heart. April tells Beth about freaking about missing her twenties. She also gets to vent about her weird jealousy of Natalie. Beth is a super awesome best friend.

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