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April and Natalie hang out at a bar on Natalie’s last night in Boston.

Natalie laments having to go back to the Florida Keys. She initially banters and then hooks up with their hot bartender. April has to go home early because of the cancer.


George and Sarah’s relationship is still hella awkward.

Uncle George comes over initially to talk to Sarah but then reveals to the family he is leaving Boston to head up the World Health Organization in San Francisco. The family is heartbroken. I’m sad that Steven “Wings” Webber isn’t going to be on this show more. Sarah, you need to step up and tell this man you love him. When they do discuss it she does NOT tell him how much she loves him. IT’S SO COMPLICATED! They are the definition of the Facebook “It’s Complicated.”


Beth and April have coffee at casa lonely heart.

April’s short hair wig is starting to look both real and cuter. I wonder if they upped the wig budget. Beth finds out she needs to find a roommate STAT because Miss Lonely Hearts (the worst character EVER) is moving in with her boyfriend who won’t let her wear jeans (again she is the WORST).


Because Arts and Calendars SO need to be in one section.

Douche boss holds a meeting in his office so he can announce the creation of a lifestyle section (from the Arts and Calendar??? Sections –it’s been a long time since I have read a newspaper but I don’t remember a calendar section). He also starts the plot contrivance of the week by forcing boring Dominic to write an article with April. Dear show Leo is both hotter and more interesting than Dominic. [NOTE: Douche boss is played by Stephen Schneider, who is both super hot AND the object of Abbi’s desire on Broad City. I APPROVE OF HIS CASTING. -M]


Natalie and Brenna surprise April with Natalie NOT leaving Boston.

Natalie has gotten a job at the eatery/bar The Charles (which seems like the place we will be hanging out from now on because SETS and MONEY) it’s also where the hot bartender works. Natalie lets it slip she feels obligated to sleep with hot bartender because she is living with him both April and I do NOT think this is funny, and dollar to doughnuts Natalie is going to live with Beth.


Family breakfast!

The ladies have breakfast (I really love this kitchen) and discuss Natalie staying and her wild lifestyle and George leaving. They decide they should throw George a going away party. Sarah and Emma discuss all of the changes they have experienced this year (Cancer, Lesbianism –oh grandma). Sarah isn’t sure she should tell them about her and George but George will only stay if Sarah admits their relationship to the girls.


LEO at home and walking.

Leo and April talk about how weird their relationship is. Leo asks April for a first date so they can be “normal humans”. He wants it to be that night but April has to work she kind of lies about what she is really going to do AKA go to the cancer event/concert with boring Dominic. Has she not learned that hiding things from boys she is seeing is a terrible idea?


Working with your ex totally blows.

At the cancer event/concert April and Dominic run into an old coworker who makes the situation way worse/awkward by thinking they are still together. Dominic stares at her all forlornly. I am NOT into a love triangle especially when handsome Leo has a beautiful new apartment. Dominic is an ass during the interview because he is still mad at April for NOT telling him she had cancer (though the lady they are interviewing totally talks about LOVE and CANCER and how it’s so HARD to find someone when you find out you have CANCER) and for screwing Leo (WHILE THEY WERE ON A BREAK). Both the event hostess and myself are super uncomfortable–she, because it’s totally unprofessional; me, because I think Dominic is totally unnecessary to this show and the writers are just desperately trying to find something for Dominic to do because April has way better chemistry with Leo.


Miss Crazy Jogger!

Beth meets one of Miss Lonely Hearts crack-pot friends as a potential roommate. Of course Miss Lonely Hearts friend is four hours early and ran there because she is a sports nut with allergies.


Is it FALL or the end of SUMMER! I am so confused.

Brenna and Sarah hangout and talk about relationships AKA has Brenna talked to Greer is Sarah ever going to get over her dead husband. This is an observation but Brenna isn’t in school but it looks like late fall instead of late summer. I am confused by the seasons of this show. Is the end of August this fall like in Boston –someone from Boston let me know? Brenna and Sarah decided to hire a hot older chef to cook for George’s dinner.


Dominic can’t pull off the henly sweater.

April and Dominic are working on their story when Leo calls to let April know they will have a third on their date because his parents hired him a nurse. Dominic and April hash out their relationship for the 8000 time. Dominic is mainly sad because April has moved on –Dominic you need to move on too so that you can either become a friend and stay on this show or lose your job, you sir have become a cancerous appendage and are dragging down the show. They are also called out by Douche boss because the Cancer host called him and complained about their tension during the interview and how uncomfortable/awkward it was. In April’s defense it was mainly Dominic who was the ass –then again I am pro April (her show) and anti-Dominic (should be let go so Leo can be in the opening credits). Because she is classy April does not throw Dominic under the bus and they tell douche boss it will never happen again.


April and Beth have a heart to heart about their woes.

April realizes Natalie might be the perfect roommate for Beth. I AM THE QUEEN OF TV! I am unhappy that the clothes are not cute this week, they aren’t bad but they just aren’t super awesome. ALSO this seen almost looks like late summer but the scene earlier with Brenna and Sarah totally looked fall.



At the family dinner, the chef flirts with Sarah and makes poor sad George uncomfortable. The chef is terrible at whisking cream because he is an actor (in real life not on the show, of course he is a soap actor and it’s driving me nuts that I can’t remember which soap). April and George have a heart-to-heart over dish cleaning –George will be missed it’s nice for poor sad George. April then has a conversation with her mother about Dominic though Sarah is really talking about George. George and Sarah say goodbye –POOR GEORGE.


Sisters before BROS!

Natalie comes over to live with Beth and the two hit it off. Beth is running late for drinks with Graham and Dom at The Charles. Dominic and Graham get to the bar before Beth and we all know he is going to hook-up with Natalie. AND Dominic TOTALLY flirts with Natalie. AND Beth totally walks in JUST THEN.



April goes over to Leo’s new place which has a pool! She tells him the truth about Dominic and then they make out in said pool. Just a reminder: Dominic, 1 roommate no pool; Leo, no roommate and a POOL!



Next week April is tired because of CANCER and Natalie bonds with Beth.


  1. Well I hate to inform you, but Dominic and April are going to grow closer and have a deeper relationship per the producer AND I believe Leo is leaving the show. I’m sorry but Leo talking about a 3 some is just gross. Goes to show he doesn’t care about April as much as you think he does.

    • Hello Nancy,

      Thank you so much for reading and commenting!

      One of the things I like about Chasing Life is the writing. I think that the writing team weren’t prepared for how much chemistry and fans would like Leo, they even wrote two different screenplays for the premiere of 1b one in which he lived but one in which died. I do think they are working this situation out but unfortunately it has made Dominic of late kind of boring and one note which quite frankly is how he would react in real-life which brings me back to how much I appreciate the writing. I am thankful that this show does not make anyone a villain, Natalie is wild and angry but she is also serious about becoming friends with both her sisters and Dominic might be mopey and angry but he has every right to be mopey and angry (though they were on a break but as we know from Rachel and Ross on Friends cheating is still cheating even if you are on a break). My criticism this week regarding the writing is that I found the whole thing very contrived to get April and Dominic together and the hostess was a total contrivance which seemed odd in a show that is often very grounded in reality. Lastly, the writers/producers have made it fairly clear how much Leo cares about his relationship with April (paid for the procedure to freeze her eggs, calmed her fears at the hospital, had his tumor removed) and he was clearly joking about a threesome as their date would have to include his new nurse.

      Thank you again for commenting it really made me think about the show more seriously than I do when I recap it.

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