Smart ladies love dumb TV, Chasing Life recap, Next April and Guess Who’s Coming to Donate?


We covered the pilot of this series when it premiered, neither Melissa nor I liked it much it was kind of boring but I binged it one Saturday out of boredom and was surprised how much better it had gotten. I will be recapping Chasing Life on Wednesdays (or Thursdays) if the interest holds.

Next April


Season 1b (these split seasons are so confusing) opens with April half naked in her bathroom at home.

We know two things at the start of this season: 1) time has passed since the Christmas special chemo episode (nothing says Christmas like a month at the hospital getting chemo) because she has hair growth and a scar where her chemo pic was and 2) even in a bad cancer wig, Italia Ricci is still super pretty.


JGar’s Alias bff Francie (or the far more fun Evil Francie), Merrin Dungey, April’s oncologist informs her that she is in remission.

April has a 50/50 chance of the cancer coming back, in which case she will need a bone marrow transplant. Unfortunately her sister Brenna is NOT a match and her mother is only a half match and kind of too old to be a good donor –I’m guessing we are going to have to contact April’s half-sister who is NOT a fan of their dad’s “real” family. Dr. Evil Francie also asks April if she is going to go see “him.” I hope this means that fun Leo, the best cancer BFF (a potential love interest) a girl can have, is NOT dead.


Leo, April’s cancer friend and love interest # 2 (I’ll let Dominic be love interest #1 as he is in the opening credits) is in a coma.

I should state that I am team Leo as Dominic is a total snooze (Leo in a coma is more interesting than Dominic ever was). WAKE UP LEO! This show got good once you showed up (also Leo is ridiculously cute and is kind of an asshole which a heart of gold my favorite).


April looks pissed but really she is just determined to make it into the office.

So off she goes in her best wig and realizes that world now moves so swiftly since having cancer and chemo.


Danny April’s work BFF is not amused that April can’t remember any of the intel he gave her about NEWBOSS because of her “chemo brain”.

During the four months April has been recuperating the paper has hired a new managing editor who apparently has NO experience other than being young, rich, and savvy with social media.  Already Chasing Life is doing a better job with this storyline of NEW YOUNG BOSS WITH NO EXPERIENCE than Newsroom did (though I wish B.J. Novak was April’s new boss–that would be awesome).


Raquel is SMART and SASSY. I am going to ignore the whole two women in an office must be competitive trope this story-line has occasionally veered towards.

Also at the office April is reintroduced (and by April I mean the audience) to a couple weird coworkers: Raquel, her immediate boss (nemesis/mentor) who gladly is still a stone cold bitch (and I still LOVE HER), and Dominic (snooze…).


At a coffee shop Brenna and her ex hang out and talk about their mutual loves because they are mature.

Poor Brenna misses her girlfriend Greer whose parents have FORBID them from being together not because they are both girls but because Brenna is TROUBLE (Brenna became way more cool when she became bi, originally she was just a narcissistic teenage pill).


April has lunch with her adorable BFF Beth.

They discuss Beth’s new job as an assistant to a fashion designer (her dream job) and her insane roommate (a miss lonely hearts type we were introduced to in the Christmas episode). The ladies also gab about April’s love for Leo and how weird it is that she is so invested in a man in a coma.


Sara realizes she will have to communicate with the woman who had an affair with her husband and bore him a bastard daughter –FUN?!?

At home where April lives with her grandmother Emma, mother Sara, and sister (this show has lots of ladies which means it passes the Bechdel Test every episode more than once) the family discuss the bone marrow test and how Sara is not a god match.


This dude would totally be better as played by B. J. Novak.

April FINALLY is able to meet face-to-face with her new boss and he gives her an interview with a female blogger who has it all (wealth, fame, family, etc.); after she tells him to forget about her cancer and treat her like everyone else.


Melissa and I totally pegged this in our premiere episode liveblog.

Sara has a secret hook-up lunch with her brother-in-law/secret lover George.


Emma and Sara internet stalk Olivia (the other woman) to find her email.

In an effort to relax and compose an email that would make someone want to make their child give up her bone marrow for the sister her father preferred they instead start off by writing all of the negative things they think about the woman. I immediately think fuck they are totes going to send that email BUT I am pleasantly surprised when Emma just jokes that she accidentally sent it (Emma BTW is a pip).


Cute outfits get bigger photos!

All they are talking about is Leo in a coma but I would like you to focus on how cute their shoes are. I also really like that umbrella and April’s polka dot blazer.


Greer is very blond and very overachieving.

Greer is back from England but her parents still won’t let her date Brenna because AGAIN Brenna is TROUBLE. Greer really likes Brenna but not enough to stand up to her parents. Poor sad Brenna.



April interviews the woman who has it all (she says exactly what you think she says). Unfortunately because April has “chemo brain” she forgets to record the interview –ruh roh. She tries to write it from memory but Danny tells her it sucks after trying to be nice about the cancer.


After getting a pep-talk from Dr. Evil Francie, April starts going sans wig.

ALSO her mother has heard from Olivia Ortiz (dead husband’s former mistress) who is coming to Boston that night with Natalie (dead husband’s bastard daughter) to discuss the bone marrow test.


I love Raquel she is a bitch but a bitch with drive. Also she is funny.

At the staff meeting April admits she did not get the interview BUT is saved by Raquel who points out that the “women having it all interview” has been done to death. When April thanks Raquel for saving her, Raquel tells April she didn’t do it to help her, she did it because that story was stupid and that their new boss is an idiot who is turning the paper into a tabloid.


April and Dominic run into each other on the stairs because they had an awkward encounter in the elevator.

Dominic yells at April for cheating on him (ummm dude you were on a break because you were following Daft Punk on tour in Europe –Daft Punk rarely tours and Dominic is a terribly boring rock journalist– and April had cancer) and how it’s hard for him because everyone sees him as the dude who broke up with the girl who has/had cancer (poor sad boring Dominic).


The Ortiz ladies show up to discuss getting Natalie’s blood tested.

The meeting is called short because Sara has to pick Brenna up at the police station. Emma had earlier mentioned to Brenna that she might not want to take Greer’s no as the final word on their relationship. Greer’s father agrees to not press charges but now even Sara doesn’t want the girls hanging-out. I am not at all into this Romeo and Juliet lesbian storyline but figure it’s for the youngster who what ABC Family on the regular.



Oh no Grandma Emma totally walks in on George and Sara making out.


Even groggy Leo is more fun than Dominic.

Dr. Evil Francie calls April and tells her that Leo is awake and lucid! April talks to him and he gives her a snarky comeback –LEO IS BACK!

Guess Who’s Coming to Donate?



Leo is kind of pissed off after waking up from his coma and kind of an ass (still more interesting then Dominic). He has some memory loss of the days before the surgery and doesn’t understand why he even had the surgery.


Miss Lonely Hearts and her NEW boyfriend who is into smoothies because french toast cause cellulite –ASSHOLE.

At Beth’s apartment that she shares with Miss Lonely Hearts (I have no idea what her name is) they discuss Leo’s bad attitude AND getting the results of Natalie’s bone marrow test. We also find out that because Miss Lonely Hearts has a new boyfriend she has thrown out any pretense of feminism PLUS has loud sex to dub-step neither of which Beth approves.


Danny don’t steal your work BFF’s assignments!

At work April finds out that Danny has been assigned the piece she pitched. April is put on research duty because of her blogger screw-up –and cancer.


While their moms park cars and they all wait for April to arrive from work, Brenna kind of sort of bonds with her dead dad’s secret love child. Natalie has the BEST facial expressions.

Dr. Evil Francie tells them that Natalie is a half-match (“I feel like the Maury Povich of bone marrow”). She also explains to Natalie and Olivia that because she is a half match the procedure is more complicated. Both women are rightly terrified.


Leo’s physical therapist is a total cheerleader it is totally driving Leo crazy.

April crashes the season and lets Leo know why he changed his mind about the surgery. She reminds him that he told her to fight when she wanted to give up on chemo and then changed his mind and decided to fight for his life as well.


Sara and George try to convince Olivia to convince Natalie to have the surgery when the time comes.

The meeting does not go well but George is able to smooth fences and invites Olivia and Natalie to dinner to discuss it civilly.


Italia should totally cut her hair short instead of wearing this weird short hair wig. She has a very Audrey Hepburn quality and short hair would be very chic and gamine.

April admits to her boss that she fucked up the story because of her cancer and convinces him to let her write and not be on research duty. He tells her he wants another cancer piece because “chicks like to cry” and “we need chicks.” New boss is a total douche and will henceforth be called douche-boss.


Natalie does NOT look like a girl who would tailgate a football game free beer or no.

Natalie goes to the tattoo parlor where Brenna works (because BRENNA is TROUBLE) and asks if she wants to hang-out. Natalie has already met a bunch of dudes who are tailgating a Boston College (BC) football game and wants Brenna to go with her. Brenna thinks she may be able to get Natalie to change her mind.


Let’s just take a moment to notice how cute these two are.

April is pissed because Leo took her off his visitors list and Beth is pissed because of all the dub-step sex. April asks Beth why she doesn’t just hang-out at her boyfriend Graham’s and then we all realize (seriously I totally forgot this plot detail) that Graham is boring Dominic’s roommate and that would be awkward. Beth doesn’t want to break girl-code by hanging out with April’s jerk ex but then realizes that Miss Lonely Hearts is the fucking worst.


Oh George!

George asks Emma why she disapproves of him and Sara. Emma advises that “people keep secrets when they are afraid of the truth.” She thinks that there is a huge obstacle to their relationship namely George’s dead brother/Sara’s dead husband.



Douche-boss does not like April’s piece on the huge cost for cancer treatments instead wants weepy cancer puff piece. April realizes that douche-boss totally wants to exploit her and her cancer. Where is Raquel to make a snarky feminist burn?


Somebody get Leo a therapist he is clearly depressed (NO ONE MENTIONS THIS he really does have a shitty support system).

Leo tells April that even though she spent four months with him he wasn’t there. He also tells her that this new version of him doesn’t want to be friends with her or anyone.  April whines to George about Leo and he kind of whines to April about relationships not working because of all the obstacles. Poor sad George.


Dominic grosses Beth out by bringing home yet another in a string of one night stands.

He further digs himself into a hole by claiming a bra the hook-up found is Beth’s. Beth does NOT tell the girls it is hers instead she just looks at Dominic like the sleaze he is and gives a snarky retort.


Take that ass clown!

At the BC football game Natalie saves Brenna from being attacked by a drunken jock. This is very endearing and YET Brenna would not have been in that position had her older sister not gotten her drunk at a college football game. Natalie and Brenna have a heart-to-heart on love and relationships –it is very sisterly.


The family has awkward chit-chat while waiting for Natalie and Brenna to arrive for dinner.

When the girls arrive Sara immediately notices Brenna is drunk and a fight ensues. Sara yells at Natalie for giving Brenna alcohol. Brenna admits she was only hanging out with Natalie to get her to change her mind. The two women fight about the dead dad. Natalie is super crushed that Brenna would only hang out with her to get her to change her mind –which is sad since they bonded. After the fight while talking to Brenna who says that she thinks Natalie just wants to be a part of their family April realizes that she and the family have been exploiting Natalie. April goes to Natalie’s hotel and apologizes her for exploiting her and that hopefully they can eventually be like sisters. This empowers April to write a piece on what she has learned because of her cancer.


Beth, “you used to not be sleazy.” Dom, rolls eyes and drinks more beer.

Beth and Dominic discuss how sleazy Dom is now that he has broken up with April.


Don’t cry George.

George and Sara have a heart-to-heart about Sara’s anger over Olivia and the affair and there secret relationship. George meets with a friend who works in San Fran at the World Health Organization because he is restless professionally and doesn’t really have anything to hold him in Boston.


April sneaks in to talk to Leo.

She tells him that she isn’t crazy, she knows him and that the future is uncertain and they can’t lose each other and stupid. Leo is his lovable scamp self in return and they banter adorably.


Dead dad (whom I think was named Thomas) must have been wild because both Brenna and Natalie have poor impulse control and now they are both living in BOSTON.

The Ortiz ladies tell Dr. Evil Francie that since Natalie is a good match and super healthy she wants to donate her bone marrow if needed and that she is staying in Boston.

All screencaps taken by me. 

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