Smart ladies love dumb TV, Chasing the Saturdays recap, #HomeSweetSats


This was the worst episode so far and I realized why: no Vanessa. That’s why this episode was dumped on a Monday night where I only knew it aired because my husband tried to delete it from the DVR.


Look a fan that was not paid by E! to be there!

The girls arrive in London and split off with their significant others. There is much smooching and excitement.

SatPerfumery The girls try to choose a fragrance to brand as their own. The five of them could not agree on any of the ten that were laid out for them. This whole celebrity perfume thing is a SHAM.


Frankie has a very expressive face.

There are three storylines in this episode and yet nothing happens.

In the first, Rochelle and Marvin try to find a new house. Spoiler: they don’t find anything. Here are some pictures.


Meeting with the agent.


Marvin is really into this hiddy chair and asks if it comes with the house. He mentions a pool table again.


I would kill for these windows and that yard but they hate the concrete patio. This is when I realize if they were on HGTV I would hate them.


Rochelle thinks this closet is too small so she wants to knock down this wall and expand the closet into another room. Marvin keeps saying this is too much work but he knows he’s not going to be doing any of it, right?


They drive away with a heavy heart.

Next week: Rochelle announces she’s pregnant and these two continue to film the worst episode of House Hunters International ever.


Meanwhile, Una watched Ben’s rugby game on the plane and saw him get badly injured.


They go to the most typically British named pub ever to talk about it.


She spends the rest of the episode wishing she could stay home with Ben but she knows she has to be with the girls. THAT IS IT.

Frankie and Rochelle want Mollie to meet their friend Calvin from S Club 7, but because Frankie is really into bad romantic comedies, she doesn’t show up to their lunch, leaving Mollie alone with this guy in a contrasting plaid shirt:


The whole fake date was weird and awkward.


I think this was on screen for five minutes.


Then Mollie and Frankie meet and Mollie decides to tell Frankie she and Calvin are in love. She looks completely crazy when doing so.


She fesses up to the truth and says the fix up was AWFUL. The girls laugh and are best friends again. YAWN.

Next week: Vanessa tries to save us all from boredom with some kind of lesion on her throat.

Bonus Baby Aoife:





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