Smart ladies love dumb TV, giving American Idol another chance


American Idol J Lo 5

It’s cold outside and if you live near us, it’s probably going to snow. But do you know what you should do tonight? Turn on American Idol. This week they’re going to narrow down the competition to the top 30 and the public voting on those people starts next week, so it’s a perfect time to get to know the contestants better before they are forced to sing disco and hits from the year they were born. There’s a new producer this year and Randy Jackson has been fired from judges’ panel. It can only get better now, right? Here’s a gif-cap of this season and why you should watch it.

Ryan Seacrest

American Idol Ryan Seacrest 4

American Idol Ryan Seacrest 3

I know one time I told you he was the worst. And that Teri Hatcher kiss is STILL gross. However, his presence completely classes up the Idol machine. I can’t wait to see him interact with Harry more–they will be hilarious.

Three things have made me like Ryan more: Mario Lopez hosting American X Factor,  when Charlie Askew was voted off Idol, and lastly because we liveblogged the SAG red carpet in 2013 and saw just how terrible life is without Ryan –Guiliana Rancic is the WORST! -K

Harry Connick Jr. fake auditions

Dude is a STAR.

American Idol Harry 6

American Idol Harry 5

He has done this several times and it does not stop being funny.

American Idol Harry 3

American Idol Harry 2

American Idol Harry 1


Harry is my favorite, he keeps the show from taking itself too seriously while making sure the singers take the show seriously, I hope that makes sense. -K

J Lo is super pretty

American Idol J Lo 3
American Idol J Lo 7

J Lo has pretty pretty hair, make up and clothes. She says yes too much and I remember the Haley incident but I have tried to forgive her. Look at that twirling!

I love her lipstick. -K

Keith is… Keith

Katie and I hate his new middle aged suburban mom haircut but he’s hot and Harry has rubbed off on him so he is actually giving criticism this year!

American Idol Keith 1

American Idol Keith 2


I want Keith’s old hair back, it might have been dated but it didn’t have a cow lick that make him look like Kate Gosselin. He is a great judge now that he isn’t being overshadowed by Randy’s lady blazers. -K

Producers have a sense of humor

This “Where are you from?” montage would NEVER have happened under Nigel’s reign of terror (aka joke auditions and constant contestant pimping).

American Idol judges where from 1

American Idol judges where from 2

American Idol judges where from 3

American Idol judges where from 4

Also the new producers have introduced segments where the judges talk about how they got there start in singing and how that relates to Idol. They also have showed cute, but somewhat embarrassing, clips of the gang when they were young and new. -K

Non annoying contestants

This guy asked what he was doing wrong and Harry told him he didn’t make eye contact enough. NO DRAMA.

American Idol Harry critique

And they seem happier and cuter

American Idol contestant 4

American Idol contestant 5

American Idol contestant 3

American Idol Emmanuel

American Idol Savion

Munfarid Zaidi

Munfarid has provided so much comic relief. He’s still in it to win it! [RIP judging career of Randy Jackson.]

American Idol Munfarid Zaidi 1

American Idol Munfarid Zaidi 2

American Idol contestant 1

American Idol contestant 2

“Thanks dad!”

I love him, even though he is not the best singer. -K


This is her doing Feist’s “1, 2, 3, 4” and it might be my favorite Hollywood week performance ever. Katie and I want her to win sooo bad. Fall in love with her so you can vote her into the top 10 too!

I want to by this record! I want this girl to perform at the Grammys I want her to have all the AWARDS! -K

This guy

American Idol Michael Orland 1

American Idol Michael Orland 2

American Idol Michael Orland 3

He is vocal coach Michael Orland and I LOVE him.

He made group night fantastic! -K

Crazy moms

American Idol crazy mom 2

American Idol crazy mom

This mom also made Jess Meuse look bad, whose singing I love and now I fear for her chances.

That mom was uncomfortably crazy. -K

General judge gif-ability

American Idol J Lo 6

American Idol J Lo Keith

American Idol Keith 3

American Idol J Lo 1

American Idol Harry 4

This season is looking so promising (NO LAZARO this year, yay!) that I will post a ranking of the top 30 next week and will probably cover it in some capacity over the next few months. Nothing like what Dave Holmes does. He is THE MASTER and I could never compare.

I am SO excited about this show and for Melissa’s ranking! -K

Gifs from American Idol, which is run by the show and has ALL the best gifs. Fox, you have stepped up your social media game and I am impressed.

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