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This one time in Seattle a doctor who failed her boards preformed surgery.  Only in Seattle Folks,  only in Seattle…

And we’re back at the worst hospital in the world, YAY!!!

The plane crash victims are offered a huge settlement and now have to decide to take it (I’m sorry I wasn’t paying enough attention to catch the figure).

Arizona is in a wheelchair and is not talking to Callie.  This is a terrible story.  I might actually be offended at the ridiculousness.

Yang still in Minnesota, still needs to be team player, still boring.  I want Christina back in Seattle, Meredith needs her to NOT be boring.

Grey's Anatomy Season 9 promo pic for episode 3

The dude from Minnesota made Yang smile.

Kepner is BACK (but is she allowed to practice medicine…she failed her boards).  OF course she is working with Avery (they boned last season, she was a virgin).  They are working on a case of a woman who lost a lot of weight and wouldn’t let her fiance see her naked they have never had sex.  Callie is of course working on a girl who might lose her leg.  You would think that someone would notice that the medical maladies match their internal life struggles or maybe I am over thinking this show.  Callie wants “Joy,” I too want joy Callie!

Christina needs to get the hell out of Minnesota.  She is not a Minnesotan!

Derek and Meredith SNORESVILLE…

Kepner and Avery!  Kepner revirgonized her self with prayer, but Avery is HOT and she will totally not be a revirgin for long.  Or she is an idiot!

Ever sane Bailey brings up the fact that Kepner failed her boards and probably should not be performing surgery by herself cause she is thinking of boning Avery.  AND she failed her boards.  Which means she is not a board certified surgeon and why on earth would we not want a certified surgeon when we can get a non-certified surgeon who is thinking of boning Jackson Avery!

Callie has some weird exchange with an intern about being “a horny bear” because you know Arizona can’t LOVE cause of her leg and all.

Awwww, Owen and Christina are talking though, so that’s good.  I’m looking for the good, cause I need Christina back in Seattle. I mean, I don’t think Christina should divert her career for me and this hospital in Minnesota might not be the “worst hospital in Seattle” so good for her, but Meredith and I need her!

Meredith gets a cute exchange with Avery. FINALLY! Meredith needs shit to do cause she has become nothing more than a voice over.  I love self absorbed Meredith and I want her back.

This settlement shit is BORING and of course everyone wants to take it but Derek.  I’m just going to call it, Derek is the worst.  They aren’t going to take this settlement cause we will need dramatic court battles.  I hope they hire Lockhart Gardner (that was for you M!!!).

So here’s the deal I love this dumb ass show.  I mean, I watched this show when Izzy had sex with the “ghost of how good this show used  to be” AKA Denny, so this Callie/Arizona thing won’t make me stop watching but SHONDA if you don’t get Arizona in some sort of psychoanalysis/physical therapy STAT I will be super pissed and I have a blog now (that you should read as I am a FAN)!

Grey's Anatomy Season 9 episode 3 promo art

Callie looking at Arizona eat in her sad wheelchair. I seriously wish they had included Arizona in her sad wheelchair in the promo stills for this week.

Blah blah blah, Derek and the the plane wreckage. Did I mention that he is the worst?  I wonder what the world would be like if Meredith married Finn the Vet (a girl can dream).

Kepner and Avery boned cause uh DUH…REVIRGIN MY ASS LOOK AT HIM!!! Debbie Allen is his mother (on the show not for real, Jesse Williams isn’t lucky enough to be Debbie Allen’s kid)!!!

Grey's Anatomy Jackson Avery


There was some feely shit with the old Chief and Bailey about letting go of your children, then between Christina and Owen, and then between Arizona and Callie.

While a cover of an old Tom Petty (Won’t back Down? Is that the title, that’s the line?) song plays Christina had an awesome heart to heart with the old doctor in Minnesota AND then the settlement meeting, Derek doesn’t want to settle because blah blah blah future people will be blah blah blah protected, Derek is the worst.

See you next week where hopefully Christina will come home (okay it looks like she bones her boss), Avery will bone Kepner, and ARIZONA gets a leg, FINALLY!!! And I will try and not use the word bone 🙂

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  1. Is Kepner even legally allowed to do surgery if she failed her boards?

    • I don’t think so it bothered me so much that Bailey didn’t make that more clear. I expect so much more from Bailey! Thanks for reading the blog 🙂

  2. You’d think they’d have laws about unqualified doctors doing major surgery without supervision…..but thats just me.

    this is the first I’ve seen your blog – I found it by googling “how is kepner still doing surgery if she failed her boards?” <—-Obviously I have too much spare time. But in reading your blog I got to thinking how many smart ladies I know that love stuff….you should have guest stuff-lovers do posts.

    • I was totally going to look that up too! You would think that someone would have at least asked about the legality when she showed up at the hospital.

      We are totally considering having guest posts in the future. And we are always looking for ideas. I’ll let you know if we ever request submissions.

      Thanks again 🙂

  3. All good points. + why is Arizona pissing on the floor or needing help to stand up? She still has 3 good limbs. Should be in rehab being fitted for a leg, not home. Shonda is lazy when it comes to real medical conditions. You’d think they could afford a couple of doctors and nurses to help with writing.

    • Absolutely! It’s insane to have a character react this extreme to a loss of limb when we have people competing in the Olympics with prosthesis on both his legs. I also think that the character wouldn’t have acted this way, Arizona has more spunk than this. It’s lazy writing all around.

      Thanks for commenting!!!

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