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That episode where Meredith dealt with Lexi’s death and Christina was still in Minnesota…BLERG!

The scenes from previous episodes make me want to cry…I don’t give a fig about that plane crash that killed my beloved Lexi and Mark.

We get the usual voice over this week, Meredith is teaching Zola how to use the potty but she is dead inside and then Christina gets voice over too (more voice overs for EVERYONE) and she is frozen in place but HEY she is still (umm, dammit I can’t remember what euphemism I am using for sex) sleeping (which is kind of a pun cause they are in bed) with her boss. Christina hates him. Both women are miserable BECAUSE they are apart! It’s the Meredith and Christina love parade!

AHHHHH Zola cries when Mere leaves the house see Mere you are a much better mother than YOUR mother.

I’m not gonna lie, Zola is my favorite character since Mark died. Why did you have to die Mark?

Mr. Feeny brought Christina a danish when he picked her up because she doesn’t understand snow. Christina’s patients are doomsday preppers and I am giggling (good job writers, that was funny).

Mere drives a Mercedes, I’m guessing Derek bought it because there is no way a fellow should have that kind of money. And she comes across an accident with a woman wedged under a car, THIS IS HOW LEXI DIED (except she was under a plane. FUN)!

Angry Mere is my favorite Mere! She is demanding people pick up that effing car (I’m trying to curb the amount of swearing I do on these posts [Noooooooooooooooooo! -M]). They of course DO IT because you don’t want to mess with angry MERE! AND the woman is alive. If you can save that lady Mere why couldn’t you save Lexi?

Christina blew off evil sex friend boss’ surgery to hang out with new BFF Mr. Feeny. Of course you did Christina.

Doe eyed intern go be on that Emily Owens show, you aren’t tough enough for Seattle Grace Mercy West (worst hospital in Seattle).

Mac and Smash are helping Mere with that intern with the doe eyes (I hate her). Mere’s patient is CANADIAN! Mere’s patient is also losing a TON of blood and it is not going well. Callie tries to talk to Mere about giving the patient a chance to rest but she ignores her and gives her lip (OLD MERE, I have missed you). The Chief tries to get Meredith to stop but then just flat-out tells her to stop, she ignores him but then listens because she is growing as a human being (I guess this is good for character development but I love damaged Mere).

Evil boss tries to force Mr. Feeny to retire. He puts him on probation. That guy is such a jerk. I hope Christina teaches him a lesson.

Chief has a heart to heart with Mere about her patient, because the patient is a stand-in for Lexi. Meredith is in denial, she lives in denial.

Mere and Christina talk about their day and tequila and then, AVERY! Is he not in this episode, I mean I know this IS the Mere and Christina episode but I need more Avery.

Avery had one fucking scene and no promo art so for the fans I took a picture of my TV screen…as usual it looks dirtier than it was in actuality. Take off those clothes Avery, take them off NOW!!!

Mere decides to stay and look after her patient so she leaves Zola with Callie. She feels guilty. She and Christina discuss Christina having sex with evil boss so that Feeny isn’t fired; first Christina claims she isn’t a prostitute but then that it’s just too much sex. They are both still in the hospital instead of at home. WORKAHOLICS!

So much Zola in the promo pics this week…I love that kid!  I just want to pinch those cheeks.

The interns wake up Mere; they make Mac do it because she is a badass. Mr. Feeny wakes up Christina her patient is doing really well but Mere’s was under a fucking car and isn’t so hot. Daycare won’t take Zola so she gives her to the other new intern (I don’t know her either but I don’t hate her, she tells Mere no but she is still an intern) because the patient is coding. I’m confused by this episode is Mere dealing with both Lexi’s death and being guilty over being a working mother? Poor Mere, that’s a lot of shit to deal with in an hour (and swearing starts at the half episode mark, FUN!).

Christina doesn’t think evil boss will let Feeny do the second surgery on doomsday girl because of his probation. Feeny tells her to stop fucking evil boss because she is too god for him.

I don’t remember this happening in the show but Mere and Bailey are talking…can you see that guys ass?

Zola wants her mother. Bailey tells Mere that the baby crying is pulling her focus and she needs the baby to be out of the ICU. She gives the baby to Alex. I miss Alex. There are too many newbs in this episode. Too much Feeny and Evil Boss.

Mere is trying to find the right time to go back into the patient (this is very reminiscent of the season 2 episode where John Cho is an intern from another hospital and hits a family with his car, that episode was amazing) or she could die. Christina is trying to save Feeny’s job. They keep doing this split screen thing with the two on the phone and all it makes me do is scream at Christina to move, move back to Seattle, Christina and bring Mr. Feeny with you!

I am Smash Williams and I was on this show called Friday Night Lights and it was amazing but people wouldn’t watch it cause America is DUMB!

Mere talks out her feelings/surgery plan to the chief, it’s amazing and total Grey’s (good job writers I think I have been very pro this episode). Kepner lost track of Zola before Mere is to go into surgery. Mere sends Smash to go makes sure that Zola goes with Avery (maybe we will get to see him again). I want to point out here that Smash and Mac are awesome actors who get very little to do in this show but that I hope they are making a lot of money (I want them to get storylines Shonda, not just Smash help Derek like teaching and Mac sleeps with Alex).

My name is Mac and I was on this show called Veronica Mars which was irreverent and funny but nobody watched it because America is DUMB!

SURGERY…STRESSFUL…I bet that Christina’s patient dies but Mere saves Lexi/Canadian, let’s see…touching moment between Christina and Feeny, classic Grey’s. Still don’t know who lives or dies. Mere is yelling at the interns. So stressful! I don’t think there has been enough stressful surgery in the last couple of episodes.

Feeny told Christina she will be the greatest surgeon of her generation and then he collapsed! If he had dropped dead I might have laughed. Poor Christina had to continue to help the patient. The nurses race to save him. Patient lives, I was wrong, it was very stressful. Feeny died though and that is sad. I hope this makes her move back to Seattle. Sandra Oh KILLS IT.

Meredith got to save surrogate Lexi, good for Mere and Bailey gave her a list of good babysitters.

It’s awesome that even though this was the Mere and Christina episode the Chief and Bailey are still in it a lot, it’s because I would send Shonda angry tweets if they weren’t in an episode.

CHRISTINA CAME HOME and I’M SO HAPPY and she is drunk. Sandra Oh and Ellen Pompeo are so good as BFFs, I’m not gonna lie I teared up a little (it’s my dyslexia it makes me overly empathetic so don’t judge, that’s mean).

Seeya next week when YANG is BACK in the worst hospital in Seattle — doe eyed intern better be scared.

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