Smart ladies love dumb TV, Grey’s Anatomy recap, “I Saw Her Standing There”


Or the episode where Alex beat-up a printer because Shonda Rhimes hates him…

Kevin McKidd (Owen) directed this episode and supposedly it’s supposed to be fun. Also, Ethan Embry [from All I Want for Christmas??? -M] is finally going to give Arizona a leg AND Christina is going to become sex friends with her boss (poor sad Owen)…FUN!

Kevin McKidd directing

It looks like he knows what he is doing…I have high hopes for this episode!

And we’re starting with voice over and sexy times…now that’s the Grey’s I like.  Poor sad Derek is now a teacher because of the plane crash.  Christina is sleeping with her boss in his office; she has moved on from on-call rooms (Christina the Mayo Clinic is not the “worst hospital in Seattle” please refrain from tarnishing it with sexy-times).  YAY April and Avery are still having sexy-times (better word than bone???) and then she leaves to go pray…BOO!!!

The chief is wearing a tie cause he is having sexy-times with Debbie Allen…DEBBIE ALLEN!!!

Everything about Alex is boring he is relegated to whining about Arizona Robbins and printers. FINALLY Arizona gets a new fucking leg.  Ethan Embry is still so cute.  She can’t look at her stump BECAUSE SHE WILL NEVER LOVE AGAIN…I might have to start a drinking game.

When did Meredith become such a drag? Let Christina have a sex friend.

Mac found a tumor in a guy cause she is AWESOME!  I really need Shonda to give Mac and Slash more to do.  I mean Shonda totally watched Veronica Mars and Friday Night Lights she has to know how awesome these people are, RIGHT???  I really hope Shonda didn’t hire Mac cause she was in True Blood, cause that’s not a show of her true talents, True Blood wasted Mac as they perpetually waste Alexander Skarsgard and Joe Manganiello (don’t say I never gave you any gifts, gratuitous Joey Man video below).

Debbie Allen is going to reduce a mans balls with the chief and they are fucking huge like basketball huge and since every cutting edge surgery usually equates to the problems of the surgeons I’m thinking that Debbie Allen and the Chief are in fact not having sexy-times BUT they want to be.  I’m blaming Avery, Avery you let Debbie Allen have sexy-times with your on-screen mother! Poor ball guy does not want to go to his 10 year high school reunion.

This is from an episode last year but it’s Avery and his mom arguing about her having sexy-times with the chief. Debbie Allen is NOT having it.

I hate the new mooney intern.  She makes me miss Lexi.  Apparently Smash is a brown noser.

Grey's Anatomy 2

Who are these mooney interns? I have no clue what these people are called. I think Mac and Smash have real names but I don’t know them.

OH SNAP CHIEF AND DEBBIE ARE TOTALLY SECRETLY BONEING….sorry SEXY TIMESING (not the same).  They are almost found out by Bailey and then they boot her off the ball guys for Kepner.  Sarah Drew is a good actress but she always plays a uptight naive girl.  I mean Hannah was like from Iowa on Everwood and she dated Bright which never made sense and now I want to buy Everwood DVDs.  God I loved Everwood, when Emily does crazy stuff on Revenge I’m like “Amy, what would Ephram say?” and then I remember he is on that awful Canadian cop show and he should be on Revenge playing Jack.  Just think about how good Revenge would be without Declan and with Ephram as Jack! Sorry I don’t know where that came from other than I need to buy Everwood on DVD. [Every time I watch Hart of Dixie I want to buy Everwood on DVD. Also, Ephram on Revenge playing Jack is genius. They can switch actors mid-series, right? -M]

And back to Seattle Grace Mercy West.  Alex really needs more to do.

Bailey, Meredith and Mac are going to take out the awesome tumor.  Bailey then tries to steal Meredith’s surgery, GO BAILEY! Meredith is so boring.  Bailey also needs more to do, where is Jason George?

Debbie Allen brings up the BOARDS to Kepner! It’s about time, SHONDA!  Kepner is going to take them next year (so she gets to be an attending? Shouldn’t she be a resident?) and then momma Debbie tries to set her up with someone because Kepner is uptight and needs sex (Debbie doesn’t know about her and Avery, momma Debbie knows all!). Chief and Debbie are having the best sex of there lives.  Poor Avery finds this out while trying to have sexy-times with Kepner.

This is also from an old episode but it get’s the point across Debbie Allen makes Kepner nervous.

Arizona is so ANGRY.  She makes Ethan Embry uncomfortable.  And me wishing I had M&Ms to throw at the screen.

Blah blah blah Derek and Meredith are so BORING!  Show more of Zola she’s cute!

Sad Callie gets drunk with Owen cause they’re all sad and lonely.

Christina figured out that her sex friend/boss wants to force the old doctor to retire…this show needs more sexy-times and less sadness.   I like Christina and old doctor (who played Mr. Feeny on Boy Meets World I had to look it up it was driving me crazy)  Mr. Feeny.

And then we gawk at the big balls.  And watch Chief and Debbie Allen flirt.  Is there any way Debbie Allen can be on this show forever? Poor sad ball guy was a nerd and that’s why he doesn’t want to go to his reunion.  Is this girl his sister?

The guys gawking at the poor guy with the giant balls OR gratuitous shot of Avery, you pick!

Meredith and the tumor guy are so boring, though it was funny watching Mac chase him after he ran away.  Mac thinks Mere is a badass, no Mac you are a badass, go find Veronica and Wallace!

Arizona is such a bitch, where did this hostility come from? Where are my M&Ms?  Next week I am totes buying a bag.  Also I hate Christina’s sex friend, he needs to stop being mean to Mr. Feeny.  This episode is not fun.  It’s only fun when Debbie Allen is flirting with the chief and Avery and Kepner are trying to not have sexy-times but then having sexy-times.

Oh at some point Mere lied to Derek about the rare tumor guy needing surgery then he found out about it and then I wanted the ball guy to come back cause it was much more interesting.

Arizona was nice to Alex.  First time tonight I didn’t want to hurl something at her head…WIN!?!  Christina also helped Mr. Feeny and Derek went to watch Mere’s risky surgery and Bailey made about a dozen ball jokes.  I wonder when this show got to be the show it is today.  I’m willing to bet it was around the time Shonda had Izzy have sex with the ghost of Denny cause of her tumor.

ARIZONA CRYING TEARS OF JOY!  She was then nice to Callie.  New legs for everyone, everyone gets a leg!

AHHHHHH the ball guy is in love with his BFF who I thought was his sister or I hope it’s not his sister.  And Avery talks to the chief man-to-man about his mother. The chief is not going to hurt your mom Avery, he’s the chief.  I loved this it actually made me laugh out loud.

Even a pensive Avery is a hot Avery!


Meredith and Derek are so BORING.

Forgive me if I’m wrong but wasn’t Derek’s trailer on his land, which wouldn’t it mean that Owen is living in Mere and Derek’s backyard if he is indeed moving into Derek’s trailer?

And in two weeks people Meredith will finally deal with Lexi’s death, thank goodness I love dark and twisty Meredith!

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