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It’s Arizona’s first day back to the Seattle Grace Mercy West (worst hospital in the world), YAY! Callie is being over-controlling and presumptuous which is like my least favorite quality in her character and it’s the one the writers never seem to think is BAD. It’s bad writers; it’s also really fucking annoying AND not cute and lovable.

I still don’t understand how the hospital is responsible for the plane crash other than the fact that the writers needed it for a plot device.

Owen and Cristina are AWKWARD! Hey guys, I vote for NOT selling the firehouse that place is AWESOME! Not that I get a vote obviously but I should.

Bailey is marrying Jason George. Let’s all wish we were marrying Jason George. He wants a Christmas wedding. It’s uber cute because this scene includes the Chief and Kepner whom I love because they are funny and not depressing.

Marry Me!!!

Callie is trying to fix Derek’s hand. I hate this story SOOOO much because currently these are my least favorite characters. Apparently Callie wants to do some sort of state of the art procedure but Derek is condescending and tells her she still doesn’t “have it” I’m guessing the right idea. ARGH DEREK IS THE WORST! This does make me like Callie more.

Christina is working with Bailey, Smash and the intern I like that Yang has named Grumpy. I think it’s some sort of transplant case. Meredith is working with doe eyed intern on a case with a dude who keeps grabbing ladies asses and boobs, FUN! I will give you 100 pennies that this jerk has a brain tumor.

Christina, Grumpy and Smash.

Kepner is four days LATE (and if you watch TV as much as I do you know what this means, she will absolutely NOT be pregnant). Sarah Drew and Jessie Williams would have a really cute baby, that’s just my two cents you can subtract it from the 100 pennies you will get from the brain tumor guy. Poor Kepner flips out and mentions Jesus, I love her rants, they are hilarious.

Poor Jackson has to go work with Callie on Derek’s hand. Don’t go Jackson it is bad in that room. Derek is the worst and Callie is annoying.

This is from some other episode but it’s a pic of Jackson so YAY!!!

Owen meets with lawyers in the lawsuit. Apparently they are suing the hospital because they are the ones that chartered the flight and the airline apparently has a history of mechanical issues but how would the airline know. SERIOUSLY! Poor Owen he approved hiring the airline without checking their safety record. It’s okay Owen, they kept Izzy after she stole a heart. Also there might be a conflict of interest because he is married to Cristina, honestly shit happened but I tuned most of this story-line out, I apologize.

Derek points out that Meredith used to be dark and twisty but now she is nice and optimistic. I miss dark and twisty Meredith.

Christina also likes my intern. Grumpy is my favorite only because this show wastes Mac and Smash.

Christina and Grumpy, my favorite new intern cause she seems like the only one who is NOT an idiot.

In Mac-related news Callie has her following Arizona around with a wheel chair in secret. Alex is paying off kids not to ask about the fake leg. This shows insistence that a fake leg is the worst thing in the world makes me really ANGRY!

Meredith gives Kepner a pep-talk about her “pregnancy”. She also gets doe eyed intern (DEI) to check that ass-grabber for a TUMOR. 100 PENNIES TO EVERYONE and no one cause I don’t have 100 pennies to give all 20 readers of this post!!!

I would tell you about the other cases but there kind of boring. Bailey and Christina have a gay couple where one of them has been waiting for a heart valve AND a new liver it’s moving but boring. Kepner and Karev have a case of a boy thrown from a horse it is also boring.

Bailey has been very dismissive of having a wedding with Jason George if I were marrying Jason George I would totally have a huge wedding and the train of my wedding dress would say “I AM FUCKING MARRYING JASON GEORGE THANK YOU GOD!” But I love Bailey so I will let her be annoyed by Christmas wedding planning.

Another picture of Jason George…YUMMY!

Arizona just yelled at Mac for stalking her with chairs!!! AHHHHH I love you Jessica Capshaw, even though you act like this is the worst storyline ever. Arizona fell in surgery but is laughing not crying and YAY she is no longer an anger ball.

Callie gives some speech to Jackson about Derek being scared of surgery on his hand and Jackson quite adorably runs out to tell Kepner he is all in. If she is pregnant then they will get married and have a cool kid. I also wish I was marrying Jesse Williams. Of course I will give you 100 pennies that Kepner is not pregnant and that they will not get married in a field with butterflies.

Bailey and Cristina’s patient only has a week to live and Smash cries…see it was moving and depressing. I’m sorry I even mentioned it.

Ass grabber will get surgery and no longer be an ass grabber plus I hope his family feels terrible that they didn’t think “hey all of a sudden dad became a perv” maybe he has a medical condition. Do people not watch terrible TV? I mean if I knew someone and they suddenly became weird I would totally be like DUDE you may have a brain tumor I watch a lot of TV I know this shit!

Kepner IS NOT PREGNANT (of course not) but she is also too relieved about not having to get married. Bitch have you seen Jesse Williams? Jackson breaks up with her because SERIOUSLY who would be relieved with not having to marry him.

I would totally marry you Jackson Avery!

Bailey teases Christina for becoming a human being because of Mr. Feeny. Do you hear that Mr. Feeny you were an awesome mentor. Now you should totally join the Disney Chanel Boy Meets World reunion with Corey and Topanga (why do I remember everyone’s name that was on that show?). Cristina is pissed that Owen hasn’t noticed that she has changed. She also admits she wants Owen back.

JOES! Everyone is at Joes. I missed Joes and by everyone I mean Jackson and Karev and the dopey interns.

The show ends with Meredith being pregnant. I am actually excited about this. BUT then Owen asks Christina for a divorce and I am depressed again. OH, poor Jessica Capshaw had to do a PSA on amputees.

See you next week, which looks like it might be an intern centered episode. Oh lord help us all!!!

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