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So this is supposed to be the intern centered episode but I also think this is the Neve Campbell episode which means this is a double special episode of GREY’S…woooo FUCKING hooooo!


Intern cheat sheet (from left to right):

“Mac” is Dr. Heather Brooks and she better get a plot soon. One that is deserving of her AWESOMENESS!

Dr. Edwards MY FAVORITE cause she is always the smartest intern and is able to tell those stupid attendings “NO”, Cristina refers to her as “Grumpy”, LOVE IT!

“Smash” is Dr. Shane Ross and I love him. I think Cristina called him Dopey a couple episodes ago.  He is just eager to learn, Cristina.

“Doe-eyed intern” is Dr. Jo Wilson (I fear she is Alex’s dream woman…I HATE HER!).

“The other one” is well, Leah (that’s sad they didn’t even give her a last name, she is the forgotten intern) and I think I get her confused with doe-eyed intern and she has a crush on Alex.

There are too fucking many of you!

Meredith’s voice over is about how much the interns LOVE the hospital and how they are bright and shiny. Cristina says they are pathetic; see this is why I love Christina.

Each intern then talks about their assignments; see I am already bored with this episode. But I take this job as recapper seriously so here is how it breaks down: Doe-eyed intern is with Alex, Edwards and the other one with Cristina, Smash with April (the dud attending, never were truer words spoken, I mean she didn’t even pass her boards AND apparently she has up to a year to retake them, WORST HOSPITAL EVER), and Mac with Mere.

Cristina has not ONE but TWO infants who need heart transplants. Each has a single parent one male and one female I believe we will have either romance or tragedy here people OR both. The guy might be able to take his baby home to wait for a heart, he is VERY nervous. Then the other one sucks up to Cristina and Cristina is all I might call her “doc” to make Edwards jealous. Hey Cristina, Edwards is the best intern!

April is mean to Smash because she is a nutcase who dumped Jackson. Apparently they need to remove pimples from “hillbillies” (her word, not mine). I might just ignore this storyline. Also does all this intern love mean we get NO Jackson because I will cut a bitch if that’s true?

Go Smash go!

Cristina has yet another patient this one’s husband is deaf and she needs a pace-maker. Edwards and the other one continue to suck up. I think all this sucking up will end in tragedy or at least that’s what the guide on my TV says.

Meredith yells at Mac. Then two guys come in saying they killed bigfoot. You know what ALL the doctors do in the ER they leave to go see bigfoot. WORST. HOSPITAL. EVER. And both the Chief and Bailey whom I expect them to act better than that.

Alex notices that doe-eyed intern has a fancy watch. He makes her do something gross (I didn’t catch what it was but I do recall impacted colon and then I TUNED THE FUCK OUT) because he is off to surgery. With Alex still in surgery doe-eyed intern has to do some sort of fancy surgery on a baby she looks horrified. I think this new bunch of interns are duds. A nurse helps her through it. Those nurses if it weren’t for them well people would be dying left and right at that hospital.

We are back to bigfoot who turns out was only a dude in a “gilly suit” some sort of military thing. And JACKSON! Who is one screen for like 2 seconds. If that was his only scene I will be super PISSED. Mere makes Mac call all of Derek’s sisters for a donor nerve apparently Derek wants to use a cadaver nerve but a live is better. This will soon backfire. Mac is sad that she doesn’t get to help with bigfoot. Mac you are a dud doctor or you would have a better internship. Thems the breaks kid.

You want me to call ALL of Derek’s sisters?

This show was better when people were doing it in on-call rooms.

This episode is very confusing–there are too many patients…

Here is a breakdown of patients and interns:

  • Mac is dealing with Mere and Der who are fighting Derek wants her to call of his sisters back and tell him he doesn’t need a nerve and Mere tells her to do no such thing.
  • Doe-eyed intern and Alex are trying to help the baby.
  • Edwards and the other one are alternating sucking up to Christina and will most like kill an infant who needs a heart by episodes end thus bringing the infants parent together with the other single parent with and infant that needs a heart.
  • Poor Smash is removing disgusting things from people’s bodies with April.

Arizona is on screen for one line and now she is gone. This episode BLOWS. Doe-eyed intern is uber pissed that Alex keeps calling her “princess”.

AWWW this group of interns hangout outside behind the cafeteria and they all appear to hate the other one. Is the other one not a friend is she really a shark? I’m so confused Shonda! TOO MANY PEOPLE AND NOT ENOUGH JACKSON.

So many people in this episode.

I will say that April and Smash have the most amusing and disgusting storyline. Two words: butt scabs…now go vomit and come back.

In other news all the interns think that doe-eyed intern is a princess because duh she IS. Poor Mac thinks she is getting paged but really it’s just more Derek sister wrangling AND it’s actually funny cause Mac is a good actress. She finds out that Mere is pregnant.


OH DEAR TRAGEDY…right after the guy (with the infant who needs a heart transplant but is also well enough to go home to wait) tells the lady (who also has an infant who needs a heart transplant) he can’t imagine life without her he finds out his son is NOW in critical condition which puts him at the top of the transplant list meaning he will get a heart before the woman’s baby. HE is the love of her life and he stole her baby’s heart. LOVE + TRAGEDY = SADNESS.

When this show was in its glory I would totally be a mess right now but as it is my head is spinning from all of the people and patients and I’m finding it hard to care. I so wanted to care. In like season three this would have been a multi week case with Burke and Addison trying to save the babies. You would see the love and companionship grow between the parents. I mourn the first five seasons of this show (well not the ghost sex scenes with Izzy and Denny, I have standards). [Hey, the Izzy + Denny story is when I quit this show. COINCIDENCE? -M]

The other one…total bitch… [She kinda looks like Sandra Bullock?! Maybe she has crazy picture disease. -M]

The other one is a total BITCH. This is why Shonda did not give her a last name.

This episode has all of these slowed down moments focusing on the interns looking at surgery stuff if they had just cut down the number of interns and patients we might, just might actually care about these people. Also we get 10 seconds of Owen. I want an episode with just Arizona, Jackson and Owen talking about stuff out at Derek’s old camper. Is that too much to ask?!?

LOOK IT’S OWEN! The other one looks like she might cut him…

Something happens to the pacemaker in that patient with the deaf husband but he isn’t deaf anymore and oh FUCK I might have to watch this episode twice.

I had to take this one with my iPhone but I wanted to make sure we got at least one good look at the hottest doc.

MORE JACKSON! The interns are being forced into competing for the chance to scrub in for Derek’s hand surgery by Callie and JACKSON. Smash wins because Smash is AWESOME.

Edwards and the other one try and kill the pacemaker lady and doe-eyed intern tries to beat up the grandmother of the baby she saved earlier. This hospital is the WORST.

Alex and doe-eyed intern have a heart-to-heart. She was apparently poor, I still hate her. Of course this makes Alex want to hump her because he was also poor. Poor people love each other.

Edwards and the other one get banned from the OR indefinitely (or for a month–it was a minute ago and I can’t remember).

Smash tells April he won the contest because of her. It is heartwarming and I mean that. I love them the most.

In infant baby heart/dating drama the parents are back to being BFFs and future spouses that is if that ladies baby also gets a heart.

And Neve Campbell FINALLY appears after Mac gives an AWESOME old school Grey’s RANT!

Next week better have three fewer patients and interns. The preview looks like Bailey may leave Jason George at the altar…OH NOES!

I would LOVE to know what everyone else thought.  Was this episode to overstuffed?  Do we have too many inters?  Should Alex fall in love with doe-eyed intern and/or should I start calling her poor doe-eyed intern?

Photos from ABC except the one of Jackson that ones mine!!!

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