Smart ladies love dumb TV, how to fix BATB in season 3


Last Monday night BATB aired the fifteenth and best episode of season 2, that’s right kids, it took 15 episodes to get me to kind of not rant (I’m not 100% sure I didn’t rant a little bit because let’s face it I rant a lot, it’s part of my charm). In October before the premiere I had a list of wants (it was basically a whole post and rants with spoilers as a bonus for people who read through the rants) for season 2 of BATB since it had gone a little bit off the rails towards the end of the first season. As we head into a long hiatus before we conclude season 2 (the show will come back on April 28th ETA: June 2nd), I decided to write a new list of wants in the event we get a third season (fingers crossed).


I love this gif!!!

Here is an abridged list of wants I wanted before season 2 and whether or not they were accomplished –SPOILER NO, it’s like the people who write this show don’t read me, FOOLS!

  • More consistent with Vincent’s abilities AKA stop changing what he can and cannot do based on plot. This happened a lot in season 1 but in season 2 the writers changed Vincent pretty much completely at the beginning of the season and have stayed true to the abilities outlined in that first episode –WIN FOR CONSISTENCY! Also Vincent 2.0 has no scar and a swanky houseboat, this is a WIN for everyone! [The modern houseboat with cool blue lighting is such a good set. Way to go, set decorators. -M]


  • I wanted the show to go back to its procedural roots –this is a big fat NOPE, the show instead has been mythology focused and the mythology changes from week-to-week. This show needs a consistent formula. Also Tess and Cat (mainly Cat) need to go to work and do work not go to work and immediately leave. Maybe they should just open a supernatural detective agency outside of JT’s gentleman’s club.
  • Need a consistent badguy and not just shadowy government suits from central casting. This is another win for the writers as they gave us Bob at the beginning of the season and Sam [Shades, Katie. -M]–maybe they do read my recaps.
  • I wanted a backstory on Cat’s mom and bio-dad and though we kind of got this from Bob, Bob is an unreliable narrator as he is a proven liar so I want an actual backstory on Cat’s mom, Muirfield, Bob, Sam’s son, and the weird board of badguys from the last episode we saw.
  • I wanted less Mohinder and have gotten more Mohinder than last season. I hate Mohinder. He is a terrible actor. Fire him. [How does this guy get hired? We lost hot Joe for this fool? UGHHHH. -M]
BATB_PLaying with Fire_Gabe

He may be terrible but at least he’s pretty to look at.

  • Keep the humor, I think the writers do this about 50% of the time but there should never be an episode without JT.

Here are the things I want for season 3 in addition to the list above:

  • Consistency! I think I scream this week after week but it should be said as much as possible if you want people to watch your show week after week it needs to have a consistent narrative that is engaging while asking questions but not scattered and confusing.
  • Consistent characters, it’s one thing to write a character as an amnesiac so that you can play with the traits you previously gave them (or to get rid of an unfortunate scar on their pretty face) but that doesn’t mean you can change the traits of the characters around them. For example Cat spent 3 months searching for Vincent which is in character for her BUT when she finds him she is unable to except that he has amnesia and is different from he was pre-brain injury. She also fails to ask the one question that has not been answered what was in the serum Vincent was given by Bob AND what was he doing the three months he was missing. Was he living it up on the houseboat of love? How many beasts did he track down and kill? Were they all in NYC? Why does a cop like Cat never ask the obvious questions? Because the writers were more focused on breaking Vincent and Cat apart so that we could pair Cat with Mohinder. I don’t even need Cat and Vincent to be together I just need the story to make coherent sense.
I used to have a terrible facial scar, now i am handsome and look super foxy in this black pea-coat!

I used to have a terrible facial scar, now I am handsome and look super hot in this black pea-coat! I also now have foxy facial scruff!

  • Have one consistent mythology. I never thought I would say this but I miss Muirfield. Currently in season 2 we have a mythology that includes Cat’s great-great-great aunt hunting down beasts, a shadowy government group with fancy pins who are behind Muirfield, we have Bob (I’m not even sure where Bob fits in anymore) and beasts who are thousands of years old who can be controlled with collars. I think that’s it but who the fuck can keep track.
  • And to reiterate, this show needs a focus whether it’s the team fighting crime or fighting a shadowy beast creating secret society from the middle ages just pick a formula and focus. Episode 215 was the best of the season because the team worked together to bring down Sam. While doing this they learned a little more about the mythology of the show but this was a byproduct of the central plot which was a nice example of clean and concise storytelling. It was also more character-focused: Cat wanting to take care of herself, Vincent wanting to be a hero, Tess and JT wanting to make-out while watching boring encrypted software becoming less encrypted, and Mohinder being douchey and smug, all while trying to solve one crime. In fact the last couple of episodes have been more focused on one goal. Shades made this show better –we shall miss you Shades! [Thanks for this gif, Katie, it is heartwarming. -M]


So in summation, if BATB were to be given a third season I would hope the CW will ask the showrunners and writing staff to FOCUS ON CONSISTENCY and possibly buy them a whiteboard so that they can write all of the plot and characters down in one spot (I have a vision of the BATB writers room and it consists of tiny scraps of paper the writers keep losing which is why the episodes sometimes seem written by Vincent who was given a serum that wiped out his brain). 

Shades gif from casillas.


  1. HA – who knew popping in out of the blue I’d find this 😀 Show’s coming back April 28? I thought it was coming back June 2? Is this new or old info? 😀 Great gifs, great summation 😀

  2. I have been screaming WHITE BOARD the size of a wall for the past two seasons….thank you!!!! My only other ‘wish’ would be to give a Princeton educated law student (Catherine) and a medical resident doctor (Vincent) and a biochem. professor (JT), and our ‘favourite’ DA Mohinder believable educated dialogue….not repetitive, middle school speak! Great review as always…looking forward reading more after the haitus! 😀

    • Hey Pat,

      YES the dialogue could be vastly improved! To be honest I always give BATB a pass on that because it’s on the CW and they skew to a younger audience (though obviously not there entire audience is middle/high school young). Then again wouldn’t we all WIN from smarter educated dialogue so maybe I shouldn’t be so complacent after all.

      Thanks as always for reading and commenting!

  3. Why did I only find you today? like a sane breath of fresh air, I have found your posts to be refreshing and have just spent the last 45 minutes reading them all. Everything that I have thought over the last season was so eloquently and sarcastically expressed by you I may have chuckled out a small cheer!! I look forward to your future posts.

    In awe of your writing skills,

    • Hello Teri,

      Thank you so much for your kind words. This has been a tough season of BATB. It’s been so long since it went off the air, I hope people remember to watch on June 2nd.

      Thank you so much for reading and commenting!!!

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