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I am very hesitant to do American Idol coverage, because so many people do it well (Dave Holmes at Vulture and Michael Slezak/Melinda Doolittle’s Idology at TV Line). But I love the show and I might throw in some of my world-famous screencaps* when I have time. From the top 40, here are the contestants I think are the most promising. Note: I am always wrong about these things. I loved Papa Peachez.


It’s no secret that the producers want a girl to win. As such, they have hardly shown any decent boys (Elijah…maybe?) for more than 10 seconds (Johnny Keyeser, seriously??!!) and I can only pick a few. I wanted to include JDA (who reminds me of Alexis Arquette’s character in The Wedding Singer) but he has barely gotten any screen time.

If Nicki Minaj is obsessed with you, you better know you are top 10 material, Charlie Askew. He’s just so damn cute! I like the way he sang “so looooowwwww.” Lovely.

Idol SUCKS at promoting contemporary male R&B singers, and Cortez Shaw is one of the best to ever be on the show, if he stays away from the melisma. He’s really hot and likeable but voters are generally white girls in the south who don’t like contemporary R&B music (there is nothing contemporary about Joshua Ledet). If he makes top 20, Katie and I will be voting for Cortez all night.

I KNOW Nick Boddington is making the top ten, that you can be sure of. He has a beautiful voice, he’s adorable, and he reminds K & I of our other BFF, Bobby.


As good as these dudes are, none of them can possibly touch…

My favorite of the season, Janelle Arthur. I ADORE her old-school country voice. She deserves to be hugely famous.

I like soul-belter Candice Glover too; she has amazing control of her voice, even as she slips into (way too many) runs. I was crushed last year when she didn’t move on with the rest of her group in Vegas (Deandre Brackensick and Jessica Sanchez, who both made it to top 13).  That performance is has been removed from the official American Idol You Tube channel so we can pretend we don’t remember that travesty from last season.

I can’t say I love Angela Miller but she is a fan favorite and the female version of Nick Boddington/season 11’s Colton Dixon (I read that her boyfriend is BFFs with Colton but I don’t know if that’s true). This song was a little Jesus-y for me. If you are going to sing worship music that’s only going to be played in the cheap thrift store I frequent, Idol might not be the place for you.  However, she is going to be around a while, and will be pimped to the high heavens, so get used to her.

Supposedly, Kree Harrison is besties with country “it” girl Kacey Musgraves (her song “Undermine” was used on Nashville), so she has some connections to the country music scene. Thursday was the first time viewers became acutely aware of her, and I think Janelle might have a hard time usurping Kree once voting begins. Katie and I thought she was fantastic.

I don’t want Zoanette Johnson to be a joke. She is so entertaining and different. She played drums last night, which hasn’t been done since Katie’s boyfriend Reed Grimm did it last year. I fear she is Papa Peachez II.

Of course, there will be several people who make the top 20 who we haven’t seen much from and will surprise us, inevitably sending home a few favorites. Tis the Idol way. I don’t know what makes this show eons better than X Factor US (editing? RYAN SEACREST?), but I am excited about the whole season.

[The new judges are miles ahead of Randy. Keith knows SO MUCH about music, Mariah is passionate and shows her opinion all over her face and Nicki is honest and full of soundbytes. It’s the best panel the show has ever had. Now FIRE RANDY.]

* Hey, my Emblem 3 screencaps were hugely popular on the Internet!!

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