Smart ladies love dumb TV, ranking the top 12 girls on American Idol


Pretty J Lo from last night. Via.

Pretty J Lo from last night. Via.

Today: my completely scientific rankings of the Top 12 girls of season 14. There are only two girls I like enough so far to vote for, though that might change when I see them pick from real songlists and/or sing in front of a live audience.

I will be watching tonight (last night I was at a majorly important college basketball game) and cheering on my favorites. Who do you like?

1. Tyanna Jones

I love quirky teens! This Bey cover was ON FIRE. She was so self-assured and hit every note. My favorite girl right now. [I love her so much! She is TOTALLY my FAVE! -K]

2. Joey Cook

Joey went to VCU, played out in Richmond (with some of my friends, too) and I find her charming and her voice both sultry and strange. I never saw her but I DID see this girl once who is on her YouTube channel. [I adore Joey and her accordion. I want her and Clark to have adorable babies with fraggle legs –FANFICTION! -K]

3. Adanna Duru

Sarina absolutely has a better voice but Adanna posts Tinashe (!!!) covers on YouTube and I am just more drawn to her as an artist. [This video makes me like her so much more (in all honesty, I forgot she was a contestant). -K]

4. Sarina-Joi Crowe

She plays guitar too! Her voice is ridiculously good and I hope she goes far enough this season to help her career. If people don’t vote for her it’s because she comes off a little mature. [I do remember Sarina-Joi because she has tried out for the past four years and her voice is lovely. -K]

5. Maddie Walker

Look, I don’t love her either, but I need a country girl to back in honor of Skylar, my favorite Idol contestant. [SKYLAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -K]

6. Shi Scott

My placement of Shi is probably controversial but I just think she’s so pretty. She VLOGS, and according to her username and old videos, her real name is Shaina. She’s memorable, though, which I can’t say for the next three. [So pretty. -K]

7. Katherine Winston

I never remember this girl at all. Maybe she should dye the tips of her hair a bright color? [Who??? – K]

8. Alexis Gomez

WHO? [HAHAHAHAHAH. I made the comment above before I saw this comment by Melissa. I have no clue who this person is either. -K]

9. Lovey James

I remember there IS a Lovey James, but I cannot tell you what she sounds like. Her professional-looking videos have more views than any of the other contestants and all remind me of Rebecca Black. Who is putting money into this crap? Her parents? Based on her music ALONE she should be last but I still don’t dislike her as much as the final three girls. [This video scares me. -K]

10. Jax

Katie will be so mad I didn’t put her last, but she has a nice voice! However, she just needs to grow up, stop wearing camouflage and wash that X off the side of her face. [NEMESIS! -K]

11. Loren Lott

I don’t think there’s any substance in Loren’s performances or songs. She clearly just wants to be famous (she has a demo reel which states she is a singer/actress/model) and her friends and family have been telling her for years she should be a singer/actress/model. [She is very pretty. That is all. -K]

12. Shannon Berthiaume

Just… no. [I always forget about this chick too! The girls are completely forgettable except for the top four. -K]

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