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Sometimes I feel that the Smart Ladies Love Stuff tumblr dashboard is only filled with posts about feminism, Community, and Supernatural. So many Supernatural gifs, WHO IS THIS MISHA COLLINS I ask myself constantly?!?

Misha Collins

Who are you?!?

As the summer winds down, I find myself with nothing to watch and instead of watching something that’s “good” for me like Breaking Bad or The Wire, I have decided to see what all the Supernatural fuss is about.  I should point out that though I can binge watch a show in a short amount of time the sheer volume of Supernatural episodes (172?!?) means I must cheat (AKA Wikipedia spoiler reading is a must).

Deans love for the impala

For those of you who are reading this who like me have never seen Supernatural it is a LONG running CW show starring Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki as brothers Dean and Sam Winchester, “hunters” of supernatural beings. Supernatural is basically a procedural with an overarching mythology. When Sam was a wee baby his mother was killed by a demon and ever since their father has been on the hunt. When the show starts Sam is about to start law school but has to help Dean find their father who has gone missing presumably to find their mothers killer. Basically week after week the brothers travel around in a black 1967 Chevy Impala  and help people with their Supernatural problems. They get by with credit card fraud and sleeping in their giant car. FUN!

Dean and the Impala


I do love the nerdiness. At one point Dean gives their names as Hamill and Ford (I have been jumping around and I think there are illusions to Star Wars in about 20% of episodes). I also like that they commit credit card fraud to fund their “job” and that Dean makes their fancy supernatural hunting shit and lawyer bound Sam is in charge of the fancy internet.

Dean and Sam have a fun sibling relationship and Jensen and Jared have really good chemistry. At one point I mentioned to Melissa that I would like the show better if it was just them and none of the supernatural stuff (see more in cons).

Dean is funny

Jim Beaver (Deadwood and Justified) as Bobby Singer and Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Magic City and Grey’s Anatomy as both living Denny Duquette and ghost Denny Duquette) as The Winchester boys dad are character actors (Morgan might be good-looking but he is definitely a character actor which makes him all the more AWESOME) who make everything they are in AMAZING!

Bobby hugging Cas

This Misha Collins kid is HOT! He also plays an Angel who is confused by HUMANS. FUN!?! No seriously that is kind of fun, I love fish out of water shit. He is kind of a hot robot.

In my internet sleuthing (WIKIPEDIA FTW) I found out that Dean and Sam are BFFs in real life which I originally thought was typical “we LOVE each other, bull shit” until I  saw this. The boys on this show really are adorable.

Sam and Dean in real life


This show has WAY too many damsels in distress which would be a con but I have to give them credit for at least trying to make the women smart and strong and also in distress so it’s a draw (I should also note that this show has a lot of female writers and producers). Also by the very nature of having two hot guys as leads the brothers must always want love and companionship but also be single so that the fangirls don’t go crazy. And Dean is totally in love with Castiel (oh God Melissa the tumblr girls may have corrupted me, I have read too much). The show also needs the boys to be tortured (cause ladies love brooding boys) so if a lady does catch there fancy they will probably end up dead like poor Adrianne Palicki (Tara from FNL)  who was Sam’s girlfriend and dies in the first episode. Other notable lady guest stars who are famous in genre shows are Amy Acker (Angel) and Felicia Day (The Guild and Dr. Horrible’s Sing-ALong Blog).

Girl on Fire

Dear show, why did you have to set Tara on fire???


UGH the supernatural stuff reminds me of Charmed. I never loved Charmed I watched it on TNT during a period of unemployment because my friend B LOVED IT and told me how great it was. How it was like Buffy. Charmed was no Buffy. This show is more like Buffy than Charmed was like Buffy. I think this show would be better if it let itself be funnier like Buffy. I think it takes the supernatural stuff too seriously.

Buffy - This could be mathier

Dean from Gilmore Girls is Sam not Dean and it confuses me.

Gilmore Girls Dean


Apparently they have a big bad Lilith on this show too! Lilith the demon is following me from True Blood! Thank god Stephen Moyer isn’t on this show too.

I could do without the DUNH every time the commercial break is supposed to be. This is super annoying on Netflix but I bet it’s just as annoying on regular TV too.

The Vancouver surroundings remind me of The X Files one of my top ten TV shows of all time. This is NOT The X-Files it is kind of a poor mans version of The X-Files. It actually makes me want to watch The X Files. [Come to my house where PJ is rewatching it for the second time in five years! -M]

the boys know they are like the x files

Apparently Mark Pellegrino (Jacob on Lost) is Lucifer–that guy is more terrible than Moyer. [Oh he was so awful on Lost! Plus he had to compete with Titus Welliver, who we all know is one of the best TV actors ever. -M]

If you search tumblr for Supernatural you find adorable Dean hearts Castial gifs of love AND the more disturbed cartoons of Dean and Sam doing it –THEY’RE BROTHERS! MY EYES! Earlier this week Melissa and I were discussing the beauty and the BEAST of tumblr. And “Wincest” as the kids are calling it is definitely the BEAST.

Dean and Cas

Final Verdict

ARGH! I don’t know! On the one hand I get its appeal, hot boys fighting demons and saving the ladies, but I might be TOO OLD for that kind of thing. It also makes me really want to watch The X Files, Buffy and The Gilmore Girls which are all better shows. I will probably watch more just because the Felicia Day season 7 episode was AWESOME and that Misha Collins dude is funny. [Felicia Day forever!! -M]

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