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Previously on The Killing, Holder fucked up Valentine’s Day with Kaylee from Firefly (bastard), Linden called another mother bad (eye-roll), and Kallie’s mother FINALLY thought it might be weird that her kid never comes home, she also discovered that her boyfriend has her daughters phone. The great news though is that Holder put away the tie and brought back the hoodie! Also Peter Sarsgaard is still on this show and is STILL stuck in a prison movie.


This week:

  • Kallie’s mother is some how able to escape Mills’ and get her self to the police station, where some shitty cop belittles her and then arrests her because he thinks she is a drug addict.
  • Linden and Holder interview that girl they found in the veterinary clinic, Angie. Linden tries to get her to identify Mills’ in a photo but she says that none of the men in the picture kidnapped her.
  • Ray Seward’s inmate BFF commits suicide while Peter Sarsgaard acts his ass off.


  • Adrian’s parents come to yell at Linden for speaking to Adrian at his school but give her vital information about the case regarding Seward and his wife. Since Adrian regularly slept in the coat closet he saw not only his mother murdered but the killer.
  • Skinner and Linden have a conversation on whether or not Linden is TOO close to this case they do this by talking too closely. She tries to convince him it’s the same case. He tells her to go find Mills. In fact he yells at everyone to go find Mills.
  • Kallie’s mom asks Bullet is she has seen Kallie and that if Bullet finds her to tell her to go home. The two of them go to look for Kallie.


  • Seward asks to see his father who is also a prisoner  It was his dad who got him the razor to use to remove his tattoo. His father is a major asshole.
  • Linden goes to see Seward and tells him two things that she knows he did not kill his wife and that Adrian saw the killer, he is understandably pissed as he is set to die in 12 days.
  • Lyric kisses Bullet and it makes my heart warm that there is some happiness somewhere in Seattle, the saddest city!  


  • Holder who is in very little of this episode has a great scene with Linden trying to figure out why the killer is doing this based on what Angie said about the man trying “save” her. Linden says he is a Shepard and the lost girls are his flock. Later he and Linden go to the shelter because Angie went missing on her way to radiology (Holder’s ex partner was keeping track of her he is a TERRIBLE cop) and Holder looks at the pictures on creepy Pastor Mike’s wall and is like A SHEPARD AND HIS FLOCK!


The Good

The interrogation scene between Linden and Kallie’s mom (played by Amy Seimetz) is fantastic, it is also very sad. This season is significantly better than the last two but it is also significantly sadder.

Holder talking about Copernicus and Galileo HILARIOUS.

Bullet and Lyric was lovely and NOT SAD. I loved when Lyric told Bullet she didn’t have to be so tough all that time and that she knows how Bullet feels about her.



Linden walking out on her meeting with Adrian’s parents when she realized that Adrian might have seen the killer. If she had waited and apologized further she might be able to talk to him again.

The Bad

I’m sad that Seward’s friend committed suicide, their talks were the only thing I liked in the prison story line.

Not. Enough. Holder.


Crazy theory that I have

I’m with Holder it’s TOTALLY Pastor MIKE!

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