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Previously on The Killing, Holder and Linden smoked ALONE (tragic), Bullet told Holder about the pimp she thought had Kallie but left out that he raped her (all they found was kiddie porn), and poor Lyric thinks her hustler boyfriend is going to take her to LA (so that he can be a model and an actor).

This week, we learn that Kallie’s mother is worse than we thought, Linden and Holder work best as a team (at least nobody has to smoke alone), and that Bullet is a good friend (and should be adopted by Holder).


The Good

Holder and Linden have Bullet watch the video with Kallie, she notices that Kallie is wearing the ring Bullet gave her three days ago. Please Holder take care of Bullet, she needs someone like you in her life. Bullet’s description of Holder eating carrots “hairless albino bugs bunny.”


Holder and Linden working together to search the hotel is so AWESOME. I have truly missed them together. They find a hidden room where Kallie made her tape. Later they go and talk to one of the girls in the porn tapes about the man behind the camera who asked them questions. Linden is mean to her but Holder smooth talks her, this is there version of good cop/bad cop.  She gives them a name but it turns out that he was one of the dudes they picked up at the hotel and that they released him 6 hours ago.  He also happens to be the guy Kallie’s mother is dating.

Holder’s girlfriend is also the assistant district attorney on the case.


The forced animosity between Holder’s new partner and Linden. I have know idea why he hates her so much. Is it because she slept with her partner now boss? Is it because she is a woman? I have read a lot of recaps that think he is comic relief but I find him grating, kind of douchey and possibly a misogynist.  Later on he states that he teaches the class in working sex crimes cases but the writers vacillate between making him seem lazy or grizzled, I don’t think they have ever made it that apparent he is actually good at his job except for bragging about how many cases he has solved.

The Killing_eps4HeadShots_sarah-carl

Goldie the pimp goes to the press. He was NOT smart enough to think of that.

Peter Sarsgaard is very good as Seward but his story is TOO separate from the investigation AND insanely cliched. It is a WASTE of his talents that he is in basically in every story you have seen of an inmate on death row.

The Killing_eps4HeadShots

The Bad

Linden’s sweaters look both cozy and wet, all at the same time. Linden always looks wet and Holder always looks sweaty. Seattle is the pits.

The Killing_eps4HeadShots_sarah-stephen

Twitch’s PO telling him his drug test was  positive so that he can have sex with him. It was sad, sadder still when Twitch goes back on the horse because of it. Also sad was Bullet trying to be nice to him when she hates that he’s with Lyric because even though he doesn’t tell her she just knows from seeing it so many times.

Kallie’s mother is so fucked up, it just makes it sadder that Kallie is missing and only Bullet cares.

I HATE the death row guards and I don’t want to spend time with them at there homes. One is nice and the other is sadistic it is cliched and a waste of time.

Crazy theory that I have

This week because he was mean to both Holder and Linden I think Carl (Holder’s new partner) did it.

Next time on The Killing I think Holder goes back to the hoodie and jacket –praise Jeebus!

[I wish I could comment on these posts but I don’t follow this show at all. Unlike BATB, I need to actually see this show to know what’s going on. -M]

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