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Previously on The Killing, Kallie’s mom and Bullet go to the places that Kallie loved in and effort to track her down, Angie the latest victim found in the Vet clinic does not ID Mills’ as the guy who abducted her, in an effort to find the killer Holder tried to think like him, AND Linden went to visit Seward to tell him she knows he is innocent 12 days before his execution (he did NOT take it well).


This week:

  • Linden and Holder talk to Pastor Mike about Angie AND Linden asks him if he has pictures of the kids who were at the shelter three years ago. While they are talking a runaway listens and appears to know about either Angie or that Pastor Mike is a perv.
  • Twitch comes back to find Lyric in bed with Bullet. He says a lot of in sensitive stuff she and Bullet leave.


  • Holder does some more psychoanalyzing Pastor Mike because he desperately needs somebody to be guilty. He also admits to Linden that he no longer goes to NA but has remained clean.
  • Linden finally goes home to get sleep but finds Cody the guy she broke up with in the premiere. It appears that he has been staking out her house, which she and I find very creepy. She does flash him her gun which is pretty fucking badass.
  • Holder goes to hang out with Bullet and Lyric underneath the bridge. He asks Bullet about Pastor Mike but she tells him that Pastor Mike is the only dude in Seattle who isn’t a pedophile.
  • Kallie’s mom goes to the shelter, Pastor Mike comforts her, when she leaves she finds a note on her car that says “he’s lying.” She takes it to Linden.


  • Linden notes that it is a menu for the pizza place the kids hang out during the day. They find the kid who eavesdropped from the night before. He tells them that he saw Angie in the alley at 4 am and alerted Pastor Mike who conveniently happened to be in his car near by. When Pastor Mike arrived, Angie freaked and ran. He followed her and when he returned to the shelter an hour latter was covered in blood.
  • Bullet and Lyric hang out but worry about where they will sleep. Bullet goes to Pastor Mike for help and alert’s him to the police possibly looking into him.
  • Skinner lets Holder (but not before making fun of his hoodie) and Linden conduct surveillance on the the Pastor but doesn’t allow a search warrant, JUST YET. They find out that the pastor is using a fake ID.


  • Seward freaks out in jail over his execution and the fact that HE’S INNOCENT.

Poor Seward, not only is he stuck in some sort of terrible prison show he is INNOCENT and going to die in like ten days! [GET PETER SARSGAARD OUT OF JAIL, WHAT A LOAD OF SHIT. -M]

  • Pastor Mike has a record for kidnapping and his real name is Mark. The cops find this out because of a bible quote tattoo (THE FUCK, Holder says it’s as good as a print). Unfortunately Lyric is alone with him at his house while Bullet is visiting her PO. WHICH MAKES ME VERY TENSE. He is also VERY creepy with Lyric. Which makes her very tense. We are all tense.

SO CREEPY! [I dunno Katie this guy looks kind of hot? -M]

  • Holder gets very upset when they raid his house and he isn’t there. I am very upset because Lyric and Bullet aren’t there either. If anything happens to Bullet I will cut a bitch.
  • Linden tries to convince Skinner that they need to halt Seward’s execution and they almost make-out.
  • They find Pastor Mike/Mark’s car at the train station with blood in it. Holder is pissed that they let him get away. Linden tells him she will got back to headquarters to start sifting through the train surveillance footage. When she gets in the car Pastor Mike/Mark puts knife to her throat and tells her to drive.


  • The only good news if there is any is Bullet runs to the scene to see if Lyric is there, so thank goodness Bullet is okay but where the fuck is Lyric she wasn’t in the car with Pastor Mike/Mark.

The Good

Lyric doesn’t push Bullet away when Twitch comes home.

Holder and Linden smoking and talking about there lives is lovely.

Holder’s slang is so insane that the Pastor has to ask him what he means.


The creepy prison guard showing his kid where Seward will hang, made my skin crawl and was dumb writing.

Linden almost making out with her boss and former partner. Don’t do it Linden!


The Bad

The writers having Lyric at the house alone with Pastor Mike/Mark when we find out he might actually be a killer. It made me very upset. It made me even more upset when the cops busted in and nobody was there. VERY UPSET. WHERE IS LYRIC?


Where are you Lyric?

Crazy theory that I have

Ummm, Pastor Mike/Mark is totally the killer RIGHT?!?

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